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    Operation Manual


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    l Please read and observe the information givenin this Operation Manual. This will enable youto avoid accidents, preserve the manufacturerswarranty and maintain the engine in peakoperating condition.

    l This engine has been built exclusively for theapplication specified in the scope of supply asdescribed by the equipment manufacturer and is to be used only for the intended purpose.Any use exceeding that scope is considered tobe contrary to the intended purpose. Themanufacturer will not assume responsibility forany damage resulting therefrom. The risksinvolved are to be borne solely by the user.

    l Use in accordance with the intended purposealso implies compliance with the conditionslaid down by the manufacturer for operation,maintenance and servicing. The engine shouldonly be operated by personnel trained in its useand the hazards involved.

    l The relevant accident prevention guidelinesand other generally accepted safety andindustrial hygiene regulations must beobserved.

    l Unauthorized engine modifications willinvalidate any liability claims against the manu-facturer for resultant damage. Manipulations ofthe injection and regulating system may alsoinfluence the performance of the engine, and itsemissions. Adherence to legislation onpollution cannot be guaranteed under suchconditions.

    l Do not alter, modify or adapt the cooling airintake area to the fan. The manufacturer will notassume responsibility for any damage resultingtherefrom.

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    0297 9682 en

    Operation Manual


    Engineserial number:

    Please enter the engine serial number here. Thisnumber should be quoted when inquiring aboutCustomer Service, Repairs or Spare Parts (see Section2.1).

    All rights reserved. Technical modifications required toimprove our engines are reserved with regard tospecification data and other technical informationcontained in this Operation Manual. No part of thisManual may be reproduced in any form or by anymeans without our written approval.

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    Dear Customer,

    Liquid-cooled DEUTZ engines are designedfor a large number of applications.Consequently, a wide range of variants areoffered to meet the requirements of specificcases.

    Your engine is appropriately equipped forthe installation concerned, which means thatnot all of the components described in thisOperation Manual are necessarily mountedto your engine.

    We have endeavored to highlight anydifferences so that you will be able to locatethe operating and maintenance instructionsrelevant to your engine quickly and easily.

    Please read this Manual before starting yourengine, and always observe the operatingand maintenance instructions.

    We are available to help with any additionalinquiries.




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    Table of contents

    1. General

    2. Engine Description2.1 Model2.1.1 Rating Plate2.1.2 Rating Plate Location2.1.3 Engine Serial Number2.1.4 Cylinder Numbering2.2 Engine Illustrations2.2.1 Service Side 10122.2.2 Starter Side 10122.2.3 Service Side 1012 E2.2.4 Starter Side 1012 E2.2.5 Service Side 10132.2.6 Starter Side 10132.2.7 Service Side 1013 E2.2.8 Starter Side 1013 E2.2.9 Starter Side

    Unit Engine BF4M 1013 EC2.2.10 Service Side

    Unit Engine BF4M 1013 EC2.2.11 Starter Side

    Unit Engine BF6M 1013 EC2.2.12 Service Side

    Unit Engine BF6M 1013 EC2.3 Lube Oil Circuit2.3.1 Lube Oil Circuit Schematic 1012/1012 E2.3.2 Lube Oil Circuit Schematic 1013/1013 E

    2.4 Fuel System2.4.1 Fuel System Schematic2.5 Cooling System2.5.1 Cooling System Schematic 10122.5.2 Cooling System Schematic 1012 E2.5.3 Cooling System Schematic 10132.5.4 Cooling System Schematic 1013 E

    3. Engine Operation3.1 Commissioning3.1.1 Adding Engine Oil3.1.2 Filling Oil Bath Air Cleaner3.1.3 Adding Fuel3.1.4 Filling/Venting the Cooling System3.1.5 Other Preparations3.1.6 Other Preparations3.2 Starting3.2.1 Electric Starting3.3 Monitoring Systems3.3.1 Engine Oil Pressure3.3.2 Coolant Temperature3.3.3 Coolant Level/Level Gauge3.4 Stopping3.4.1 Engines with Mechanical Shutdown3.4.2 Engines with Electrical Shutdown3.5 Operating Conditions3.5.1 Winter Operation3.5.2 High Ambient Temperature, High Altitude

    4. Operating Media4.1 Lube Oil4.1.1 Quality Grade4.1.2 Viscosity4.2 Fuel4.2.1 Quality Grade4.2.2 Winter Grade Fuel4.3 Coolant4.3.1 Water Quality for Coolant Preparation4.3.2 Coolant Preparation4.3.3 Antifreeze/Chemical Corrosion Inhibitors

    5. Routine Maintenance5.1 Maintenance Schedule5.2 Maintenance Chart5.3 Maintenance Record

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    Table of contents

    6. Service and Maintenance6.1 Lubrication System6.1.1 Oil Change Intervals6.1.2 Changing Engine Oil, Checking Oil Level6.1.3 Changing Oil Filter6.1.4 Cleaning/Changing Oil Filter (Cup)6.2 Fuel System6.2.1 Changing Fuel Filter6.2.2 Cleaning / Changing Fuel Pre-Filter

