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Death toll in Borno attack rises to 142

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Vanguard September 23 2013

Text of Death toll in Borno attack rises to 142

  • ...towards a better life for the people

    N150VOL. 25: NO. 61976ONLINE |

    MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 23, 2013**

    Mr & Mrs

    We recovered 55 bodies on Wednesday and 87 on Thursday State EPA official

    Death toll in Bornoattack rises to 142

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    LES LEBAP.44




    KOKORI INVASION:How wantedkidnapper, Kelvin,breached security



    LAGOSTHE deathtoll from last week'sattack in Borno State thatsaw insurgents dressedas soldiers, set up check-points and gun downtravellers on a highway,has risen to, at least, 142.

    Abdulaziz Kolomi, anofficial with the Environ-mental ProtectionAgency in the state said,

    Pgs.58 &59

    ALLURE AWARDSFrom left: Senator Florence Ita-Giwa being presented with the Patronof the Year Award at the Allure Style Awards held, yesterday, at the Native and Vogue InternationalFashion Week in Port Harcourt, Rivers State by Allure Editor, Mrs Remi Diagbare and Editor-In-Chief/General Manager Publications of Vanguard, Mr Gbenga Adefaye.

    Legendary poet,Kofi Awoonorkilled in Kenyaattack 55

    Whysecurityagentsdescendedon Apoquarters


    Discos'newownersto inject$1.8bn BPE



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    2 Vanguard, MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 23, 2013

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    Vanguard, MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 23, 20133

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    Vanguard, MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 23, 20135


    Death toll in Borno attackrises to 142

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    Some people believe holding on and hanging inthere are signs of great strength. However, thereare times when it takes much more strength to knowwhen to let go and then do it Ann Landers

    WE are all constantly changing and evolving. The universe around you is changing. Justbecause something was right for you in the pastdoesnt mean it still is. This could be a relation-ship, a job, a home, a habit, etc. It happens to youslowly as you grow.

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    Say something kind and encouraging to every-one you meet, and people will always be happy tosee you coming. Weak people revenge. Strong peo-ple forgive. Intelligent people ignore!

    yesterday, that we re-covered 55 bodies onWednesday and 87 onThursday. The previoustoll from the attack lateTuesday in the Benisheikarea was 87.

    The insurgents, sus-pected to be from Islam-ist extremist group, Boko

    Haram, also burnt scoresof homes and buildingsin the assault and leftcorpses littering theroadside.

    The motivation behindthe assault was not im-mediately clear, but BokoHaram members have re-peatedly carried out re-venge attacks againstresidents over the emer-

    gence of vigilante groupsthat have been formed toassist the military.

    Army General Moham-med Yusuf, who briefedthe state governor, AlhajiKassim Shettima on theattack, said troops ranout of ammunition while

    combating the assault,adding that the insur-gents were armed withanti-aircraft guns.

    In one of the latestknown attacks, BokoHaram fighters armedwith Kalashnikov rifles,rocket launchers andhomemade explosivesreportedly raided YadiBuni Town in Yobe Stateon September 18, settingfire to a makeshift policestation, telecommunica-tions masts, parts of thelocal government head-quarters and the home ofthe divisional policehead, whose wife wasburnt to death inside thebuilding.

    Son of the Yobe PeoplesDemocratic Party (PDP)youth leader was alsoreportedly killed, whileone soldier and nine sectmembers died in an en-suing shoot-out. On Sep-tember 17, some 143 com-muters were killed andseveral abducted whenwell-armed Boko Haramgunmen in military fa-tigues and bullet-proofvests ambushed vehiclesalong the busyMaiduguri to DamaturuExpress Way in the earlyevening, said ChristianSolidarity Worldwide(CSW), an advocacygroup investigating thesituation.

    Travellers were report-

    edly asked to producetheir identity papers,then were lined up andshot. One survivor wasquoted as saying thatpeople from the BornoState capital, Maiduguri,were singled out for ex-ecution. The gunmenwent on to overrunBenisheik Town, 75 kilo-metres (44 miles) west ofMaiduguri, killingaround 14 people andtorching over 100 homes,businesses and vehicles,CSW said.

