Designer Application For Japan Garden & Flower Show 2015

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The largest and most prestigious flower show in Japan is now accepting Designers Application for Residential Garden category.


<ul><li><p>1JAPAN GARDEN and FLOWER SHOW2015</p><p>Designer Application and Design Guidelinesfor International Residential Garden category</p><p>APPLICATIONS CLOSE May 25th, 2015.</p><p>Official website: Garden and Flower Show Organizing CommitteeLocation: Huis Ten Bosch 1-1, Sasebo, Nagasaki, JapanFor all queries, contact Brian IwasakiEmail: Tel: +81-90-8621-3329* Your queries and answers may be posted to the Q&amp;A page on the website and shared with all other applicants.</p></li><li><p>2EVENT OVERVIEW</p><p>* The organizing committed is herein after referred as the Event Organizer. And applicants is herein after referred as theExhibitors or just designers.</p><p>To all passionate flower and gardening lovers around the world, welcome to our Japan Garden and Flower Show (alsoknown as the Gardening World Cup) which is the largest and most prestigious flower show in Japan hosted annually atthe beautiful European styled resort theme park Huis Ten Bosch in Nagasaki, Japan. We are pleased to announce thatthe show will be held once again in October 2015.</p><p>Now in its sixth year, the show has featured numerous renowned designers. The workmanship by Japanese contractorshas consistently received accolades from designers for their relentless work ethic, high standards and attention to detail.With our team of dedicated translators and interpreters, we provide a unique opportunity for international designers totest their landscape design prowess on the world stage.</p><p>This year, we introduce a brand new category with a trade show atmosphere entitled International Residential Gardencategory. This new category aims to showcase more than 40 gardens in cooperation with designers from more than 30countries under the theme of My Country, My Culture.</p><p>Currently in Japan, we are experiencing high demand for high quality, diverse yet practical designs for residentialgardens. Clients in Japan and in other Asian markets are looking to make the most of their limited landscape andoutdoor areas with unique designs which enrich their own lifestyles. To cater to such needs, we will be displaying avariety of international garden styles to give Japanese garden enthusiasts a glimpse of the various styles and latesttrends with an attractive line up of residential landscape designs.</p><p>Unlike previous years when only invited Exhibitors were permitted to attend, we will be accepting applications fromexperienced gardeners, horticulturalists and industry experts who are keen to showcase their designs and skills in alargely untapped market. Beyond being a garden exhibition, our Garden and Flower Show is being marketed as a placewhere individuals may place orders for the gardens on display and where industry professionals and garden contractorswill gather to forge partnerships and cater to the needs of Japanese clientele. The Gardening World Cup has all thenecessary infrastructure including a full support team and Implementing Partners that can handle every detail of yourgardening project from beginning through to instillation.</p><p>For all designers, we sincerely hope that this event will be the place for you where show off your design skill to the worldand push the boundary of your creativeness. We look forward to receiving your application and work together to createwonderful flower show.</p><p>Japan Garden and Flower Show 2015 Organizing Committee</p></li><li><p>3GENERAL INFO AND EVENT SCHEDULE*For further details, please refer to Application Process and Schedule below.</p><p>Public Opening and Display Duration: October 3 (Sat), 2015 - October 18 (Sun), 2015Designer Application Entry Deadline: May 25 (Mon), 2015Design Submission Deadline: June 20 (Sat), 2015Announcement of successful Applications: June 30 (Tue), 2015Build up: September 24 (Thu), 2015 - October 1 (Thu), 2015Expected Number of Visitors: 80,000Location: Huis Ten Bosch, Nagasaki, JapanFeatures: 40 gardens (Up to 35 gardens for international exhibitors. This application is for this category), 10 BalconyGardens, 200 hanging baskets, market places, a number of sub events as well as co-hosting International Floral DesignContest to take place inside Palace Huis Ten Bosch.</p><p>VENUE</p><p>GUIDELINE FOR APPLICATION</p><p>Huis Ten Bosch, a European styled resort is also known as asymbol of the friendship between the Netherlands and Japanover their 400 year history. The size of whole park exceeds152-hectares and is comparable to Monaco in land area.Architects also built the resort with the local ecology andsustainability in mind. In addition to the 300,000 flowers,400,000 trees and shrubs your garden will be the main featureon display to a wide audience of Japanese and Asian gardenenthusiasts.</p><p>The official Show Grounds surrounding the symbolic Palace HuisTen Bosch boast an expansive baroque garden. This garden wascreated using the only remaining drawing of a garden that wasplanned for the Dutch palace but never realized. The elegantappearance of this garden, created with exclusive permissionfrom the Dutch Royal Family, has received many accolades, notto mention the admiration of the royal family themselves.