Design and Implementation of VLSI Systems (EN1600) lecture06

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Design and Implementation of VLSI Systems (EN1600) lecture06. Prof. Sherief Reda Division of Engineering, Brown University Spring 2008. [sources: Weste/Addison Wesley – Rabaey/Pearson]. Computer-Aided Design (CAD) Tools. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Design and Implementation of VLSI Systems (EN1600) lecture06

  • Design and Implementation of VLSI Systems(EN1600)lecture06Prof. Sherief RedaDivision of Engineering, Brown UniversitySpring 2008[sources: Weste/Addison Wesley Rabaey/Pearson]

  • Computer-Aided Design (CAD) ToolsEarly days were easy. The first IC-based microprocessor 4004 from Intel had only 2300 transistors (manufactured in 10 micron technology). Almost manual design.

    Current chips has well about 1B transistors. To get the chip to market fast, CAD tools are needed.

  • A simple tool chainLayout and routingCell librarysimulationIC layout/areaVerification and timing/ power resultsHardware Description Languagessynthesisspecificationsschematic entry

    if SEL == 00 then Y = A;elseif SEL == 01 then Y = B;elseif SEL == 10 then Y = C;else Y = D;end if;





    2:1 MUX

    2:1 MUX

    2:1 MUX

    SEL == 00

    SEL == 01

    SEL == 10


  • Design Layout using Tanner L-Edit

  • How to implement the layout for an inverter?

  • 1. First setup technologyUse AMI 0.5 submicron technology(=0.3)

  • Design rules are a bit different than bookactivepolysiliconcontactsmetal

  • Adjust design in terms of lambda

  • N well creation

  • Active region

  • P-Select

  • N-select

  • Active well/substrate tapsHad to adjust well

  • Select for taps

  • Polysilicon

  • Metal 1

  • Contacts (to active)

  • Contacts to poly

  • Contacts to poly

  • Piece of metal1 for input pin

  • Via1 from metal1 to metal2

  • Add little metal2 for output pin

  • Design Rule Checker (DRC) verifies that your layout does not violate any rulesignore density warnings if they show uperror

  • Design cosmeticsTranslate your design to the origin

  • Label your inverter pinsMake sure you are on the right layerWhen you label pin, you can select a region (not just point)