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If you don’t already know me…. Branden Myers Build SF 9/12/12. Your Text Here. Table of contents. My Background My Education Where I’ve Lived My Family My Travels Things That Matter To Me My Interests and Hobbies What I Did This Summer Places I Want To Travel. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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If you dont already know meBranden Myers Build SF9/12/12

Your Text HereTable of contentsMy BackgroundMy Education Where Ive Lived My Family My TravelsThings That Matter To MeMy Interests and HobbiesWhat I Did This SummerPlaces I Want To Travel

My Background I live in Bernal Heights, San Francisco. I grew up in Selma, a small town in Fresno.I lived in San Bruno for about a year.My family is Native American, Portuguese, German, Austrian, and a little French.

My Education

I went to Roosevelt Elementary before transferring to Ulloa (in the sunset district)I was homeschooled through junior high.I attended Academy of Arts and Sciences before transferring to Independence High.

Ulloa Elementary Academy of Arts and SciencesIndependence High

Where Ive Lived I grew up in Selma, a small town in Fresno.

When I was about eight years old, I moved to San Francisco.

My Family (From left to right)Me,My grandma, Alyce My mom, StaceyAnd my brother, Benjamin.(who is in the second picture as well)

My Travels (myself when I was 9)I have been to Hawaii, (Maui).I have been to Nevada (Lake Tahoe).

Things That Matter To MeI care about animals.Animal cruelty bothers me.I think that there should be more done to help preserve native animal species.

My interests and Hobbies I like to play Halo, baseball, football, basketball, Ds, GameCube, and Xbox 360.

What I did this summer I hung out with friendsI played video gamesI slept in lateI Watched movies that Id wanted to seePlaces Id like to go.(Britain and Australia)