Creating Revenue for Next Generation Business

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Creating Revenue for Next Generation Business. Gary Liew Technical Marketing Manager. Agenda. Portal Software Overview Trends in the service based market Requirements for “New” Business Infrastructure What’s Infranet ? Solution Sets Summary. Brief Introduction of Portal Software. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Creating Revenue for Next Generation Business

  • AgendaPortal Software OverviewTrends in the service based marketRequirements for New Business InfrastructureWhats Infranet ?Solution SetsSummary

    The Portal Information Network

  • Brief Introduction of Portal Software

  • Portal SoftwarePortal sells software that links services, customers and revenues for Internet and emerging next-generation communication services.CustomersRevenuesServices

    The Portal Information Network

  • Trends in the service based marketComplex and dynamic business models New Biz Models = new settlement models.Multi-service service providersBranded services ("virtual ISPs")Pay for what you use mentality ie Usage basedExponential growthCompeting in real-time

  • Requirements for the New Business InfrastructureBusiness orientated CCBS platform ie, your Products & Services drives the business, youll need a multi-service, reliable, scalable and open platform to support it!Comprehensive real-time capabilities especially the management of pre-paid products & services. Eliminates Fraud.Rating speed & product catalog Full support for rapidly emerging market opportunities, especially branded services & wholesale in the value chain.Complete flexibility in pricing, rating, billing, settlement and customer management

  • Multiple-Service Business PlatformBusiness / ConsumerServicesAccessServicesApplicationHostingIDCB2BVPNWeb HostingUnified MessagingOnline ContentVoIPOnline GamingVODMANBasicDial-UpObject APIsInfranet PlatformxDSLRoamingLeased LineFixedWirelessWireless InternetCircuit SwitchedServices

    The Portal Information Network

  • Multiple-Service Business Platform2G Value-Added ServicesAccessServicesObject APIsInfranet Platform3G Services

    The Portal Information Network

  • Whats Infranet?

    The Portal Information Network

  • Integrated, Real-Time Service Management

    The Portal Information Network

  • Account Creation and Service ProvisioningReal-time account creation and data validation Web based customer self registrationCSR GUI registration Registration software CDs 3rd party application interface via APIsSelf registration and data collection in 24X7 (WebKit)CSR registration (Admin Tool)Automatic service provisioning & Credit AuthorisationWeb ServerEmailLDAPcredit card authorisationAllows account definition by brand (eg, by Business type, Geography)

  • Authentication and AuthorizationReal-time account and/or transaction validationReal-time credit enforcement Customized policies (business rules) to meet business needsIntegrated network authentication applicationsRadius managerCisco Service Selection GatewayActive Directory (LDAP)GALs for VoIPFraud Prevention Custom policies

  • Activity TrackingComplete audit trailActivity trackingReal-time tracking & posting of transaction activityAccurate, real-time view of account info & balances etcGUI tool to map usage records to event objectsSupports un-rated and pre-rated record upload (UEL)Integrated with network mediation applicationsHP-SIUCisco NetflowNarusXacctApplied Protocol EnginesNokia Charging Centre

  • RatingReal-time rating Real-Time rating of any tracked eventSupports for multi monetary and non-monetary resourcesSupports tiered pricing, usage, volume pricing, time/day, packaging, price customization, one-time, recurring, advanced and in arrearsGraphical Pricing tool Products, Deals, Plans and Plans List concept definitionRates, discounts, credit limits defined via GUI based applicationReal-time volume tiering / discountingUnlimited Price Plans & discounts

  • Billing and A/RConfigurable billing cyclesMultiple billing cycles - up to 28 per monthSupports multiple billing models : Wholesale, Retail, Hierarchical, SplitSupports charging in advanced and in arrearsSupports Credit Cards, Invoice, email, HTML, XML, On-Demand real-time, EFTEarned/Unearned Revenue supportAbility to view A/R and make real-time adjustments

  • Customer ManagementCSR or Customer self-care access to real-time informationCustomizable web-based applicationView account and modify account dataHTML and Java server pagesFully functional and extensible GUI applicationFully customizable Java-based Customer CenterHierarchy support with unlimited levels

  • ReportingComprehensive enterprise-wide Decision Support :Operational reportsFinancial reportsMarketing reportsSales reports.....Full set of customizable standard reports Fully documented DB schemaComplete support for new report development thru Seagate Info - Crystal Reports (bundled with Infranet)Web access to report viewer and requestor

  • What is a Solution SetGroup of complementary best-of-breed products, selected, integrated and tested by Infranet & NEPsTo solve a complete set of business and operational requirements for specific line of businessInfranet provides the Business Infrastructure behind a large and growing list of solution sets

  • Evolving Market Requirements

  • Evolving Market RequirementsPhase 3: Solution SetsBUY products for each functionBUY integration frameworkPros: best-of-breed functionality fastest to implement easy to change high leverage for product-based platforms

    The Internet services industry is undergoing a shift towards the implementation of complete, pre-assembled, pre-integrated, pre-tested, end-to-end solution sets

  • InfranetObject APIsInfranet PlatformSolution Set DesignersVerticalMarketsHPMicrosoftNortelPwCIBM




    Andersen ConsultingHPSun

    US Interactive

    Digital ContenteCom- merce

    ICPFixed WirelessWireless InternetCableDSLASPRapid Service Roll-Out Using Solution SetsSolution sets : 20+ Solution Centers : 26+ Dallas, Denver, London, Madrid, Munich, Paris, Redmond, Rotterdam, Silicon Valley, Singapore, etc.

    The Portal Information Network

  • Solution Set target markets and servicesBroadband Mobile Wireless (2.5 & 3G)xDSL / Cable Broadband / MANASP / IDC / ContentVoIPVPN........

  • The results .... Customers! (selected AsiaPac)Asia-WideUUNET InternationalPSInet AsiaAsia OnlineAustraliaTelstraOzEmailFujitsuJames Cook UniversityJapanNTT PC, NTT OCN, NTT LabsNTT Satellite Comm.FujitsuSkyWaveSony

    China / HKJitongShanghai OnlineXinJiang & LiaoNing PTTChongqing PTTPacific Convergence Corp.TaiwanHoshin GigamediaFETWherever.NetSouth KoreaSuperNetKorean TelecomSouth AsiaInfocom/PLDT, PhilippinesTelekom MalaysiaVSNL, IndiaCyberNet, Pakistan

  • Summary

  • SummarySelect a Customer Care & Billing solution that meets your business platform needs! Ie, Multiple-Service based, reliable, scalable and open.-Fast time to market with new products & servicesNo limits to products & services, business policies, pricing plans, subscriber growthLocalisation support? (Eg, Chinese, Korean, Japanese languages)Support for products & services charging principles being value based instead of flat-feeProven Integration with existing circuit switched billing systemChoose with systems with proven success worldwideFinally ... Being able to eat & sleep well!

    Portal Presentation TemplatePortal Presentation TemplatePortal Presentation TemplatePortal Presentation TemplatePortal Presentation TemplatePortal Presentation TemplatePortal Presentation TemplatePortal Presentation TemplatePortal Presentation TemplatePortal Presentation TemplatePortal Presentation TemplatePortal Presentation TemplatePortal Presentation TemplatePortal Presentation Template