    It quoted one report assaying that most of thedead were members orotherwise associatedwith the Civilian JointTask Force in charge offighting militants, andwere beheaded. Three

    policemen and two sol-diers were also reportedto have died in whatwere seen as reprisal at-tacks by Boko Haramagainst those opposed tothem.

    The phone network inBorno has been switchedoff since the emergencymeasures were imposed,a move the military saidwas aimed at blockingthe Islamists from coor-dinating attacks.

    Some have suggestedthat the lack of phoneservice has prevented ci-vilians from soundingthe alarm during attacks.It has also made it diffi-cult to verify informationfrom the region.

    PDP CRISIS: nPDP gains ground in NASSBY EMMANUEL


    ABUJATHE apparent decision ofthe Presidency to gohard on non-compliantmembers of the PeoplesDemocratic Party, PDP, inthe National Assemblyappears to be favouringthe factional new PDP.

    It emerged, at theweekend, that thefactionalisation of thePDP may have becomeformalized with the en-rolment of the requestletter from the NationalChairman of the nPDP,Alhaji Kawu Baraje for ameeting with membersin the votes and pro-ceedings of the House.

    The change towards ahard line stance was for-malised last Friday withthe removal of SenatorJoy Emodi as the SpecialAdviser to the Presidenton National AssemblyMatters.

    With the development,there were fears in somegovernment circles at theweekend that plans topresent the 2014 budgetproposals to the NationalAssembly next monthmay be deferred until a

    conclusive solution isfound to the PDP crisis.

    There were concernsthat the tilt could jeop-ardize the early presen-tation of the 2014 budgetproposals and possiblylead to the loss of theparty majority in theHouse of Representa-tives.

    Sources in Abuja dis-closed that under tenta-tive plans, PresidentGoodluck Jonathan wasto present the 2014budget plans in the sec-ond week of October.

    That proposal it waslearnt may no longer beguaranteed after mem-bers inclined to theBaraje faction put theBamanga Tukur led- PDPon notice that the inter-ests of the administrationcould no longer be guar-anteed.

    Listing ofBarajes letter

    The road to the formallegal recognition of theBaraje faction of the PDPwas paved with the list-ing of the letter fromBaraje seeking audiencewith members in theVotes and Proceedings of

    the House.The letter which was

    read on the floor of theHouse last Tuesday wasenrolled in the Votes ofthe House and approvedon Wednesday.

    If the letter was notread on the floor it couldnot have been listed inthe Votes and Proceed-ings but since it wasread, it is now recog-nized as a faction, asource disclosed.

    With the development,members of the nPDPwho defect could cite theauthority of the Votesand Proceedings of theHouse as the basis oftheir defection from theparty.

    The decision of thepresidency to go hard onthe legislators is raisingconcern among some loy-alists of the president inthe House. Sources in theHouse point at the HouseLeader Mrs MulikatAkande-Adeola and herdeputy Leo Ogor whodespite their inclinationstowards the presidentare cautious against thenew hard line posture.

    Mulikat is fully in sup-port of Tambuwal in thismatter, have no doubt

    about that, a very au-thoritative source close toSpeaker AminuTambuwal said yesterday.

    It was learnt that theHouse Leader and otherloyalists of the presidentwere afraid that theTukur faction of the PDPcould turn into the mi-nority party should thenPDP formally combineforces with the AllProgressives Congress,APC on the floor.

    Mulikat would be-come minority leader if afight breaks out on thefloor and she knows that,but besides that, she isfully with us, the sourcewho spoke on the basisof anonymity said.

    In the same vein,Emodis ouster is raisingconcern among PDP loy-alists in the legislature.

    Her departure it waslearnt, was being wel-comed by the hawks inthe administration whosaw her diplomatic en-gagements with the lead-ership in the two housesand the members as in-auspicious and incom-patible with the hard-line posture of extremistsin both arms of govern-ment.

    ALLURE AWARDSJoyce Jacob being presented with the Make-UpArtiste of the Year Award at the Allure Style Awards held, yesterday, at theNative and Vogue International Fashion Week in Port Harcourt, Rivers State,by Allure Editor, Mrs Remi Diagbare and Editor-In-Chief/General ManagerPublications of Vanguard, Mr Gbenga Adefaye.

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