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Creating an Animated PowerPoint Presentation:. Narration (voice over). Animation. Sound Effects. Narration. Voice Over. Narration. Voice Over. Animations. Entrance. Click on Add Effect NOW. Click on Entrance NOW. Emphasis. Exit. Click on Custom Animation NOW. Animations. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<p>Slide 1</p> <p>Creating an Animated PowerPoint Presentation:Narration (voice over)AnimationSound Effects</p> <p>1E3 PowerPointBasic PPAnimated PPPowered PPMENUAdd audio here discussing creating special effects.Do you want to jazz up your presentation? Here we will teach you how to add narration, animation and sound effects.1</p> <p>NarrationVoice Over</p> <p>2</p> <p>E3 PowerPointBasic PPAnimated PPPowered PPMENUYou can easily add voice narration into PowerPoint. Simply click on Slide Show and then Record Narration. </p> <p>The Record Narration box will come up. Click on OK. Your PowerPoint presentation will pull up and you can begin talking. When you are finished click on the Escape button on your computer.</p> <p>You will see a loudspeaker appear on your presentation. This lets you know that your recording was successful! </p> <p>2NarrationVoice Over</p> <p>3E3 PowerPointBasic PPAnimated PPPowered PPMENUVoice-over practice3AnimationsExit</p> <p>4Entrance</p> <p>Emphasis</p> <p>Click on Custom Animation NOWClick on Add Effect NOW</p> <p>Click on Entrance NOW.</p> <p>E3 PowerPointBasic PPAnimated PPPowered PPMENUHere introduce the first step. Use bullet points with voice-over narration for best effect (Mayer).The animation tab lets you create functionality within your presentation. With animation you can create an Entrance Effect pauseAn Emphasis Effect pause or an Exit Effect.</p> <p>Do you want to have text or pictures change at your command? It is easy with custom animation. First select the text or picture you want to animate by clicking on it. Then at the top of your screen click on the Animations Tab and then click on Custom Animation. Try clicking on Custom Animation now to see what happens.</p> <p>When you click on Custom Animation you will see a Custom Animation box appear. Click here now on Add Effect to see what happens. </p> <p>When you click on Add Effect you will get a drop-down box as shown here. From this box you can choose which command to add. Lets try an Entrance Effect. Click on Entrance now.</p> <p>Presentation/Exploration instruction is employed here. The user must click correctly in order to move forward.4Animations7Exit</p> <p>Click on Exit NOWClick on an effect to view itFly Out</p> <p>BlindsBoxChecker-boardContractDiamondDis-appearNext</p> <p>E3 PowerPointBasic PPAnimated PPPowered PPMENUTo add a special effect which makes text or objects disappear on cue click on the word Exit. Click on Exit now and see what happens. </p> <p>Very good! Here, just like the last two animations, a list of options opens up in a side box and allows you to quickly choose how you would like your text or picture to disappear. The animated objects will now automatically disappear when the screen is clicked on in presentation mode. Here you can see what some of the Exit effects look like. Try clicking on some of the effects to see what happens.</p> <p>When you are ready to move on click on Next.</p> <p>Presentation/Exploration instruction is employed here. The user may choose to practice and see and move forward as they are ready.</p> <p>7Animations8</p> <p>E3 PowerPointBasic PPAnimated PPPowered PPMENUAnimationsEntrance Emphasis Exit PRACTICE89Sound Effects</p> <p>Click on the Insert tab.Insert sound from a file, clip organizer, or CD </p> <p>Use custom animation to make it start and stop </p> <p>Use custom animation to link sound to a picture or text</p> <p>Insert sound effects</p> <p>Click on the Sound down arrow.E3 PowerPointBasic PPAnimated PPPowered PPMENUWant to really jazz up your PowerPoint Presentation? Add sound! </p> <p>There are many reasons to add sound to your presentation. You can use sound to draw attention to an aspect of your presentation, or to create a mood. We will discuss three effects for sound. How to:</p> <p>Insert sound from file, clip organizer, CD Use custom animation to make it start and stop Use custom animation to link sound to a picture or text</p> <p>To add sound to your presentation, as shown before, go to the Insert tab at the top of the screen. Click it now.</p> <p>Look at the Media Clips section and locate the loudspeaker. Now click on the Sound down arrow.</p> <p>910Sound Effects</p> <p>Insert sound from a file, clip organizer, or CD </p> <p>Click on the Sound from Clip Organizer tab.</p> <p>E3 PowerPointBasic PPAnimated PPPowered PPMENUHere is how you insert sound from a file, clip organizer, or CD. </p> <p>If you want to insert sound which you already have stored on your computer simply click on Sound from File on the drop-down box and select the sound file to insert. The sound will be automatically inserted into your presentation and will show a loudspeaker at the bottom right of your presentation.</p> <p>A quick and easy way to insert sound is to use the Sound from Clip Organizer option. Click now on the Sound from Clip Organizer to learn more.10</p>