    Element6.2.3 Venting the Fuel System

    with Preliminary Fuel Filter6.2.4 Venting the Fuel System

    w/o Preliminary Fuel Filter6.2.5 Changing Fuel Leakage Pipes6.3 Cooling System6.3.1 Cleaning Intervals6.3.2 Cleaning Cooling System6.3.3 Draining Cooling System 1012 / 10136.3.4 Filling / Venting Cooling System

    1012 / 10136.3.5 Draining the Cooling System

    1012 E / 1013 E6.3.6 Filling/Venting the Cooling System

    1012 E / 1013 E6.3.7 Draining the Cooling System

    Unit Engine6.3.8 Filling/Venting the Cooling System

    Unit Engine6.3.9 Draining the Charge Air Cooler6.4 Combustion Air Cleaner6.4.1 Cleaning Intervals6.4.2 Emptying Cyclone-Type Precleaner6.4.3 Cleaning Oil Bath Air Cleaner6.4.4 Dry Type Air Cleaner

    6.5 Belt Drives6.5.1 Checking V-Belts6.5.2 Tensioning Fan / Alternator Belts 10126.5.3 Changing Fan / Alternator Belts 10126.5.4 Tensioning Coolant / Fuel Pump Belts

    10126.5.5 Changing Coolant / Fuel Pump Belts

    10126.5.6 Tensioning Coolant / Fuel Pump Belts

    1012 E6.5.7 Changing Coolant / Fuel Pump Belts

    1012 E6.5.8 Tensioning Alternator Belt 1012 E6.5.9 Changing Alternator Belt 1012 E6.5.10 Tensioning / Changing Compressor /

    Alternator Belts 10136.5.11 Tensioning Coolant / Fuel Pump Belts

    10136.5.12 Changing Coolant / Fuel Pump Belts

    10136.5.13 Tensioning / Changing Alternator Belt

    10136.5.14 Tensioning Coolant / Fuel Pump Belts

    1013 E6.5.15 Changing Coolant / Fuel Pump Belts

    1013 E6.5.16 Tensioning / Changing Compressor Belt6.6 Adjustments6.6.1 Checking / Adjusting Valve Clearances6.6.1.1 Valve Clearance Adjustment Schematic6.7 Accessories6.7.1 Battery6.7.1.1 Checking the Battery and Cable

    Connections6.7.1.2 Checking Electrolyte Level Checking Specific Gravity of Electrolyte6.7.2 Three-Phase Alternator6.7.3 Lifting Tackle

    7. Troubleshooting7.1 Diagnosis Chart

    8. Engine Preservation8.1 Preservation

    9. Technical Specifications9.1 Engine Specifications and Settings9.2 Torque Wrench Settings9.3 Tools

    10. Service

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  • 7 Gerade7 Gerade

    1DEUTZ Diesel Engines

    are the product of many years of research anddevelopment. The resulting know-how, coupledwith stringent quality standards, guarantee theirlong service life, high reliability and low fuelconsumption.It goes without saying that DEUTZ Diesel Enginesmeet the highest standards for environmentalprotection.


    Please contact one of our authorized servicerepresentatives in the event of breakdowns or forspare parts inquiries. Our trained specialists willcarry out repairs quickly and professionally, usingonly genuine spare parts.Original parts from DEUTZ AG are always producedin accordance with state-of-the-art technology.Please turn to the end of this manual for furtherservice information.



    Care and Maintenance

    Sound care and maintenance practices will ensurethat the engine continues to meet the requirementsplaced on it. Recommended service intervals mustbe observed and service and maintenance workcarried out conscientiously.Special care should be taken under abnormallydemanding operating conditions.


    DEUTZ original parts are asbestos-free.


    This symbol is used for all safetywarnings. Please follow themcarefully. The attention of operatingpersonnel should be drawn to thesesafety instructions. General safety

    and accident prevention regulations laid down bylaw must also be observed.

    Beware of Running Engine

    Shut the engine down before carrying out mainte-nance or repair work. Ensure that the engine cannotbe accidentally started. Risk of accidents.When the work is complete, be sure to refit anypanels and guards that may have been removed.Never fill the fuel tank while the engine is running.Observe industrial safety regulations when runningthe engine in an enclosed space or underground.

    CaliforniaProposition 65 Warning

    Diesel engine exhaust and some of its consti-tuents are known to the State of California tocause cancer, birth defects, and other repro-ductive harm.

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    2.1 Model2.2 Engine Illustrations2.3 Lube Oil Circuit2.4 Fuel System2.5 Cooling System

    Engine Description

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    Engine Description 2.1 Model

    26 332 0 26231 1 26232 1

    2.1.1 Rating Plate 2.1.2 Rating Plate Location

    The rating plate C is attached to the crankcase.The