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CRM-CPQ Solution Brief

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  • Modern Cash to Quote Strategies

    Get more from your reps and your CRM investmentHow much selling power are you really getting from your sales teams? Are you making the most out of your CRM investment?

    Only 33% of a sales reps time is spent selling1

    Companies have a universal need for revenue growth, profitability, and customer satisfaction. In hopes to satiate this need, most companies have made significant investments in sales force automation to capture sales data, increase visibility to sales pipeline, and gain business insight to make better business decisions. However, few companies can say they have fully realized the benefits they hoped to achieve from their CRM investment. Additionally, with todays modern, informed buyer, CRM technologies need to empower sales users with better information thats easy to find and helps them sell. Companies need an end-to-end process that seamlessly connects every interaction their sales teams have with their customers. Oracle Configure, Price, and Quote (CPQ) Cloud extends sales automation to simplify and streamline modern quote-to-cash processes, enabling sales reps to easily configure and price products, select the best options, promotions and deal terms, and include upsell and renewals, all using automated workflows. For the business, Oracle CPQ Cloud drives higher deal velocity, price and quote accuracy, and higher profit margins by increasing sales productivity, improving deal profitability, and increasing repeatability and compliance.

    You built a powerhouse sales force to establish relationships with customers and close deals, but studies have shown that most sales reps only spend a third of their time actually selling. When sales reps are not selling, the remaining two-thirds of their time is often spent on administrative tasks, searching for sales information in a myriad of tools, and navigating internal processes1. Moreover, the mundane process of configuring and pricing products manually not only takes your sales force away from what it does best, it kills potential sales. If 50 percent of deals go to the vendor that responds first2, any non-selling activities are putting you behind your competitors. In order to gain competitive advantage, your sales reps need to be able to react instantaneouslyproviding accurate quotes at a moments notice, seizing upsell opportunities and creating new ones.

  • By eliminating the need to manually update CRM systems, and helping reps more fully understand the products theyre selling, modern CPQ solutions dont just help reps spend more time doing what they do bestthey help them do it even better. With integrated product configuration, pricing, and quoting capabilities, sales reps can configure products through guided selling with little to no help from product experts. In this way, reps can quickly quote your most common product configurations so deals are done faster. To further streamline the sales process, reps will be able to shorten sales cycle times and churn out proposals, contracts, and statements of work in seconds. And, as a modern CPQ solution, Oracle CPQ Cloud enables sales reps to provide on-the-spot quotes to close deals anywhere with lead-to-sig-nature processes and accurate information immediately accessible through their tablets and smartphones. Not only does Oracle CPQ Cloud enable sales reps to work smarter, theyre able to improve win rates by spending more time with customers, responding faster, and turning more quotes into real orders.

    Be Mobile and Productive

    Oracle CPQ Cloud helps to drive sales behavior to align with corporate goals and control maverick discounting practices by automating acceptable price discount variance levels and managing by exception with streamlined approvals and workflow. When you implement pricing and discounting rules, deals close faster, margins are protected, and the shear volume of quotes and orders processed rise.

    Your reps will also sell bigger deals driven by your upsell, cross-sell, and promotion strategies. Real-time visibility to the quotes in your pipeline can also help your sales managers and finance teams better optimize the deal across a number of complex levers and deal terms.

    In modern sales, being able to give customers answers, close deals, and create orders quickly and accurately is essential. Your CRM and ERP systems both play a crucial role in this processmoving vital customer and order data from system to system. When theres a gap between front- and back-office systems, line item data has to be re-keyed every time a quote gets turned into an order. Sound familiar? Not only must organizations allocate valuable resources to this task, its only too easy for errors to creep in. One slip-up during data transfer can hurt turna-round times, yield inaccurate orders and cause the wrong products to be delivered to your customerdamaging customer satisfaction, and increasing costs.

    Oracle CPQ Cloud bridges this gapautomatically sending order information from the front-end CRM to the back-end ERP systems, as soon as its confirmed by the customer. Resources are saved, errors eliminated, and customers receive exactly what they want.

    Be More Profitable

    We went from 90% reject rate in paperwork submissions process to 100% accurate order processing, with no need to kick documents back for re-work

    - IDEXX Laboratories

  • Oracle CPQ Cloud removes the guesswork of what buyers are looking for with automated guided selling thats tailored for the market, geography, or product, which means more accurate and compliant quotes and configurations. By setting pricing and discounting thresholds, you drive the right sales behavior and ensure tighter compliance with your pricing policies and customer or re-seller contracts. Additionally, you can easily extend CPQ capabilities to the sales channel to empower channel partners and sales with the latest products, price lists, and promotions. In return, youll have early visibility to channel quoting, error-free quotes, and faster channel growth with fewer resources.

    Be Repeatable & Compliant

    Oracle CPQ Cloud creates an end-to-end smarter selling cloud solution so sales professionals are more productive, customers are more satisfied, and companies grow revenue faster. Oracles seamless integration from CPQ Cloud to the industrys leading CRM system has been time-tested by hundreds of successful enterprise customers.

    In addition, it provides a unified solution for the entire quote-to-cash process by automatically updating the opportunity revenues while eliminating redundant and manual order submission process to external ERP and billing systems. And, it provides a flexible, mobile UI that matches how your sales reps and channels sell. Only Oracle can provide proven customer success with full quote-to-cash automation and a user experience that reps will love. Higher rep adoption and a better selling experience will ultimately drive more accurate forecasts and more profitable deals.

    Why Oracle?

    For more information on Oracle CPQ, please visit

    or call 1-866-906-7878 to speak to an Oracle representative.

    Copyright 2015, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. Oracle and Java are registeredtrademarks of Oracle and/or its affiliates. Other names may be trademarks of their respective owners.

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