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Cub Scout Committee Training. How is the Cub Scouts Organized?. BSA Cub Leader Training. BASIC TRAINING Fast Start Training can be done online or, if you’re a new troop, at your first committee meeting by a district or council representative. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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  • Cub Scout Committee Training

  • How is the Cub Scouts Organized?

  • BSA Cub Leader TrainingBASIC TRAININGFast Start Training can be done online or, if youre a new troop, at your first committee meeting by a district or council representative.

    Scout Leader Basic can be done online at or at the quarterly District Trainings held in January, April, July, & October on the 2nd Saturday of those months from 8 to 10 AM.

  • BSA Cub Leader TrainingMonthly TrainingDistrict Roundtable is the first Thursday of each month, at 7:30 PM, at Canyon View Middle School. Roundtable is for all adult leaders, your Chartered Organizational Representative (COR) and Troop Committee Members.

  • BSA Cub Leader TrainingEach months training has a program and training feature.

    Information on upcoming events.

    The group shares solutions to common problems.

  • BSA Cub Leader TrainingYOUTH PROTECTION TRAININGIt is required of all registered Scouters.New leaders are required to take Youth Protection training before they submit an application for registration. The training completion certificate must be submitted with a BSA application before service with youth begins.

  • BSA Cub Leader TrainingTraining must be taken every two years. If training is not current at rechartering, those leaders will not be reregistered.This training tastefully explores the various forms of child abuse. To participate in Youth Protection training, this is available at some of the Round Tables and on-line at

  • BSA Cub Leader Training Youth Protection Training is for the protection of yourself, as a leader, as well as your Cub Scout Boys. Every adult associated with the troop, including merit badge counselors, should take this seminar.

  • BSA Cub Leader TrainingCub Scout Pow Wow Training Skills Training for Den Leaders and Cubmasters Date: October 7, 2010 Time & Place: TBA See Scout the Office

  • BSA Cub Leader TrainingAkelas CouncilFour & a half days of intense, fun training.Advanced Cub Leader Skills & helpsCheck with the Scout Office for dates it is offered.Cost: $100 Register Online at:

  • How to Organize The Cub Scout PackPlan the yearly calendar!

  • Making a Yearly Calendar

    Previously purchase the Cub Scout Leaders Program Helps at the Scout Office.Consult the Program Helps for each months plan for the new year.Have the Councils Calendar for the new year. Also available at the Scout Office or at Roundtable.Obtain your organizations/Ward and Stakes activity calendar.Breakdown the Year's Events by monthsTo these events add Cub Scout Leader Basic for all untrained Cub Leaders.

  • AugustEach pack leader needs to read the ideas for each month in the Program Helps.Each should roughly outline each months events for the packs yearly calendar. Note possible changes that need to be made. Write a brief overview of each Pack Meeting.

  • SeptemberHold a yearly calendaring meeting with the Pack Committee to plan the whole year. In the planning include: Pack MeetingsFund Raisers Scout ExpoService Projects Scouting for Food Calendar at least 2 service projects.Special EventsSet goals earn the Quality AwardCub Scouting runs year round.

  • September (cont.)One Pack Meeting is the Parents MeetingGet parents to sign up for:Blue and Gold dinner and decorations committee Pinewood Derby Decorating Committee Chaperones for Cub Scout Day Camp

  • September Online RecharteringRechartering must be done by October 1st.The charter is a contract with the Boy Scouts of America and your Pack to allow your Pack to exist for the year.Get the packet for rechartering at Roundtable which is held the 1st Thursday of each month. Make sure all leaders are current in their Youth Protection Training. Must retaken every two years or they will not be added to your charter.

  • September Online RecharteringUpdate the charters information & get ready to Recharter. Then go online and recharter your unit. Your emailed participants packet for today will have a PDA with step-by-step instructions on how to do your units rechartering. Make sure all leaders and boys are registered.

  • September Online RecharteringThe church pays for rechartering fees. Get a check from the Ward Clerk for rechartering and Quality Unit Award Badges for adults and boys.Pay these fees to the Scout Office & get a receipt. Take the receipt back to the Ward Clerk so he can reimbursed from the Stake for the rechartering.

  • September Online RecharteringParents pay for Boy's Life Magazine. The magazine is paid for at the time of rechartering. Boys Life Magazine is now age appropriate. Each boy should have his own.Suggest to parents that the magazine could be a good stocking stuffer for their boy.

