Dionysus July-August-Issue 5

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Fifth edition of The Thurlby Group bi-monthly magazine.

Text of Dionysus July-August-Issue 5

  • Cretan Gold Olive Oil & Modena Red Balsamic Vinegar now available to purchase in all our pubs!

    Tasty Recipesfrom The Groups

    Executive Chef! see page 18

    Smiths Pantry is open for business

    Meet The Neighbour Miss Pickering

    Modena Red our own balsamic vinegarnow on sale throughout all of our sites

    Meet TheLandlord Adam Dalesee page 7

    Try one of our fabulous picnicsinside or out in our gardens

    DionysusThe Ancient Greek God of Fertility and WineIssue 5 | July-Aug 2013


    FREE! Please take a copy.

  • 2 Dionysus May-June 2013

  • So it is finally here in all its glory Summer!! The kids will soon be free from school, the sunwill be shining and the bbq's on over drive Well maybe!!

    Unfortunately it doesn't seem to be even getting off theground this year each positively warm day is overcast andeach sunny day has a wind chill factor of seemingly near -10!!Oh well we are british and we will embrace this summer likeevery other I can remember with staunch determination toget out there in our shorts and have a seemingly great timeeven in the rain.

    Well luckily, we have made provisions for said weather fauxpas, the Smiths beer festival will indeed have tents and ourpicnic can be enjoyed just as easily inside as outside. In factjust like Wimbledon the show really must go on Pimms bythe jug tastes great no matter what!!

    This issue we have so much happening throughout each pubwe will definitely help the next couple of months feel blazingno matter what Beer festivals, new menus, summer drinkspecials combined with bands and a new deli not to mentionour new range of exciting products to take home.

    So grab a pint or glass of wine and sit back and relaxright here with us!!

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    ContentsWhats Happening Across The Pubs 4The Tobie Norris 5The Lord Nelson 8The Prince Rupert 9The Periwig 10Smiths of Bourne 12Jubilee Garage 13

    Homecoming of the Uffington Cyclists 6The team arrive back to crowds of people

    Meet The Landlord 7Adam Dale landlord at The Lord Nelson, Oakham

    Fullers Brewery Tour 11The Thurlby Group Managers day out

    Modena Red 14Our new balsamic vinegar from Modena, Italy

    From Our Pantry 15Purchase some of our products to take home

    Whats in a name? 16Find out how The Periwig got its name

    Have you tried 17Heidi & Tony from The Prince Rupert visit Manchester

    Recipes from our chefs 18Harissa Leg of Lamb with Moroccan crushed potatoes

    Wine of the issue 18Ross Dykes reviews the Le Notaire range Our new House Wine!

    Life on the farm 19News about what has been happening since the last issue

    Meet the neighbour 20Miss Pickering

    Raising funds for The Sue Ryder Thorpe Hall Hospice 21The Thurlby Group will be raising money throughout July & August

    Work With Us / How to Contact Us 22

    3Dionysus July-Aug 2013

  • Whats HappeningAcross The Pubs

    Whats Happening Across The Pubs

    Employeeof theissueThe Thurlby Group comprises of a hugenumber of people and sometimes it isdifficult to recognise each and everyoneof them but we are aware of all ourstaff's contributions and know that theorganisation wouldn't be half as goodwithout them.

    We have got together with Carlsberg togive one of our employees a well deservedthank you for all their hard work andcontinued support of the business. We willbe giving each winner some Carlsberggoodies and a voucher for 50.00 to beused in any of our establishments.

    This issue we have chosen Nikki Booth tobe employee of the month. Nikki is amember of the team at The Prince Rupertin Newark. She works behind the bar andfront of house and is a valuable memberto them. She is consistently happy andchatty with customers, offeringsuggestions with beers/wines and food.She is always punctual and willing to coverany extra shifts if necessary.

    4 Dionysus July-Aug 2013

    Nikki Booth

    Jugs ofPimmsjust 12

    Summer Drinks at The Thurlby Group Summer is finally here and to officially mark it we have sourced some delicious new drinksto tantalise your taste buds and hopefully refresh you from the heat wave that we areanticipating. Here are just a few that you need to keep a look out for:

    Rekorderlig Cider in Bottles First created in 1999 with the purest spring water from Vimmerby, Sweden. It is still brewed there today by Abro Bryggeri.

    Bitburger Brewers of one of Germanys finest beers founded in 1817 by Johann Wallenborn and it is now available in both The Tobie Norris and The Prince Rupert.

    Pimms what screams English Summer better than a jug of Pimms It will be just 12 ajug and if you want to step away from the traditional we have the New Pimms Blackberry& Elderflower served over lemonade.

    These are now in stock in all of our sites with a wide range of flavours (where applicable)served over ice so dont forget to have a try!

    Also we will be offering fresh, ripe English strawberries served with clotted cream togetherwith a glass of our Three Choirs Sparkling Wine. Three Choirs Classic Cuvee is a traditionallymade sparkling wine of very high quality. It is dry and subtle very similar to a goodchampagne at a fraction of the price!! It is produced at one of the countries largestvineyards in Gloucestershire so look out for this exciting promotion that will be running inall our pubs.

    Each pub has been getting ready for the summer in its very ownway so check out their individual pages to see what is happeningin your favourite local!!

  • Whats Happening Across The Pubs

    The Tobie Norris, 12 St. Pauls Street, Stamford PE9 2BE t. 01780 753 800 5Dionysus July-Aug 2013

    Try Our TallingtonLamb Specials


    in Stewart www.re





    The Tobie NorrisThe new menu is now firmly in place and best of all it is using the Lamb fresh from our farm inTallington!! You really must try our Celebrationof Tallington Lamb.

    Will has been busy organising his breweries of choice for July andAugust. During July we are organising a mini Beer Festival with allthe beer being from Dark Star Brewery which will be starting onJuly 22nd.

    The Dark Star Brewing Company was born in 1994 in the cellar ofThe Evening Star Pub, in Brighton and has been going fromstrength to strength ever since. We will be showcasing some of ourfavourites such as Dark Star Original and Hophead combined withsome of their Seasonal Beers like Hylder Blonde and Sunburst.

    In August it is the turn of Castle Rock Brewery which will start onAugust 19th. Castle Rock is a pub group and brewery based inNottingham, With a varying range of core beers and a expansiverange of seasonal and specials, They brew something for all tastesso we are sure you will not be disappointed.

    Also The Tobie Norris team is running the Great EasternHalf marathon this October to raise money andawareness for Annas Hope charity, dressed as fairies! Ifyou would like to sponsor them please contact Will or askat the bar for further details.

  • In total, the team cycled over 500 miles in 5 days, and visited 6iconic test venues. On the Thursday, the team cycled fromUffington to Lords, and then to the Oval finishing at about 9.30pmafter a mammoth 15hrs in the saddle. The Friday saw torrentialrain, high winds, cold temperatures and 3 different punctures asthe boys battled from Watford to Birmingham to visit Edgbaston.Thankfully the sun came out on the Saturday for a wholly morepleasant ride from Birmingham to Old Trafford, Manchester, eventhough the scenery around Stoke wasn't quite as pleasant as theChilterns on Day 2! Day 4 was extremely tough due to theundulating nature of the ride from Manchester to Leeds, but thereward at the end was a visit to Headingley whilst the England vNew Zealand Test Match was in full flow. The team were eveninvited into the Test Match Special commentary box for a briefinterview with Jo