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Why is it a good idea to get the public to choose the bicycle over the car?


  • Cycling in your town/city

    What are your goals?How big a change do you want?

    VEKS can help you promote cycling in your town/city!

  • Urban Cycle SolutionsRiding a bicycle is a healthy and CO2 neutral means of transport, which helps reduce congestion in towns. If one is to encourage cycling, the best results are to be gained from working strategically, with a targeted approach, towards a common goal. That is why we, at VEKS, work with the concept of Urban Cycle Solutions, which provides both mobility management services and products which promote cycling.

    Cyclist Friendly Urban EnvironmentAt VEKS we have 60 years experience with bicycle parking and shelters. Lately we have expanded our range to include various cycling products for the urban environment, which make it easier, fun and attractive to be a cyclist.

    Mobility ManagementCycling is fundamentally about people in movement. In addition, a safe infrastructure and sustainable urban planning are important conditions to encourage cycling. The strategic planning and dialogue with individuals about barriers, needs and solutions is just as important. Councils, companies and architects can turn to VEKSs mobility department which offers advice on how to promote cycling.

    VEKS and Cycling

    1. It is healthy to ride the bicycle. One bicycle ride a day - i.e. to and from work will reduce the risk of dying of lifestyle diseases by 30%. There is no available tablet which can do that!

    2. The bicycle is a sustainable means of transport no CO2 or particle pollution!

    3. The bicycle does not take up much space and therefore, reduces congestion in towns and cities.

    4. Cycling strengthens childrens motor skills and improves learning capacities!

    5. There is money in it!

    a. Net profit of 0.16 (13p) per kilometre by bicycleb. Net loss of 0.09 (7p) per kilometre by carc. Health and lifetime profits by cycling are 7 times higher than the costs incurred by bicycle accidents.d. Bicycle infrastructure is cheaper than infrastructure for cars!

    Why is it a good idea to get the public to choose

    the bicycle over the car?

  • At VEKS we manufacture a series of elegant and functional bicycle parking solutions of high quality. Apart from our products we also offer advice on how to create attractive bicycle parking which is also practical.

    We also manufacture various types of cyclist equipment such as cyclistcounters, air pumps, water posts and signs. These products, as all VEKS products, are formed and designed to add functionality as well as an aesthetic feature to the urban space or to the surrounding architecture.

    VEKSs Cycling Products

    Aros SolidUtap





    Aros Pump

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    Design:City Architects Office, Aarhus

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  • www.vek

    Bicycle Stands


    Design:schmidt/hammer/lassen design/

  • DimensionsHeight: 2410 mmWidth: 360 mmDepth: 100 mm

    Cyclists Today / ClockDisplay: 200 x 300 mmDigits: 5 50 mm number height LED, blue

    Year-to-Date Barometer: 30 x 1200 mm 2 diodes, blue





    Cyclist Counter Aros 241

  • 1. Your council sends a visible and clear signal to the public that cyclists really do count in their council/town/city!

    2. It is a visible way to reward cyclists for their positive conduct by offering them various pieces of service information (depending on model, option etc.)

    3. To assist other more goal-oriented efforts to promote the use of the bicycle.

    4. To emphasize that your council has introduced goal-oriented efforts in order to promote cycling.

    5. Developments in the increased use of the bicycle can be visibly monitored.

    6. If the cyclist counter is placed centrally in the city or town, experience shows that the cyclist counter will very quickly become a landmark, meeting point etc.

    Why should your council spend money on one or more

    cyclist counters?

    At both traffic planners and citizens can see bicycle traffic development in the town. Traffic planners can gather all information from here and the citizen can see that cyclists really do count in the statistics. is an asset for the town when marketing itself as cycling town.All towns which have VEKS cyclist counters have the opportunity to become part of free of charge.The more who participate the more fun it will be to benchmark oneself against other cycling towns.

  • www.vek



    Design:Veks A/S

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    Design:Spektre Industrially Design

  • Double 2-story bicycle stand at Bruuns Bro, rhus, Denmark

    Aros cyclist counter at Rdhuspladsen, rhus, Denmark

    Pump bicycle pump at Fisketorvet, Odense, Denmark

    Tokyo Double Warwick University, England

    Dian bicycle stand, Lund, Sweden

    Design:Byarkitektur, rhus Kommune

    Cycling Embassy of Denmark






    Product- and Mobility References

    Mobility References2010-2013: Cycling Without BordersEU-project Cycling Without Borders with participation of 6 Danish and German Councils.Tasks: Project management and counselling of lead partner, planning of meetings and study excursions, communication strategy, development of brand and website as well as advice on how to promote or

    2010: BYPAD AuditThe city of Aalborg -

    2010: BYPAD AuditThe city of Sonderburg -

    2009-12: Aarhus Cycle CityCommunication and information in relation to the development of the bicycle action plan of rhus Council.Tasks: Development of brand, website, campaigns and bicycle account

    2009-11: Nordic Cycling Towns promoting cyclingEU-project about promoting cycling with participation of 11 Danish, Swedish and Norwegian councils. Tasks: Process management, development of tools and process manuals, planning of meetings and study excursions along with counselling on how to promote

    2009: Cycling Embassy of Denmark VEKS is cofounder and a member of Cycling Embassy of Denmark, whose purpose is to develop and brand Denmark as a cyclist nation. The network consists both of councils, organisations, NGOs and private companies.

    Product References

  • For further information, prices or a quotation please contact:

    Main Office in DenmarkT. +45 7921 2200F. +45 7921 2201


    UK - Veks Street Design Ltd.T. 01622 609 000F. 01622 609 006


    VEKS can help you promote cycling in your town!