Digital Voice Recorder Operation Voice Recorder Operation Manual ... Built-in rechargeable Lithium Ion battery; ... 3.2.2 Voice mode as picture ,in voice mode able to play this recorder voice file

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    Digital Voice Recorder Operation Manual

    Main Function

    Music folder support playing MP3WMA format music

    LQSQHQ three recording mode to be select, Achieve high fidelity voice record and Line-in recording

    LQ32Kbps MP3 format recording mode

    SQ64Kbps MP3 format recording mode

    HQ128Kbps MP3 format recording mode

    Line In128Kbps MP3 format stereo recording mode

    LINE IN recording; able to record telephone calls and stereo audio transcription function

    Able to quickly achieve sub automatic recording function

    Time recording: able to set recording beginning time , recording length , Recorder will automatically start to

    record at the setting time

    VOR function: Automatically record according to the voice signal

    Recording time displaythe remaining recording time display

    Able to rewind or fast forward during playing status; able to set playing speed

    LCD backlight; Multi-language display; Support lyric synchronal display

    Multiple repeat modeMultiple EQ modeA-B segment repeat function

    Automatically Power off: in standby status, If without any button operation within the sleeping setting time,

    recorder will automatically power off

    Multi-level digital volume control system

    Low voltage indication, automatically save recording file function

    USB-2.0(HS) jack communicationdata transfer (read / write) speed above2M KB/seconds

    Built-in mono microphone and support external microphone recording; Built-in High fidelity speaker

  • Shenzhen SUNSKY Technology Limited


    Built-in rechargeable Lithium Ion battery; Built-in LED lighting

    Password locking function, to prevent recording files be download or listened by others

    Clock function.

    Support Window98/ME/2000/XP, Mac OS 10.X & Linux Kemel2.4.2 aboveWindow98 needs to install



    1. Use Notice

    2. Appearance Diagram

    3. Operation Instruction

    31. Power On

    32Working Mode and Playing folder

    33Power Off..

    4. Recording

    41Record type

    42Microphone Recording

    43Pause & Stop recording

    44VOR function

    45LINE-IN Stereo recording

    46Telephone calls recording

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    47Timing recording

    48Listen in setting

    5. Play function

    51 Music folder & Voice folder

    5.1.1 Music folder

    5.1.2 Voice folder

    5.1.3 Pause Playing

    5.1.4 Volume adjustment

    5.1.5 Enter into recording status when playing

    5.2 Playing Effect

    5.2.1 Repeat mode

    5.2.2 Equalizer setting

    5.2.3 Tempo rate setting

    5.2.4 A-B repeat mode

    53 Lyric synchronal display

    6. Delete

    61 Delete file

    62 Delete all

    7. Backlight setting

    8. Language selection

    9. Power off setting

    10. Memory Info

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    11. Firmware version

    12. Set password and change password

    121Set password .

    122Input password.

    123Change password ..

    13. Light setting

    14. Clock function

    15. Connect with computer

    151System requirement..

    152Data transmission..

    16. Charging

    17. Question solution

    18. Specification parameter

    1. Use Notice:

    In order to maintain good performance, to avoid placing or use the machine in the following places

    1. Bathrooms or other areas exposed to moisture

    2. Sun exposure or near heating equipment, and other high-temperature environment.

    3. Lower temperature places

    4. Dusty places

    Do not repair or change the machine by self, if the product in question please contact with the appointed

    service center.

    Please avoid dropping and violent collision. And do not press LCD screen forcibly, or may result in

    damage or LCD display abnormal

    Please select the suitable volume, For using of headphones, the volume should not be too large if it is

    tinnitus, change to small-volume or stop using

  • Shenzhen SUNSKY Technology Limited


    Please read the menu carefully before operation, we are not responsible for the losses of recording

    information caused by maintenance or function problem.

    Do not use liquid or a wet cloth containing strong detergent to clean the machine

    To avoid degaussing, please keep the machine away from the magnetic material, such as floppy disk &

    credit card

    The Company reserves the right to improve products, the product specifications and design are subject

    to modification without notice

    2.Appearance Diagram

    1 Previous/Rewind

    2 : Play/Pause/Confirm/Power On/Power Off

    3 : Next/Fast forward

    4 REC Record/ Pause recording /A-B repeat.

    5 External input /External Microphone jack

    6 Stereo earphone Jack

    7 MIC Built-in Microphone

    8 MODE/STOP Repeat/Stop/Delete/ Lighting switch

    9 USB 2.0 USB Jack

    10 VOL+ Volume Increase

    11 MENU Menu button/Folder selectionExit

    12 VOL- : Volume Decrease

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    13 RESET : Reset Button

    14 String hole

    15 : Lighting

    16 Speaker

    17 LCD display

    3. Operation instruction

    3.1Power On

    Long press button about 2 seconds, recorder power on and display logo then enter into time display statusShort press button enter into main menu or long pressRECbutton enter into recording

    statusSystem will save the status before power off

    3.2Working mode and Playing folder

    In any statusexcept lyric synchronal display playing and recording statuslong pressMbutton enter into main menu interfaceTotal include three working modethey are music modevoice modesetting mode

    as below picturepress or button to select different modeshort press enter into the selected

    modeAfter enter into music mode or voice modeshort button start to play

    Main menu interface as picture

    3.2.1 Music mode as picture ,In music mode able to play MP3 or WMA format music , can not play the voice recording file of voice folder

    ***When downloading music fileplease place the music file in MP3 folder***

    3.2.2 Voice mode as picture ,in voice mode able to play this recorder voice file (LQSQHQ voice recording file)

    3.2.3 Setting mode as picture in setting mode sub-menu able to set System timeRecord typeVOR settingListen in settingBacklightLight settingLanguagePower offMemory infoFirmware

    versionSet passwordChange passwordExit function

    .3. Power Off

    In standby or playing statusLong press button about 4 seconds turn to power off, LCD display BYE BYE

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    ***Able to set automatic power off time when in standby status, Please refer

    power off setting instruction***


    In standby or stop status, every time short pressRECbutton LCD display Initializing.... then start to record,

    Recording file length should be more than 1 seconds, then long pressRECto save the recording file, otherwise

    the saving recording file will be invalid

    In recording status ,short press button to operate sub automatic recording. Or when recording short press

    MODE/STOPbutton to stop and save the recording file.

    ***In recording stop status, short pressVOL+button able to quickly set VOR On or Off ***

    41Record type

    In standby status long pressMbutton enter into main menu interface, Press button to select setting mode , short press button enter into system setting sub-menupress or button to

    select record typeshort press button enter into record type selection.

    LQ Record

    SQ Record

    HQ Record

    Line In Record

    *** Line In record file will save at HQ folderfiles name asLIN000 Line In record able to record stereo voice, telephone calls and external audio sourcesRecorder support external

    microphone recording***

    42Microphone recording

    LQSQ & HQ record type can not achieve stereo voice recordingselect LQSQ & HQ record type can use

    Built-in & External microphone recording

    o Built-in microphone recording

    After set record typeLQSQHQshort pressRECbutton, LCD display Initializing, then start to recordRecording file saving method is long pressRECbuttonLCD screen display

    Savingthen completely save the recording fileOr short pressRECbutton to pause the

  • Shenzhen SUNSKY Technology Limited


    recording ,LCD recording time pause and flashingRe-short press RECbutton to cancel the pausing

    and continue recording

    Recording status as picture

    Indicate built-in microphone recording status

    Indicate the current r