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CUB SCOUT RECRUITING. Pack Parties A Plan for Growing Scouting In Chester County. Vision of Chester County Council. More Youth; Unparalleled Programs. Challenges… and Opportunities. Last Year Relatively few units used this plan, all of it Ended with 301 fewer Scouts - PowerPoint PPT Presentation



    A Plan for Growing ScoutingIn Chester County

  • *Vision of Chester County Council

    More Youth; Unparalleled Programs

  • *Challenges and OpportunitiesLast YearRelatively few units used this plan, all of itEnded with 301 fewer Scouts Too many packs recruited NO Tigers

  • *Challenges and OpportunitiesThis YearWe have to do better

    Fortunately, we know how!

    In 2011, the packs who followed this plan, ALL of it, were, on average, 3 times more successful4 new Cubs (no Tigers) vs. 13 new Cubs (2 Tiger dens)

    Weve made some adjustments to the plan

  • *Challenges and OpportunitiesThis is the single largest youth recruiting drive done during the year in our council.

    The focus is to enroll first-grade through fifth-grade boys into Cub Scouting, to recruit NEW ADULT LEADERS, and to gain parent involvement in the pack.

    This plan WORKS!Packs that use it, ALL of itPacks that dont

  • *The Pack PartyTonight we will discussPromotionManpower NeedsPhysical arrangements / Floor PlanLeadership Recruiting and SupportFeesItems to BringReporting

  • *Pack Party Keys to SuccessWe are focusing council-wide advertising resources on two recruiting windowsSeptember 15 - 25October 25 November 4

    Set a Goal

    Schedule two Pack Parties with your DE by August 15

    These parties MUST focus on NEW FAMILIES

  • *Pack Party Keys to SuccessSubmit the Local Council copy of all completed youth applications with fees that nightKeep your Unit Copy to update the Pack database/recordsHeld applications = unregistered youth

    Submit all adult applications as soon as they have all the signatures (could be that night if CR and CC are present).YPT must be completed before working with youthAdults without current YPT will be dropped at re-charter

  • *Responsibilities and Promotion

  • *DISTRICT Pack Party ResponsibilitiesProduce all promotional materials

    Work directly with school districts to facilitate scheduling and flyer approval

    Make presentations in schools where possible (Rallies)

    Make Pack Party Consultants available for every Pack

  • *PACKPack Party ResponsibilitiesSchedule two Pack Party events with your District Executive by Aug 15

    Identify leadership needs and publish a calendar

    Set a recruiting goal (more on this later)

    Have plenty of uniformed boys and leaders to help with the Pack Party (more on this later)

  • *PACKPack Party ResponsibilitiesHave short bios on each of your leaders

    Submit applications and pro-rated fees

    Hold a post-Pack Party parents meeting (review advancement, books, committee function, etc)

    Make at least seven asks

  • *Pack Party PromotionMethods of Invitation - 50 methods, included in the Pack Party Planning Guide

    Road and Lawn Signs40 per packPut them out Sept 8, bring them in Sept 26Put them out Oct 18, bring them in Nov 7

    Passive vs. Active Promotion

  • *Pack Party PromotionIn School Pep RalliesClassroom to ClassroomSpecial Assembly (auditorium or gym)Cafeteria, Gym ClassRecess Playground HuddleClosed Circuit School TV

  • *Set Up

  • *Pack Party Floor Plan

  • *New Leader Recruitment and Support

  • *New Leader RecruitmentHave current, uniformed leaders on hand

    Use the 100 Point Parent Participation Form (pg. 12 Pack Planning Guide)

    Use 4-part Den Rosters

  • *Pack Party Fees

  • *Pack Party FeesProvide written details of what your dues buyOffer two payment options to your new familiesPay $20 tonight, with the balance due by Nov 15Pay the full amount tonight$20 covers pro-rated 2011 registration and Boys Life, a Handbook, and a Bobcat badgeHave Handbooks on hand that nightHandbook discountWere reaching out to non-legacy families

  • *Pack Party FeesUse the Den Roster to track paymentsFinancial Assistance is availableIf a family cant afford Cub Scouting (is choosing not to join solely because of the cost), financial assistance is available from the Council for BSA registration fees.Your full-price dues amount should include enough to cover fall registration PLUS re-chartering feesBSA Registration is $18 for one year (includes insurance recovery fee)Boys Life subscription is $12 for one year (go for 100% - make sure every family has a copy!)

