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  • 1. DaviD Livingstone

2. David Livingstone was born on the 19th ofMarch 1813 in Blantyre Glasgow.He was a missionary, doctor and importantexplorer, and for many others a nationalhero.He studied zoology,Biology and botanic. 3. a great traveLLDuring 8 years he travelled with WilliamCotton Oswell around the desert Kalahiriand he discovered the lake Ngami (1948). 4. the victoria faLLsBetween 1852-1856 he started the journey from theAtlantic ocean to the Indian ocean, discovering in16-11-1855 the waterfall of Zambeze, which henamed Victoria falls in honor of the queen ofthe United Kingdom.The Victoria Falls is one of the seven wonder ofthe world. 5. the enD of a heroDavid continued exploring, but in 1-5-1873 hedied in Zambia, by Malaria.Hiscorpse was translated/body was senttoEngland, except his heart that the Africanswanted toburied/burybehind a tree in Africabecause his heart was there, in Africa. 6. Maps anLoca D tions 7. victoria faLLs Map 8. Lake ngaMi Map Haga clic para modificar el estilo de texto del patrn Segundo nivel Tercer nivel Cuarto nivel Quinto nivel 9. th eenD