Default Password for routers switches

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List of default passwords for alcaltel, lucent, cisco, 3COM etc

Text of Default Password for routers switches

  • Default Password List3/15/2008

    Marca Modelo Version Tipo de acceso Usuario3COM CellPlex 7000 Telnet root3COM Switch 3300XM Multi admin3COM LANplex 2500 Telnet tech3COM officeconnect Multi n/a3COM CellPlex 7000 Telnet tech3COM SuperStack 3 4400-49XX Multi manager3COM HiPerARC v4.1.x Telnet adm3COM HiPerACT v4.1.x Telnet admin3COM SuperStack 3 4XXX Multi admin3COM CellPlex 7000 Telnet root3COM CellPlex 7000 Telnet tech3COM cellplex 7000 Telnet admin3COM HiPerACT v4.1.x Telnet admin3COM CellPlex 7000 Telnet admin3COM super Telnet admin3COM superstack II 1100/3300 Console 3comcso3COM CellPlex HTTP admin3COM OfficeConnect 812 ADSL Multi adminttd3COM NetBuilder SNMP3COM Wireless AP ANY Multi admin3COM SuperStack II Switch 2700 Telnet tech3COM LinkSwitch 2000/2700 Telnet tech3COM LANplex 2500 Telnet debug3COM cellplex Multi admin3COM NetBuilder SNMP (none)3COM cellplex Multi n/a3COM Multi security3COM LANplex 2500 Telnet tech3COM Netbuilder HTTP Root3COM cellplex Multi admin3COM NetBuilder SNMP3COM SS III Switch Telnet recovery3COM cellplex 7000 Telnet operator3COM 5x0 Telnet n/a3COM SuperStack II Switch 2700 Telnet tech3COM 3c16405 Console Administrator3COM CoreBuilder Telnet debug3COM HiPerARC v4.1.x Telnet adm3COM 3C16450 Multi admin3COM HiPerACT v4.1.x Telnet admin3COM Netbuilder Multi admin3COM 3c16405 Console Administrator3COM Switch 3300XM Multi admin

    3COM SuperStack 3 Switch 3300XM

    4xxx (4900 - sure)

    Office Connect ISDN Routers


  • 3COM CellPlex 7000 Telnet tech3COM HTTP (none)3COM OfficeConnect 812 ADSL Multi Administrator3COM OfficeConnect 812 ADSL 01.50-01 Multi admin3COM SuperStack II Switch 2200 Telnet debug3COM SuperStack 3 4XXX Multi monitor3COM 812 HTTP Administrator3COM CB9000 / 4007 3 Console3COM 3C16406 Multi admin3COM cellplex 7000 Telnet operator3COM CellPlex 7000 Telnet tech3COM SS III Switch Telnet recovery3COM LANplex 2500 Telnet n/a3COM Netbuilder Multi admin3COM CoreBuilder Telnet tech3COM OfficeConnect 812 ADSL 01.50-01 Multi admin3COM HTTP (none)3COM 5x0 Telnet? n/a3COM HTTP (none)3COM 3CRADSL72 1.2 Multi (none)3COM Internet Firewall 3C16770 HTTP admin3COM office connect 11g Multi admin3COM 3c16405 Multi n/a3COM superstack II Netbuilder 11.1 Multi n/a3COM CoreBuilder Telnet n/a3COM cellplex 7000 Multi admin3COM CoreBuilder Telnet n/a3COM officeconnect Multi admin3COM 3C16405 Multi admin3COM 3CRWDR100A-72 HTTP admin3COM Shark Fin HTTP User3M VOL-0215 etc. SNMP volition3ware 3DM HTTP Administrator

    DSL CPE and DSLAM Telnet sysadmACCTON Wirelessrouter T-online HTTP none

    t Multi (none)accton Multi (none)

    Aceex Modem ADSL Router HTTP adminAceex Modem ADSL Router HTTP adminActiontec Wireless Broadband Router Multi admin

    Pacesetter Router Telnet n/aAddon GWAR3000/ARM8100 HTTP adminADIC Scalar 100/1000 HTTP adminADIC Scalar i2000 Multi adminadtran Telnet n/aadtran NxIQ Telnet n/aadtran Express 5110/5200/5210 Telnet n/aadtran Smart 16/16e Telnet n/aadtran Telnet n/aadtran TSU IQ/DSU IQ Telnet n/aadtran Agent Card Telnet n/a

    OfficeConnect Wireless 11g Cable/DSL Gateway

    Type User: FORCE

    4xxx (4900 - sure)


    OfficeConnect Wireless 11g Cable/DSL GatewayOffice Connect ISDN RoutersOfficeConnect ADSL Wireless 11g Firewall Router