  • *Pack Party FeesOn the night of your Pack Party

    Well collect only the 2012 pro-rated fees from youSeptember: Reg = $5.00, BL = $4.00October: Reg = $3.75, BL = $3.00Make your Joining Fee $20

  • *Get Ready, Get Set, Go

  • *Pack Party LeadershipFocus is on the new families

    Organize leaders for a party, not a pack meetingParty Host to keep everyone on track and on timeActivitiesRefreshmentsRegistering new families and distributing Orientation packetsCollecting paperwork

  • *The Pack BringsName TagsChangeTape and MarkersReceipts (use the Youth Application cover)CalculatorHandbooks for each levelDiscount offer


  • *The Pack BringsHelpers for your fun activities (Scouts or Venturers - with their own leadership)

    List of vacant leadership positions

    FUN Pack and Den Displays


  • *The District BringsThings in the BoxApplications - Youth and AdultBoys Life mini-magazinesDen Roster Forms for each tablePens100 Point Forms (generic)Table Signs1st Den Meeting Plans (Tiger, Wolf, Bear, Webelos, Arrow of Light)

  • *The District BringsThings in the BoxDirectional ArrowsWelcome SignsPack Party Report EnvelopeNew Leader Packets with MyScouting registration and Training informationParent Cub Scout Program Brochures

  • *Pack Party AgendaPages 9-11 Pack Planning Guide

    Before the meeting preparationPre-opening activity and displayOpeningFun Activities for Boys, social time for adultsWhy Cub Scouting? (only 5 min!)Collecting applications and other formsClosingAfter the meeting

  • *Pack Party AgendaWhy Cub Scouting? (only 5 min!)

    Consider your audience (Gen X and Millenials)Focuses on childs successTeaches values like honesty, loyalty, leadershipPrefer tasks with specific start and end datesTime is an important resource dont waste itWho is working with their son provide biosAll leaders undergo CBC and must take YPT every 2 years

  • *Resources

  • *Services We ProvideOnline Pack Party Resources

  • *Screen shot of Pack Party Resources page

  • *Services We ProvideOnline Pack Party ResourcesFlyers, posters, and yard signsAssistance with flyer approval and placementMaking presentations in schools (classroom, assembly, lunch/recess, etc)Leading team recruitment of new adultsTraining new leadersCustomized web landing pages

  • *Services We Provide(Screen shot of a pack landing page)

  • *Services We ProvideOnline Pack Party ResourcesFlyers, posters, and yard signsAssistance with flyer approval and placementMaking presentations in schools (classroom, assembly, lunch/recess, etc)Leading team recruitment of new adultsTraining new leadersCustomized web landing

  • *

  • *Beascout pin map screen shot

  • *

  • *

  • *

  • *Services We ProvideA CCCBSA email address automatically reaching key pack leaders: packXXX@cccbsa.orgCoordinated and focused advertising campaigns: one in mid-September, one in late OctoberCourier service for completed applications and feesSetting you up for Membership success on your Journey to Excellence

  • *Journey to ExcellenceMore Youth; Unparalleled Programs

  • *Journey to ExcellenceA framework for planning the yearA method for evaluating your unitGuidance in areas where you might do betterSpecific guidelines and standards of what is considered good performanceEarly warning of potential problem areasRecognition for good ScoutingBenchmarking to get ideas and tips from other good units

  • *

  • *Wrap UpSet a GoalUse this Pack Party planDo at least seven forms of local promotion, other than flyers, before your Pack PartyPlan two parties by August 15Sign-up now for just $20Turn-in all completed Youth Applications on the night of your Pack PartyBe prepared to make one check payable to the Chester County Council, BSA

  • *Wrap Up

    997 Cubs and 162 leaders joined in 2010985 Cubs and 202 Leaders joined in 2011

    More Youth; Unparalleled Programs!

    Working the plan, working together, we can recruit1,050 Cubs and 263 Leaders this year!

    Welcome to this seminar on best methods for attracting elementary-aged boys and families to Scouting.The vision statement for Chester County Council, our litmus test for evaluating what we do and how we do it, is expressed in this simple statement [click]

    More Youth; Unparalleled Programs

    Although about half of our packs attended this training last year, very few actually used the whole planWe know how to turn that around. We know that the packs who used the whole plan recruited three times more Scouts than packs who did not.

    Based on feedback from units and from national results, weve made some adjustments intended to make your recruiting efforts more successful and, perhaps, easier for you to execute.

    The fall is our main recruiting season. This plan has developed, with annual updates, based on the feedback from Cub Scout packs, based on what works and what doesnt.

    This plan WORKS! Cherry picking a few ideas is not effective. All the pieces of this plan are intended to work together and are critical to the overall success of the plan.

    Packs that use the plan ALL OF IT, are successful and are growing Scouting in thei