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  • 1.Thematic Unit on Valentines Day Grade Level : 3rd Grade

2. Valenti nes Day Relation ships 3. English Language Arts Read a passage about who St. Valentine was Reading passages on the recipes of how to make a chocolate cake and cupcakes Read Happy Valentine's Day, Dolores by Barbara Samuels Write Valentine's Day poems to loved ones Word search or crossword puzzles on Valentines Day 4. Social Studies Learn who St. Valentine was, where he wasfrom and find it on the world map Discuss the symbolism behind the heart shape and cupid in different cultures Learn how different cultures celebrate the Valentines Day Research the origins of Valentine's Day in different culture in the school computer lab 5. Science Significant role of our heart in our body Measuring the heart rates when relaxing & after exercising Comparing and contrasting theheart rates after an exercise 6. Math Learn about symmetry & reflection by using the heart shaped cut-outs Create bar graph, line graph, pie charts using given sets of heart rates Word problems of buying gifts and cards for their loved ones by using the concept of money Identifying the patterns by using the symbols of the Valentines Day 7. Art Create Valentines Day cards for theelderly in the nursing home and for their loved ones Create Valentines Day gift bags by using plain paper bags Make Valentine baskets Learn how to draw a rose and paint it using watercolor paint 8. Media / Technology Use the computer in school to type up the poems they have written and add pictures on the paper BrainPOP video on the heart under the Health section Charlie Brown Valentines Day movie Watch Lady & The Tramp & The Aristocats 9. Supporting Materials Poetry : Valentine poems / selected by Myra Cohn Livingston ; illustrated by Patience Brewster Video : Ethnic Chinese in MalaysiaNonfiction : Celebrate Valentine's Day by Carolyn OttoCelebrate Valentine's Day watch?v=VUhn7SRUoZo 10. Field Trip A Broadway show , Wicked,in Manhattan by school bus Visit a nursing home andspread the love to the elderly by singing Valentines Day songs & distributing the Valentines Day cards that are created in class 11. I want my students to realize that Valentines Day is NOT just celebrated within lovers. But it is a day to show and share love with others!By : Ei EiEducation