Dionysus March-April-Issue 3

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Third edition of The Thurlby Group bi-monthly magazine. A magazine based around it's pubs



    Tasty Recipesfrom The Groups

    Executive Chef! see page 18

    Our new South African import Ken Forresters Petit range

    Meet the neighbourTop555 performance cars

    Whats in a name?Just who is Prince Rupert?

    Meet TobiesLandlord Will Frysee page 7

    The Tobie NorrisCelebrating 6 years

    DionysusThe Ancient Greek God of Fertility and WineIssue 3 | Mar-Apr 2013


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  • 2 Dionysus Mar-Apr 2013

  • Well what a month for the food industry -finally people have realised that you can not buy a box of 100% beef burgers for 1without there being some dodgy ingredienthidden in there.

    To be honest it doesnt bother me about eating horse meatbut just the thought of not knowing is a bit worrying. Let mejust take this little moment to re assure you all, that all of ourmeat products are 100% exactly what we say they are and asmost of our meat is either from our own farm or from our localmeat supplier we know exactly whats in our food. Phew!!

    Moving on to a brighter note - its nearly Easter which means(even though its ever so early) its nearly Spring and springmeans lighter, brighter, warmer days which tends to bring usall out of hibernation and we can at least shed our fifth layerof jumper.. Hopefully!! I am going on the theory thatnormally (for the last 2 years) April and May have been ourbest summer months so in that case its nearly summer too -hooray!!

    So to help you put the winter blues firmly behind you we havegot masses going on in the next couple of months - A Hot-dogeating competition at The Jubilee, Irish Bands at both TheLord Nelson and Tobie Norris for St Patricks Day, Quiz nights,Tapas & Jazz and more live music than you could shake a fistat!! Also its The Prince Ruperts third birthday so why notcome down and help us celebrate with a pizza from just 3.Just for the boys TOP555 have written an article with loads ofgreat pictures of fantastic cars and we have a new excitingwine that we have just started importing from South Africa -definitely worth a try.

    Hope you Enjoy!!

    SophiaEditorSophia Whitaker sophielwhitaker@hotmail.com

    PublisherMichael Thurlby office@thethurlbygroup.co.uk

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    ContentsWhats Happening Across The Pubs 4

    The Tobie Norris 5The Lord Nelson 8The Prince Rupert 9The Periwig and Parade 10Smiths of Bourne 12Jubilee Garage 13

    Cycling challenge to raise funds 6The Uffington Cricket Club Cycle Team plan to cycle around 550 miles in just 5 days

    Getting to know your landlord 7Meet Will Fry from The Tobie Norris

    Our latest import 14Ken Forresters Petit range of wine from South Africa

    Whats in a name? 16Find out how The Prince Rupert got its name

    Have you tried 17The Sun Hotel & Bar in Lancaster

    Recipes from our chefs 18Milk Chocolate Hot Cross Buns with Dark Chocolate Dipping Sauce

    Wine of the issue 18Ross Dykes reviews Ken Forresters latest imports

    Life on the farm 19Its lambing season

    Meet the neighbour 20We talk to Tim of TOP555 performance cars

    Work With Us / How to Contact Us 22

    3Dionysus Mar-Apr 2013

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  • Whats HappeningAcross The PubsWe have lots in store for you over the next couple of months -what with St Patricks Day and Easter all happening before theend of March this year.

    Many of our sites have a great line up of live music and greatdeals to tantalise all your senses whilst not breaking the bank!!

    Nick our executive chef has been working hard on his menus and will be introducing lots ofnew and exciting dishes throughout all our sites. Look out for tasty treats such as BeefBourguignon Pie and dont forget to take the kids over to The Jubilee where they can buildtheir own burger!! Dont worry though, I am sure he will be keeping some of your oldfavourites but having had a sneaky peek everything looks delicious so Im sure you wont bedisappointed!!

    Whats Happening Across The Pubs

    Employeeof theissueThe Thurlby Group comprisesof a huge number of peopleand sometimes it is difficult torecognise each and everyoneof them but we are aware ofall our staff's contributionsand know that theorganisation wouldn't be halfas good without them.

    Therefore we have got together withCarlsberg to give one of our employees awell deserved thank you for all their hardwork and continued support of thebusiness. We will be giving each winnersome Carlsberg goodies and a voucher for50.00 to be used in any of ourestablishments.

    This month we have chosen John Lowe(Jonnie). Jonnie is a chef at The TobieNorris, he has been a part of The ThurlbyGroup since leaving college and has grownwith the business and adapted to our everincreasing demands and needs. He isorganised and hard working meaningthat he is often dropped into different sitesas and when we need him. He is also apopular and fun member of the team andwell liked by our customers.

    4 Dionysus Mar-Apr 2013

    John Lowe

  • Whats Happening Across The Pubs

    The Tobie Norris, 12 St. Pauls Street, Stamford PE9 2BE t. 01780 753 800 5Dionysus Mar-Apr 2013

    It all began 6 years agoSome interesting figures for you: We now employ 29 full-time and part-time staff

    In a month on average we sell over: 7,000 pints of beer 2,500 meals 700 bags of crisps, pork scratchings and/or nuts

    And we pay SKDC 16,159.00 a year in business rates.

    The Tobie NorrisThe Tobie Norris celebrated its sixth birthday inDecember and is going from strength tostrength. One of the few occasions that licensingand planning authorities came together for thegood of the town allowing one of the oldest andmost interesting buildings in Stamford to openfor locals and tourists to enjoy!!

    Michael says: It seems to me now that many of the local objectorsat the licensing and planning stage regularly use the pub - its afunny old life!!!

    Pictured are some of the photos of when we first purchased theRAFA Club in 2006 compared with how you see it today.

    It just shows how Stamford has evolved since the likes of the closureof The OBrians Arms, General Gordon and The Victoria!! We arealways continually investing, as you can see in the blind arch roomand we are looking forward to a small make over in the gardenready for the Spring.

    Why not come and celebrate St Patricks day with us on Saturday16th March - we are having an Irish band - Mitchell, Stokes, Lynch and Mills, playing Traditional Irish Music and Sing AlongsFrom 8pm.

    In an effort to try and source new and exciting Real Ales, Will isgoing to do a focus week every couple of months on a differentbrewery. We are starting Monday 18th March with Oakham Ales,putting 10 of their beers on in a week. Ask one of the bar staff formore information.

    Also if you have a new brewery or beer you would like us to tryget in touch with Will by emailing info@tobienorris.com

  • The incredible successes of the Team GB cyclists coupled with the historic success ofBradley Wiggins in the Tour de France havemade cycling one of the fastest growing sportsin the UK.

    This has inspired members of the Tobie Norris sponsored UffingtonCricket Club to embark on a mammoth challenge to raise moneyto build the club a new Pavilion. The Uffington Cricket Club CycleTeam plan to cycle around 550 miles in 5 days in May. The teamwill visit all 6 of the traditional Test Cricket Grounds along the way.

    Cycling Team Leader and Tobie Norris Landlord Will Fry told us"Uffington Cricket Club has gone from strength to strength overthe last few years gaining two promotions in the las