  • OctoberDecide Halloween theme. Ex.: Dress like one of your ancestors and share a brief history of that individual. Set up payment plans for parents to pay for Cub Camp. Have all parents pay all moneys by check preferably which aids in keeping track of moneys. Attend Cub Pow-Wow. It is for all leaders. Fees are paid for by the Ward.

  • October Cub Pow-WowAttend Cub Leaders should attend Cub Pow-Wow.The fees are paid for by the Ward. The next Cub Pow-Wow is October 7th 2010.

  • NovemberPlanning for Cub Scout Day CampThe Church pays the fee for Cub Scouts to attend Cub Scout Day Camp. T-Shirts are paid for by the parents.Non-LDS packs should set up payment plans for parents to pay for Cub Camp and T-Shirts. Have all parents pay all moneys by check preferably which aids in keeping track of moneys.

  • November & DecemberWill Thanksgiving/Christmas or school/community meetings interfere with the boys coming to Pack Meeting? Change Pack meeting from the 4th week to the 3rd week of the month.

  • DecemberPurchase Pinewood Derby Kits before Decembers Pack Meeting. Make arrangements to get a Pinewood Derby Race Track.Reserve the gym from noon to nine.Arrange for 2 non-partisan judges to call the winners of each race. (Ex: The local missionaries)

  • JanuaryPinewood Derby Set up the race track 3 or 4 hours before the Pack Meeting. Activate the Parent Decorating Committee for this event. Get poster board to show the double elimination racing form.

  • PinewoodDerbyDouble Elimination Racing Form

  • February Scout SundayFebruary - Usually the 2nd week is Scout Sunday. Leaders, Scouts and Cub Scouts are to wear their uniform to church that Sunday. Okay this with the Bishop in advance. This is usually done through the 2nd Counselor in the Bishopric.

  • FebruaryBlue & Gold BanquetFebruary Pack Meeting - Blue and Gold & Awards Night Figure out the Awards and Invitations for the Blue and Gold Banquet. Calendar the building for the Blue and Gold Banquet from about noon to nine for set-up, the event, & clean-up.

  • FebruaryBlue & Gold BanquetPossible Blue and Gold Dinner & Awards Night Formats All Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts, and their families could be invited. The Scouts and Cubs could do a joint flag ceremony. The Boy Scout could have a Court of Honor. Then, the Cub Scouts could get their awards. These could be interspersed with songs and skits form both groups. Only Cub Scouts and their families should attend. The program would be a flag ceremony, songs, and skits interspersed between the boys awards and the adult awards. Use a combination of the two formats.

  • FebruaryBlue & Gold BanquetWho should the Cub Committee Chairman invite to the Blue & Gold Banquet: The Bishopric and their families The Primary Presidency and their families Our District Commissioner and his family Our District Executive and his family Any Cub Leaders, Bishopric, District Commissioners or Executives that served our Pack during the last year that have been released, plus their families.

  • FebruaryBlue & Gold BanquetWho should get: Our Pack Thanks Award? Any Cub Leaders, 2nd Counselor in the Bishopric, 2nd counselor in the Primary District Commissioners or Executives that served our pack during the last year that have been released.Also any member that has served on a special committee or was a chaperone for Cub Day Camp.

  • FebruaryBlue & Gold BanquetActivate the Cub Scout Parent Decorating and Food Committee. Cub Scouts can also help make decorations for the dinner tables.

  • MarchScouting for Food - (Service Project)

  • AprilDay Camp Packets are dispersed. Get Day Camp Medical forms for boys and for chaperones.Sign up chaperones and the days they want to go to camp. Must have 5:1 ratio. Collect all Heath Forms for Day Camp by Pack Meeting

  • MayGet the T-shirts sizes of adults and boys for Camp. To Get the right size of T-shirts for each boy, always order adult sizes. The T-shirts run two sizes too small. When you get the T-shirts, mark them with the boys or adults names & give them to the Cub Leaders. Turn in the t-shirt order on time.

  • MayPrepare a Cub Camp Handout for the chaperones & boys. It should include the bus schedule and items needed for camp. Distribute copies of the Cub Camp Handout to chaperones & the boys parents. Finalize the day each chaperone will be used.Collect all Heath Forms. Take extra blanks.

  • June

    Cub Scout Day Camp 1st week is for Wolf and Bear Cub Scouts.The last week is for Webelos

  • JuneTurn in all medical forms for Day Camp to the Scout Office. A Class one medical form is needed for the boys and chaperones. Class two medical forms for chaperons and new leaders that are 40 or older. Is there a doctor