    7000/6000/3500/25007000/6000/3500/25002.06 (Sep 21 2005 14:24:48)Comcast-supplied

    Accelerated Networksaccton t-onlineaccton t-online

    ADC Kentrox

    TSU Router Module/L128/L768/1.5

    Atlas 800/800Plus/810Plus/550

  • adtran T3SU 300 Telnet n/aadtran Smart 16/16e Telnet n/aadtran MX2800 Telnet n/a

    Wireless LAN 802.11 g/b Multi adminAethra Starbridge EU HTTP adminAirLink Airlink 101 (AR430W) HTTP Admin

    AirTies RT-210 Telnet adminAlcatel PBX 4400 Port 2533 dhs3mtAlcatel Omnistack/omniswitch Telnet diagAlcatel PBX 4400 Port 2533 adfexcAlcatel OmniPCX Office 4.1 FTP ftp_admiAlcatel PBX 4400 Port 2533 mtchAlcatel Office 4200 Multi n/aAlcatel OXO 1.3 Multi (none)Alcatel PBX 4400 Port 2533 installAlcatel Timestep VPN 1520 3.00.026 rootAlcatel PBX 4400 Port 2533 rootAlcatel PBX 4400 Port 2533 mtclAlcatel OmniPCX Office 4.1 FTP ftp_operAlcatel OmniPCX Office 4.1 FTP ftp_instAlcatel PBX 4400 Port 2533 clientAlcatel OmniStack 6024 Telnet adminAlcatel PBX 4400 Port 2533 haltAlcatel Omnistack/Omniswitch Telnet/Console diagAlcatel 7300 ASAM TL1 SUPERUSERAlcatel PBX 4400 Port 2533 kermitALCATEL 4400 Console mtclAlcatel PBX 4400 Port 2533 at4400Alcatel PBX 4400 Port 2533 dhs3pmsAlcatel OmniPCX Office 4.1 FTP ftp_nmcAllied Telesyn Multi manager

    AT-8024(GB) Console n/aALAT8326GB Multi managerAT-AR130 (U) -10 HTTP ManagerAT8016F Console managerAT Router HTTP rootAT-8024(GB) HTTP manager

    Allnet ALL0275 802.11g AP 1.0.6 HTTP noneAllnet All0299 v.1.39.06 HTTP AdminAllnet T-DSL Modem HTTP adminAlteon AD4 9 Console adminAlteon ACEswitch 180e HTTP adminAlteon ACEswitch 180e HTTP adminAlteon ACEDirector3 console adminAlteon ACEswitch 180e Telnet adminAMBIT ADSL Telnet rootAmbit ntl:home 200 2.67.1011 HTTP rootAmbit Cable Modem Multi rootAmbit Cable Modem 60678eu 1.12 Multi rootAmitech any HTTP admin

    Advantek Networks

    AirTies RT-210

    AirTies RT-210

    Permit config and console

    Allied TelesynAllied TelesynAllied TelesynAllied TelesynAllied TelesynAllied Telesyn

    Software Version: v1.51

    wireless router and access point 802.11g 802.11b

  • Infinity any Console accAOC zenworks 4.0 Multi n/aApache 5 HTTP adminAPC HTTP deviceAPC SNMP n/aAPC 9606 Smart Slot Telnet n/aAPC Smart UPS Multi apcapc Smartups 3000 HTTP apcapple airport5 1.0.09 Multi rootApple 2 Multi (none)Apple Airport Extreme Base Station 2 Multi n/aApple 2 Multi n/a

    AIscout Multi scoutAreca RAID controllers Console adminArescom modem/router 10XX Telnet n/aARtem ComPoint - CPD-XT-b CPD-XT-b Telnet (none)Asante FM2008 Multi adminAsante FM2008 Telnet superuserAsante IntraStack multi IntraStackAsante IntraSwitch multi IntraSwitchAscend Router Telnet n/aAscend Yurie Multi readonlyAscend Sahara Multi rootAscom Ascotel PBX ALL Multi (none)asmack router ar804u HTTP adminASMAX AR800C2 HTTP adminASMAX AR800C2 HTTP adminAsmax Ar-804u HTTP adminASMAX AR701u / ASMAX AR6024 HTTP adminAspect ACD 6 Oracle DTAAspect ACD 8 Oracle DTAAspect ACD 6 HTTP customerAspect ACD 7 Oracle DTAASUS HTTP adminASUS WL-500G HTTP adminAsus wl300 All HTTP adminAsus P5P800 Multi n/aAsus wl503g All HTTP adminAsus wl500 All HTTP adminASUS ASUS SMTA Router HTTP + Telnet adminAsus WL500g Deluxe HTTP adminasus WL500g HTTP adminATL P1000 Multi operatorATL P1000 Multi ServiceAtlantis A02-RA141 Multi adminAtlantis I-Storm Lan Router ADSL Multi adminAvaya Definity G3Si Multi craftAvaya Pxxx 41761 Multi manufAVAYA Cajun P33x SNMP n/aAvaya Pxxx 41761 Multi diagAVAYA P333 Telnet root

