Creating Thematic Units

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Creating Thematic Units. Oh so many ways…. So many ideas…. So many topics! . Considerations & of course the “Expectations”. Curriculum that is challenging Assessment & Evaluation that promote learning Varied teaching and learning approaches Flexible organizational structures - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Creating Thematic Units

  • Creating Thematic UnitsOh so many ways.So many ideas.So many topics!

  • Considerations & of course the ExpectationsCurriculum that is challengingAssessment & Evaluation that promote learningVaried teaching and learning approachesFlexible organizational structuresComprehensive guidance & support

  • continuedA shared & agreed upon visionHigh expectations for allPositive DMS climateEducators committed to MS StudentsPrograms & policies that foster health, wellness & safety Parent participation & our Culminating event

  • StandardsGLE Grade Level ExpectationsDOK Depth of KnowledgeShow Me StandardsMoStep Missouri StandardsThorough Lesson Plans!!!

  • Selecting a ThemeBegin by identifying a title or theme to acknowledge a content area of study. This is the hook for your students to engage in meaningful activities.

  • 1- CentersComputer center features software of the week or the dayTeacher demonstrates the skill and activity prior to student use at centerStudents work with aide, peer tutor, or partner

    Structure/sequence of Unit

  • 2- Daily LessonsDaily lessons must focus on OUR themeProgressive activities that build on the skill from the day before.Activities that are related and sequential Structure/sequence of Unit

  • 3- Thematic across contentThematic activities for each content area(Language Arts, Science, Math, Social Studies)Activities do NOT have to be progressiveRelated in theme but not necessarily in skillsActivity for each content area: Math, language arts, social studies, science, health, art, music, PE

    Structure/sequence of Unit

  • 4- Theme to learn technology

    Theme is the source to focus all activities when learning new technologyWorks well in a middle school, when the focus is actually focusing on productivity skills such as word processing, spreadsheet, database, research skills, presentation programTechnology skills build sequentiallyStructure/sequence of Unit

  • 5- Semester UnitSemester unit with weekly lessonsIntegrate functional skills in order to build for a high school settingFocus on life, vocational, and community skills such as money management, getting a job, health care, shoppingStructure/sequence of Unit

  • 6- Activities related to readingActivities to accompany reading textResource teachers with not enough time to integrate units with daily reading instructionFocus instructional time on remediation Use technology to relate stories in reading text to big ideas in science or social studies.Structure/sequence of Unit

  • 7- Focus on Basic SkillsUnits on specific skills or group of standardsMath problem solvingReading comprehensionStructure/sequence of Unit

  • Incorporating Technology and all our staff:Word processing for content and skillWeb activities for information and HOTSGraphics and text for desktop publishingSpreadsheets to contrast and compareSoftware for enhancing conceptsMultimedia for presentation or conceptsSPED for adaptations/accommodations

  • Software, Web and LessonsIncorporating technology-based activitiesLocating and selecting softwareCreating web-based learning

  • Putting it all togetherUse your lesson plan outlines, rubric & make the lesson student centered88% of the time teachers are talking. STUDENT LED!!!

  • continued

    Write up an annotated list of lessons and use of technology.Be creative on use of space and formatting.Dont wait until the last minute to put it all together

  • Our Semester Theme

  • Culminating projectContinuous Positive AttitudesParents consistently informedParents & Student InvolvementWalking & Talking museum