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  • 1. David Livingstone Part 1 The Young Man in the Organ LoftIt was a winter night when Dr. Robert Moffat, a well-known missionaryfrom Africa, arrived to preach a sermon in a small Scottish church.Good evening, Dr. Moffat! WereThe ladies will be thrilled toso happy you could come. hear your stories about Africa.Everybody is waiting. Ladies? But, Pastor, Ive come here to Oh, Im so sorry!appeal for men to go to Africa Only the ladiesas missionaries!came tonight. Except for the young man whopumps the organ in the loft.

2. Ladies! Id like to introduce Ahem. Proverbs 8:4 says,you to the famous To you, O men, I call. AndDr. Moffat of the Londonmy voice is to the sons of Missionary Society.men (NKJV).This is ridiculous! Ithink Ill change my sermon to something more suitable. My friends, I havejust returned fromDark because most ofthe dark continent it has never seen the of Africa. light of the Gospel. No. For somereason I feel that God wants me togive the talk that I had planned.David Livingstone, the young man in the organ loft,was enthralled by Dr. Moffats call to missionary work.Go into all the world, and preach the gospel toevery creature (Mark 16:15 NKJV). 3. David Livingstones earlier life: David Livingstone was born in the small Scottish village of Blantyre on March 19, 1813. Because his family was poor, when David was ten, he left school to work in a cotton mill. David, I dont think its Do you want to work fair that we have to worklike a slave in a cotton fourteen hours a day for mill all your life, such poor wages. David?No, I want to go studyat a university to be a Well, at least were not starving like some lawyer or a doctor. boys, Tom. With Gods help IYou never know what Ha! Youre such a will, Tom! you can do until you dreamer. How will youtry.have time to study whileworking in this mill? With his first weeks wages, David For many years he would finish Livingstone bought a schoolbook. work at eight oclock and then go toevening school until ten. The Rudiments of Latin.That will be six pence. 4. He then continued his studies at home until his mother would stop him.until midnight, or sometimes even laterDavid, you must go tobed now. Youve got to be at the mill by six in the morning.Yes, Mother.David Livingstones father and mother were good Christians and made sure thatDavids studies didnt stop him from being taught the Bible.David and Tom, I think itsYes, Id like to Dont waste yourtime that you boys came receive Jesus as time on books and to know Jesus as your my Savior.religion, David!personal Savior.Tom!In fact, Id like tobecome a preacherThis isnt for me! I like you, Pastor! have better things to do with my life.You go your way, David. Illgo mine! 5. And so David Livingstone decided to become a preacher. But his first attemptended in failure.FriendsFriends! I wouldAbout erlike to preach to you aboutI haveforgottenall that I had to say! Er thank you! Ill never preach again!Or aNever! missionary?Livingstone thendecided to devotehis life to preachingthe Gospel in foreignlands.He began to studymedicine to help him Dont be discouraged, David. Dont give up!care for the sick in hisPerhaps instead of amissionary work.preacher you could be a doctor.At the age of twenty-seven, after work-...Livingstone became a qualifieding in the mill for seventeen years... doctor. dical Me ok boIll start saving my money so that Thanks to God, I at last feel likeI can go to medical school for amy lifes work for God is readyfew months every year. to begin. (To be continued.)S&S link: Christian Life and Faith: Witnessing and Missionary Training: Great Men and Women of God-1b Authored by Simon Peterson and David B. Berg. Illustrations by Eman and Jeremy. Design by Christia Copeland. Published by My Wonder Studio. Copyright 2012 by The Family International