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Successful LDS Scouting14/23/16A Roadmap to Scouting and Advancementfor Young Men in Units Chartered byThe Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

Why the Church does ScoutingThe Purposes of the Aaronic Priesthood are to help each young man to:Become converted to the gospel of Jesus Christ and live by its teachings.Serve faithfully in priesthood callings and fulfill the responsibilities of priesthood offices.Give meaningful service.Prepare and live worthily to receive the Melchizedek Priesthood and temple ordinances.Prepare to serve an honorable full-time mission.Obtain as much education as possible.Prepare to become a worthy husband and father.Give proper respect to women, girls, and children.Scouting can help young men and boys enhance close relationships with their families and the Church while developing strong and desirable traits of character, citizenship, and physical and mental fitness.



Basically: to make strong & righteous missionaries, husbands, and fathers

Priesthood Conference on Scouting4/23/16darrell.hurt@gmail.com2

The Three Points of the Scout OathAims of ScoutingCharacter DevelopmentCitizenship TrainingPersonal FitnessScout OathOn my honor I will do my bestto do my duty to God and my country and to obey the Scout Law;to help other people at all times;to keep myself physically strong, mentally awake, and morally straight.3



Methods of Scouting prepare boys for Priesthood & Missionary ServiceIdeals (Mission, Aims, Scout Oath & Law)Patrols (group living & participating citizenship)Association with AdultsAdvancement (self-paced achievement)Personal Growth (progress towards goals)Leadership DevelopmentUniform (commitment & brotherhood)Outdoor Programs (shared responsibility & purpose)4


Always listed in random order to emphasize the equal importance of each Method

Five reasons Scouting is used as the activity program for the Aaronic Priesthood1.It provides an outstanding training program for adults on how to successfully guide young men to achieve their very best.2.As a quality program it will help retain our youth and create opportunities to invite others.3.Used correctly, the four Scouting programs will provide both a safe and neutral environment. 4.It develops leadership and physical, temporal, mental, emotional, and spiritual self-reliance. 5.It regularly connects trusted adults to a young man beyond the quorum meeting.


Realities of LDS ScoutingProblems:Adult leaders are assigned and often not passionate volunteers

Boys have no choice; all are registeredSolutions:Clear expectationsTrainings (time & money)Meetings (Roundtable)Tenure (3+ years)

Adapt & expand programSome boys will not be motivated by advancementEngage them with other Methods4/23/165


LDS-Chartered Units Reflect Church Structure;Scouting is Age-Based and Year-RoundBSA ages:LDS ages:11 121381071011181418142116171415PrimaryYoung Men4/23/166

6Traditional BSA:Program takes place during school yearPatrols form based on grade in schoolNew patrols start in SeptemberAlmost everyone ranks together

LDS BSA:Fluid patrol composition requires well-planned annual program and vigilant record-keepingPriesthood Conference on Scouting

TroopPatrolSenior Patrol LeaderScoutmasterCommitteeRoundtableTeamSquadCaptainCoachCommitteeHuddleCrewMini-CrewPresidentAdvisorConsultantsForum

Varsity & Venturing?Recognition (awards) as valid & prestigiousExpands on Merit Badge programLeaders have equivalent authority & responsibilityIncreased opportunities for planning & leadershipOnly been recognized locally since 1998We are less familiar with it!

Expands on Merit Badge program to help young men explore their interests

First Class Rank (except for camping requirement)Merit BadgesPersonal FitnessSwimmingGo to EYOS CampComplete Faith in God (Primary)Eleven Year-Old Scout Priorities


8* Starting in 2016, the First Class Rank will not be possible to attain while an Eleven-Year Old Scout. This is because the LDS Church (the Chartering organization) has a policy that prohibits eleven-year old Scouts from camping more than 3 nights. The requirements for First Class rank change in 2016 to require 6 nights of camping instead of 3. Our goal will be to complete as much of the Rank as possible before the Scout turns 12. Then, as a 12-year old, they may quick achieve rank through regular camp outs.Scouting Roadmaps

Boy Scout (12-13) PrioritiesLife Rank & Merit BadgesAt home: Cit. World, Cit. Nation, Family LifeAt camp: Communication, First Aid, Environmental ScienceScout CampDuty to God (LDS) & On My Honor (BSA)12/1/20169