    Andover Controls

    Tomcat Web Server Administration ToolUPSes (Web/SNMP Mgmt Card)USV Network Management Card

    AirPort Base Station (Graphite)Airport Base Station (Dual Ethernet)Applied


    ASUS WL-330 Pocket Wireless Access Point

    Firmware: - Hardware: 1100(AVG6002 REV:2.26A)

    firmware before 3.11.0

  • Avaya Definity Multi dadminAvaya Cajun Multi diagAVAYA P333 Telnet AdministratorAVAYA g3R v6 Console rootAvaya CMS Supervisor 11 Console rootAvaya definity up to rev. 6 any craftAvaya Cajun Multi manufAvaya Cajun Pxxx Multi rootAvocent Cyclade Multi rootAxis 540/542 Print Server Multi rootAxis All Axis Printserver All Multi rootAxis NETCAM 200/240 rootAxis NETCAM 200/240 Telnet rootaxis 2100 Multi n/aAxis Webcams HTTP rootAXUS AXUS YOTTA Multi n/aaztech DSL-600E HTTP adminAztecj DSL 600EU 62.53.2 HTTP ispAztecj DSL 600EU 62.53.2 Telnet root

    Multi adminRouter UserSwitch 350T n/aSuperStack II securitySuperStack II Telnet securityRouter Telnet UserRouter Telnet ManagerSwitch 350T Telnet n/aBUFFALO ALL HTTP root

    Beetel ADSL Modem 220X Multi adminBelkin F5D6130 SNMP (none)Belkin F5D7150 FB Multi n/aBenq awl 700 wireless router Multi adminBillion Bipac 5100 HTTP adminBillion BIPAC-640 AC 640AE100 HTTP (none)BinTec x1200 37834 Multi adminBinTec x3200 37834 Multi adminBinTec x2300i 37834 Multi adminBinTec Bianca/Brick XM-5.1 SNMP n/aBintec Bianka Routers Multi admin

    ProxySG 3.x HTTP adminBluecoat ProxySG (all model) HTTPS (8082) adminBMC Patrol 6 Multi patrol

    Patrol all BMC unique AdministratorBreezecom Breezecom Adapters 3.x n/aBreezecom Breezecom Adapters 4.x n/aBreezecom Breezecom Adapters 2.x n/aBreezecom Breezecom Adapters 4.4.x Console n/aBreezecom Breezecom Adapters 2.x n/aBreezecom Breezecom Adapters 3.x n/aBroadlogic XLT router Telnet adminBroadlogic XLT router Telnet installer

    P550R P580 P880 and P882

    P550R P580 P880 and P882

    Linux hostnamehere 2.6.11 #1 Tue Mar 28 13:31:20 PST 2006 ppc unknown

    Bausch Datacom

    Proxima PRI ADSL PSTN Router4 WirelessBay

    NetworksBay NetworksBay NetworksBay NetworksBay NetworksBay NetworksBay NetworksBBR-4MG and BBR-4HG

    1.3.6 Beta-002

    Blue Coat Systems SGOS 3 /

    SGOS4BMC Software

  • Broadlogic XLT router HTTP webadminBrocade Fabric OS Multi adminBrocade Silkworm all Multi adminBrocade Fabric OS All Multi rootBrother NC-3100h (none)Brother NC-4100h (none)Brother NC-2100p Multi (none)Brother HL5270DN HTTP adminBrother HL-1270n Multi n/aBrother MFC-420CN Multi n/aBUFFALO HTTP rootBuffalo HTTP root

    TeraStation Multi adminADSL Modem/Router Multi admin

    Cabletron netmancanyon router Multi AdministratorCayman Cayman DSL n/aCelerity Mediator Multi rootCelerity Mediator Multi Multi mediatorCellit CCPro Multi cellitCheckpoint SecurePlatform NG FP3 Console admin

    IronMail Any Multi adminCisco Ciso Aironet 1100 series Rev. 01 HTTP (none)Cisco WLSE Multi rootCisco HSE Multi rootCisco PIX 6.3 Console enableCisco 3 Multi adminCisco BBSD MSDE Client