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Cub Scout troup came to West Georgia and learned their Cub Scout moto in sign-langauge

Text of Cub Scout -Disability Badge

  • The University of West Georgia

    Speech and Hearing Clinic

  • What do you know?

    What is a Speech-Language Pathologist?

  • Heres what you need to know!

    We help any person with communication difficulties.

    We work with anyone from birth and older.

    We prevent, advocate, and educate regarding all aspects of communication

  • So, what is communication?

    1. Reading 2. Speaking 3. Gesturing

    4. Understanding what is read

    5. Understanding what is spoken

    6. Understanding what is Gestured

  • What is Speech-Therapy??

    Anyone who has trouble with any aspect of communication can be assessed;

    If they qualify for services, a speech-language pathologist will provide speech therapy.

  • Speech therapy involves one-on-one or small group sessions

    The speech therapist sets goals for every client.

    What is Speech-Therapy??

    During every session, the speech therapist works on goals to increase the communication abilities of every client.

  • Many speech therapists work with clients who have limited communication.

    How do you think they work with someone who cant speak at all?

    If you cant speak at all

  • Where do Speech-Language Pathologist work?




    Day Care





    Private Practice

  • The profession that goes along with speech-language pathology is Audiology.

    Audiologist work to educate, advocate, and prevent hearing loss.

    A large part of their job is evaluating and fitting for hearing aids

    Hearing screenings!


  • Cub Scout Motto!!

  • Cub Scout Motto!!

  • Cub Scout Motto!!

    **Swiping Motion

  • Put it all together!!

  • Little More?

    Cub Scout in Sign Language

  • Little More?

    Cub Scout in Sign Language