Cub Scouting: The LDS Perspective McAllen Texas State Primary Leadership Training

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  • Cub Scouting:The LDS PerspectiveMcAllen Texas StatePrimary Leadership Training

  • Bobcats and Wolves and Bears Oh My!If you are totally new to Cub Scouts, you may very well feel like Dorothy on her way to the Land of Oz lost, scared, and surrounded by munchkins. Hopefully, by the time you leave this training, you too will discover that all along youve had what you needed: a head full of brains, a heart full of love, and the courage to lead the boys in your care.

  • The Road to Rome.One brick at a timeUnderstanding Cub Scouts starts with understanding the special jargon.

    Bobcats the first rank of any boy new to cub scouts regardless of ageWolf - the eight year oldBear the nine year oldWEBELO the ten year old

  • The LeadershipDen Leader- Leads Wolf and Bear ranks, conducts den meetingsWEBELO Leader Leads 10 year olds- day camp leader onlyCub Master Leader of the Pack/ Resource Person, Master of CeremoniesCommittee Pack- Usually parents and primary leaders support and lend a helping hand.

  • What is the ultimate goal of the project (within the timeframe of this course)? Tell us again what you plan to accomplish by April 9, 2008.

    . The ultimate goal of my project is to create an instructional program which leaders of each unit in my district can assess again and again to find answers and direction in creating and choosing activities that conform to both chartering organizations while simultaneously meet the advancement needs of each boy in the group. It is may hope that leaders will use the resources provided to do more than just meet the needs of the boys in their units but that they will use the discussion forum to support each other as leaders as well.

  • 2. What does the deliverable look like now? Is it taking shape? What does your end-product look like at this point?

    Thus far my deliverables had looked like a PowerPoint in which I would lecture and unit members would work in groups, however, since then I have discovered that my training will be directed at the leaders of the unit leaders. This complicates things just a tad bit. In essences my deliverables need to be completely on an interactive multimedia CD which will be delivered and made available to each unit leader by their organization head instead. This multimedia CD will travel with the leaders and will need be accompanied by my PowerPoint notes in lieu of my lecture. I have even considered video taping the training but this seems outside of the realm of this project due to time constraints. This complicates things for me but I hope to still have things done in a timely manner by April 9. Gosh that deadline is looking closer and closer. I have started work on my PowerPoint as well. I have finally set up a group account on yahoo which will serve to keep members updated however I am still debating whether I will go with an edublog or the yahoogroups . I am thinking I will probably go with the yahoo since most members already yahoo.

  • 3. How is the culminating project going? If you recall, you are also putting together a website that demonstrates all the reflections and projects. The website serves as a portal, where viewers can click and read your work. How is this part going?The portal looks like it is shaping up slowly but surely. I hope to have the dreamweaver template up this weekend at the latest. I found the perfect color but that is about it. I havent been able to get my gemini account to work well so I have had to take it with me on my usb flash drive but that doesnt work very well either.

  • 4. What lessons have you learned?I have thus far learned so much. Time constraints keep getting in the way and I am continuously in fear of falling behind again but am determined not to. I cannot financially afford to have to pay for another semester. In addition, I have come to truly appreciate the idea of time away from my computer. It seems that a good portion of my ideas come while I am in route to another event or at random times during the day. I have also seen what I am learning creep into my daily and professional life. Just the other day, I was having a hard time with simple family juggling and the thought came to my mind that the kind of thinking we are engaged in while creating our projects is exactly the kind of thinking we need to do when encountering other problems. I find myself SWAT thinking. As predicted, I have discovered that there is simply not enough material in Spanish and that in and of itself is going to be my biggest challenge. Translation does not come easy for anyone. I feel this is especially true of written translation over spoken translation. Words must be clearer because you no longer have the benefit of reading your audiences expressions. I have also found it invaluable to think write. I find myself following the book and think writing as I compare their models to my needs.

  • 5. What is the chance of finishing the project in about 5 weeks? I know the chance of finishing this project in five weeks is slim but possible. I was more than determined to wake up each morning at three until six weeks grades come my way and I found myself forced to stay up until 2am each day. Kept trying to get up at five or six but then my inner clock forced me to make up sleep otherwise I was crashing all day. I should be ready to tackle morning mind scrimmage practice again so that I can get back on schedule again. The deadline is looming before me and my determination intensifies but the big question in my mind is not can I do this, because I can, but rather can I do this in time to meet the deadline, to which I respond well I have to.

  • 6. Is there any other concern or issue that may interest the class as a whole?I hope this answers all your questions. Should you have additional questions feel free to visit my blog, or email me at

  • Created March 2008 as a midterm evaluation in partial fulfillment of the requirements for EDTC 6332 Spring Semester