Creating a Thematic Unit

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Creating a Thematic Unit. The Coconut Thematic Unit. Introductories. SQ – Spiritual (Intrapersonal) Quotient KQ – Kinesthetic Quotient EQ – Social - Emotional Quotient IQ – Intellectual Quotient. Question and Answer. What subjects could you imagine a 3-4 week unit of study to be based on? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Creating a Thematic

Creating a Thematic UnitThe Coconut Thematic UnitIntroductoriesSQ Spiritual (Intrapersonal) QuotientKQ Kinesthetic QuotientEQ Social - Emotional QuotientIQ Intellectual QuotientQuestion and AnswerWhat subjects could you imagine a 3-4 week unit of study to be based on?Look for connections to curriculumExplore the idea using the big 4

Talking at LengthEach person should take a minute to express themselves clearly in the group. Explain which of the 4 types of intelligence you feel most comfortable with, and give some examples of how this reflects who you are.Others should listen, and only respond after giving the person a minute or two to speak. Ensure all in your group can have a say before the time is up. Teachers PresentationThe main content deliveryTaught the day before content is used by students in classConnected to the whole unit, but also discreteHW questions are used as a way to motivate conversation at home about school

Main WorkNow plan out the first day of a unit using the TL frameworkWork in groups, or work as an individualUse planning documents to complete this