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    March 18th, 2011 (2:00 pm)Tohoku Regional BureauSeismic Damage Information

    Operation COMB Completed Today

    1. 15 East-West Routes Out of 16 Routes Are Open to Traffic 15 national routes out of 16 that connect between the

    National Route 4 and National Routes 6 and 45 are open to traffic.

    2. National Route 45 Is 97% Open to Traffic (Sendai City ~ Aomori Prefectural Border) The national route 45 (Sendai City ~ Aomori prefectural

    border) is now 97% open to general traffic (481km out of 464km).

    233km between Oofunato City and Aomori prefectural border is capable to handle through traffic including the Sanriku route.

    3. We Are Transitioning to Emergency Rehabilitation Operation from Opening Routes to Traffic by Removing Obstacles

  • Opening Roads and Rehabilitation in the Sanriku Coastal Area

    The most urgent issue for rehabilitation of the affected areas:Opening the emergency transportation network (Comb shape) to traffic.

    Decided to place a comb shaped emergency route to open traffic to the more affected areas from the tsunami. (March 11th)

    First step: Secured the national route 4 (Tohoku network) that runs north and south.

    Second step: Secured the national routes that horizontally (east-west) runs from the national route 4 to Sanriku. March 12nd: Secured 11 east-west routesMarch 14th: Secured 14 east-west routesMarch 15th: Secured 15 east-west routes

    (Open the routes to general traffic from 16th.)

    Third step: Opening the national route 45 (removing obstacles) is successful and almost complete, and it is 97% open to traffic. We are transitioning to the emergency rehabilitation operation.

    < First Step > < Second Step > < Third Step >

    Pacific O


    Pacific O


    kuji City

    Miyako City

    Kamaishi City

    Ofunato City

    Rikuzentakata City

    Kesennuma City

    Minamisanriku Town

    Ishinomaki City

    National R

    oute 45P

    acific Ocean

    National R

    oute4(Tohoku netw


    National R

    oute4(Tohoku netw


    National R

    oute4(Tohoku netw


  • Kuji City

    Iwate Town

    Morioka City

    Iwaizumi Town

    Hanamaki CityKamaishi CityKitakami City

    Ichinoseki CityKesennuma City

    Osaki city

    Fukushima City Soma City

    Namie Town

    Iwaki City

    Koriyama CityNihonmatsu City

    TOHOKU EXPRESSWAY Taiwa Interchange

    Minamisanriku Town

    Kurihara City

    Shirakawa City

    Iwaki City



    Futaba Town

    Hachinohe City

    Rikuzentakata City

    Ofunato City

    Miyako City

    Ishinomaki City

    Karumai Town

    Closed Roads due to the Tohoku Earthquake: Friday, March 18th, 2011 (5pm)

    National Route 45 is primarily open for emergency vehicles for the search and rescue activities. Many of the wave barriers are left on roads. Damages on roads are still being corrected. Many of the traffic signals do not operate. Many of the roads might be open only with one lane for traffic.

    Open to traffic

    No traffic in downtown

    No traffic

    Open port

    Port availability being confirmed

    Evacuation from the nuclear plant (30km)

    Status of Various routes from the National Route 4 to the National Routes 45 and 6.

    B : Port of Hachinohe

    C : Port of Kuji

    D : Port of Miyako

    E : Port of Kamaishi

    F : Port of Ofunato

    G : Port of Ishinomaki

    H : Port of Sendai-Shiogama(Shiogama District)

    H : Port of Sendai-Shiogama(Sendai District)

    I : Port of Soma

    J : Port of Onahama

    A : Port of Aomori


    TOHOKU EXPRESSWAY Sendaiminami Interchange