</p></li><li><p>4GUIDELINE FOR APPLICATION1) Design Theme and Guideline</p><p>Design Theme: My Country, My Culture.</p><p>1-1. Applicants are expected to design a residential garden with the above theme that reflects to the gardening cultureand housing style of your country. There is a possibility that the garden you design may be sold, in which case a designcommission will be paid. Please take this into account with your design to create an imaginative yet practicalresidential garden rather than a strictly show garden so that it may be installed within a typical private residence.</p><p>1-2. Submitted design must be original and unpublished designed by the applicant.</p><p>1-3. This event is not intended to be strictly a competition as such due to our endeavors to commercialize and promotethe gardens on display, however, the Event Organizer may give its own awards for excellence in originality of design,overall impression, interpretation of theme, planting material and construction as well as a Public Choice Award thatis judged by visitors.</p><p>1-4. Essentially, it is the intention of the Event Organizer that the design submission, designer-implementing partnercommunication process and the construction of the garden take place remotely without the direct on site supervisionof Exhibitors. With the help of our team of skilled interpreters, whom also have specific horticultural knowledge we willprovide the necessary updates and assist with communication between the two parties both throughout the entireprocess. Exhibitors will receive images and videos at each stage of the construction. Exhibitors may requestmodifications on the design, however are requested to keep in mind that the budget for the garden will be theresponsibility of the Implementing Partner, and as such will have the authority to refuse modifications that may causethe garden to go over budget. In the majority of cases, we are able to ascertain early in the process potential budgethazards and provide guidance and alternatives in the case where your choice of materials or installation costs aredeemed to be over budget.</p><p>1-5. Due to the nature of the construction process, the Event Organizer understands that some Exhibitors may not bewilling to disclose their name as a designer of completed garden and in signage and other media if the finished productdoes not reflect the original vision of the designer. Therefore, we will allow decisions regarding the publication of thedesigners name to be at the discretion of the designer.</p><p>1-6. In the case where the Exhibitor is willing to travel to the event and supervise the construction process theExhibitor is by all means welcome to do so. However, it must be noted that all travel expenses, includingaccommodation and other miscellaneous costs must be covered by the Exhibitor themselves. The Event Organizer willprovide any guidance required to organize accommodation and travel arrangements but will not cover the costs ofsuch. For those Exhibitors who wish to attend the event in person before or after build up, please contact us inadvance.</p></li><li><p>51-7. All deliverables to be described below must be created on computer (handwriting is not acceptable in order toavoid misunderstanding) by a language of either English or Japanese.</p><p>1-8. There is no limitation on the height for trees and plants to be used in the garden but otherwise it is not allowedto place any artificial objects and materials that is higher than the partition wall(s) of 2.5 meters high surrounding yourplot.</p><p>1-9. There are a number of plots that may have existing, permanent trees around the plot. The Exhibitors are notallowed to make any modifications to these trees of any sort.</p><p>1-10. There is no limitation on the minimum/maximum area size for plants to be used but the Exhibitors must useplants as a main factor in their design. The Event Organizer may reject designs that do not use plants.</p><p>1-11. The Exhibitors are allowed to excavate up to 1.0 meter underground.</p><p>1-12. For water features, the Exhibitors must implement a recirculating system by using a pump to reuse the water.</p><p>1-13. The use of fire and livestock (e.g fish) are prohibited.</p><p>1-14. All gardens must include lighting as the show will be open to visitors after dark. All cables and light fittings mustbe hidden or discreet.</p><p>1-15. In the case an Exhibitors garden is purchased by a client at the show, a commission will be paid to the designerbased on pre-determined rate decided upon between the event and the Exhibitor.</p><p>2) Materials and Plants</p><p>2-1. Design is required to be for a residential garden built with materials and plants available domestically in Japan.</p><p>2-2. The Event Organizer will provide a plant list that contains information on plants that can be sourced domesticallyin Japan for the season. The Exhibitor is expected to choose plants, especially flowers in bloom specifically from thislist whenever possible. You may ask for trees and other species or type of plants not shown in the list but we encouragethe Exhibitors to consult with Event Organizer as early as possible to ensure availability.