Scouting Roadmaps

Varsity Scout (14-15) PrioritiesEagle Rank & Merit BadgesAt home: Cit. Community, Cooking, Personal ManagementAt camp: Camping, LifesavingLetters & Denali AwardYouth-organized Quarterly ProgramHigh Adventure CampDuty to God (LDS) & On My Honor (BSA)12/1/201610


Scouting Roadmaps

Venturing (16+) PrioritiesVenturing & Expert awardsReal-world certificationsPlan own events; develop a themeProject Management & LeadershipHigh Adventure CampRemaining Scouting awardsDuty to God (LDS) & On My Honor (BSA)12/1/201611

11Ranger = High AdventureQuest = SportsTrust = Religion & ServiceQuartermaster = Sea Scouts (nautical orientation)Shooting SportsScouting Roadmaps

SwimmingEnviron. ScienceCommunicationsFirst AidRecommended Schedule forEagle-Required Merit BadgesFamily LifePersonal FitnessCit. NationCit. WorldPersonal Mgmt.CookingCit. CommunityEmergency Prep.Sustainability



Priesthood Conference on Scouting

Adult & Youth Leadership8.3.4 The Young Men president and his counselors serve as Aaronic Priesthood quorum advisers. The president is the adviser to the priests quorum, the first counselor is the adviser to the teachers quorum, and the second counselor is the adviser to the deacons quorum. Where Scouting is authorized by the Church, members of the Young Men presidency are generally called to serve as Scout leaders, but they may be called to serve as assistant Scout leaders (see 8.13.4).8.3.6 The bishopric may call assistant quorum advisers to help the Young Men presidency with their responsibilities. Where Scouting is authorized by the Church, assistant quorum advisers are generally called to serve as assistant Scout leaders, but they may be called to serve as Scout leaders (see 8.13.4).8.13.4 Scouting should help young men put into practice the gospel principles they learn on Sunday. In each quorum, the bishop usually appoints the quorum president or one of his assistants in the priests quorum to serve as the youth leader of the Scouting program. However, he may appoint other young men as youth Scout leaders134/23/16


Practical Tips for Record KeepingScoutBook.comEndorsed by BSA!Web app works on any device!Revolutionary for leadersPurchase for Ward or StakeRecord, learn, share, communicateOutput for Internet AdvancementMost important to recordJourney to Excellence & ScoutBook.comService hoursInternet Advancement & ScoutBook.comBoards of Review onlyNights of campingMiles hiked144/23/16

Priesthood Conference on Scouting4/23/16darrell.hurt@gmail.com14

Practical Tips for the CommitteeOrganizeYour Committee Chair should be at least as experienced as your LeadersHave separate Pack, Troop, Team, & Crew CommitteesDifferentiate Committee meetings from YM & Primary Presidency meetingsOffer monthly Boards of ReviewEmphasize & Focus OnTraining for Leaders (non-negotiable)Journey to Excellence as a benchmarkAnnual re-charteringMerit Badge CounselorsPolicies on travel and fundraising154/23/16

Women can hold any position in an LDS Committee

4/23/16darrell.hurt@gmail.com15Priesthood Conference on Scouting

Committee TasksAdvancementMaintain Scoutbook.comEagle AdviserManage Merit Badge Counselor listsMoneyAnnual fundraiserManage budget & financesFriends of ScoutingRecordsAnnual recharteringTraining recordsContinuous registration for boys and adults throughout the year (as they age up)Public RelationsCoordinate service opportunitiesRecruitment events & activitiesScouting for FoodOutdoor activitiesMaintain equipmentApply for Tour & Activity PlansManage Health FormsSummer Camp & High Adventure Camp registration


Practical Tips for Interacting with the District & CouncilBe InformedGo to Roundtable (ideally all attend; minimum of one per Unit)Sign up for (and READ) District/Council newslettersCheck District/Council website regularly for activities and trainingsHave an open mind during District/Council trainingHow can I use this information to improve my Unit?ParticipateCOR should attend District Committee Meetings as voting memberActively participate in District/Council events,especially if they have tried to accommodate LDS schedules and constraintsVolunteer to be part of District/Council CommitteesTalk to other Leaders in the District/Council174/23/16

Priesthood Conference on Scouting4/23/16darrell.hurt@gmail.com17

Practical Tips for RecruitingDO NOT have to be LDS to be part of an LDS pack. LDS Scouting Handbook: [Boys from other faiths] should be welcomed and encouraged to participate in Scouting.http://BeAScout.orgDO have to agree to abide by LDS church standards

Take advantage of crossing over ceremoniesLDS Units should excel at recruiting! Like Miss