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Creative thinking. Made by Lina Somaite PSbns 1-04. What is Creativi t y ? Concept of creative thinking Negative Attitudes That Block Creativity Myths about Creative Thinking Mental Blocks. Contents. An Ability An Attitude A Process. What is Creativi t y ?. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Creative thinking

Creative thinking

Creative thinkingMade by Lina SomaitePSbns 1-04

ContentsWhat is Creativity?Concept of creative thinkingNegative Attitudes That Block CreativityMyths about Creative ThinkingMental Blocks

What is Creativity?

An AbilityAn AttitudeA Process

This creative thinking process can be accidental or deliberate.Creative thinking is the process which we use when we come up with a new idea.Concept of creative thinking

Negative Attitudes That Block Creativity

Oh no, a problem!It cant be doneI cant do it.But im not creative.Thats childish.What will people think?I might fail.Myths about Creative Thinking

Every problem has only one solution (or one right answer).The best answer, solution, method has already been found. Ideas either come or they don't. Nothing will help.

Mental Blocks to Creative Thinking

Prejudice.Functional fixation.Learned helplessness.Psychological blocks.

Creativity is just connecting things. Steve Jobs

ConclusionStart thinking creative get rid of mental blocks and break myths in mind.

Everyone has limitless creativity. Adults often forget their own creative side. References (watched 2012.05.12) (watched 2012.05.12) (watched 2012.05.12) (watched 2012.05.12)