</p><p>2-3. As a rough guideline, it is suggested that the amount of plants to use would equate to the amount that threeworkers can finish planting in one day would not taking into consideration the time needed for settling the maintree(s).</p><p>2-4. Structural objects are permitted to be built off-site prior to the stated construction period and Exhibitors maybring their own ornaments or objects to the site upon discussion with the Implementing Partner.</p><p>2-5. In case when the estimate of construction cost for submitted design exceeds the construction budget funded by</p></li><li><p>6the Event Organizer, the Exhibitors must either bear such excess cost or adapt their design accordingly to fit theallocated budget.</p><p>2-6. In the case when the Exhibitor desire to import ornaments, materials, furnishings or fixtures that are determinedby the Exhibitor to be the only remaining viable option (ie the Exhibitor is unwilling to adapt their design or accept asimilar replacement domestically) it is the responsibility of the Exhibitor to ensure that ample time is given to theImplementing Partner to complete the installation by the completion date.</p><p>2-7. In the case where the Implementing Partner agrees to the import of materials as mentioned above, any costsassociated with the purchase and transport of these materials to the site, including taxes, customs duties and otherassociated costs will be calculated and agreed upon prior to placing any orders so to comply with the allocated budget.In the case whereby unexpected additional costs arise as a result, the Exhibitor must bear these costs.</p><p>2-8. The Implementing Partner may have to change the materials at their own discretion during construction ifinventory of suppliers are found to be unavailable due to unexpected reasons.</p><p>3) Garden Size and Plot</p><p>3-1. Area size: 25m2 (square meters), some may vary depending on the location.</p><p>3-2. Each garden plot is parted and has a partition-wall made of plywood. They are 2.50 meters high and placedbetween adjacent gardens.</p><p>3-3. No objects are allowed to stick out the partition wall(s) except for plants.</p><p>3-4. Upon receiving your designer application, you will receive the detailed site map on which you may find your plotlocation, specific size, shape and number of partition walls (Plots surrounded by other gardens at both ends havethree walls while some plots only has one wall as its background).</p><p>3-5. Design of garden must take into consideration your plot location and view angle.</p><p>3-6. Design must incorporate all the surface of your partition walls facing your garden and must not leave any part ofthe base surface of plywood exposed where it be seen by visitors.</p><p>3-7. Plywood partition-walls are intended for temporary use and are not as robust as a real cement-made walls.Please keep this in mind with your design so not to put too much weight upon it.</p><p>4) Implementing Partner and Construction</p><p>4-1. Accepted Exhibitors whose design is approved by the Event Organizer will be allocated an experienced local</p></li><li><p>7Implementing Partner and a capable interpreter to assist with communication during the design submission processor in the case where the designer attends the show. The designer shall remain available throughout the design processto answer questions and provide further information upon the Implementing Partners request until the constructionof the garden is completed by the specific date.</p><p>5) Cost and Financial Assistance</p><p>5-1. Exhibitors Fee: There are NO entry fees.</p><p>5-2. Design Remuneration: 200,000 Japanese Yen (tax included) is paid to the Exhibitors whose designs are approvedby the Event Organizer and for completing the supervision process and necessary communication between theassigned Implementing Partner via their assigned interpreter. This requires that the designer facilitates this process ina professional and timely manner in order for the garden to be built according to the specifications agreed upon and bythe deadlines imposed by the event.</p><p>5-3. Construction Budget: A maximum of 1,100,000 Japanese Yen (tax included) which will be allocated to theImplementing Partner of each garden by the Event Organizer, and paid out on actual costs incurred with the building,maintenance and dismantling of the exhibit. The Exhibitors are required to take the construction budget into accountduring the design submission and may be requested to change their design or use different materials in order to buildthe garden within the construction budget.</p><p>5-4. It is at the Exhibitors discretion whether to use their own funds to supplement the garden budget and is allowedby the event. In the case where any Exhibitor procures their own sponsors, the Exhibitors may use their own discretionwhen deciding on the distribution of sponsorship funds and is not under any obligation to pay a percentage nor fee tothe Event Organizer.</p><p>6) Eligibility of Applicants</p><p>6-1. Gar...</p></li></ul>