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crafting in the fall

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  • Crafting in the Fall

  • Learn how to make a Rose with Fall leaves: Step 1: What you are going to need: * 10 to 20 colorful leaves per flower (it depends on how full you want them to be). * Tape. * Short twigs. * Scissors. Step 2:

    * Using one of the smaller leaves, place the colorful side down and fold the points in. Begin to roll the leaf from one side. * Take a second leaf and fold the center point down. Place the first rolled leaf in the center, fold down the side points on the second leaf and wrap both sides around the first bud. Step 3:

    * Continue to add leaves, rotating the flower as you go to get an even size. Work with the smaller leaves at the center and the larger ones toward the outside. * When you rotate, it also helps to keep the petals tucked in so that it doesnt unravel.

    Step 4: * When you have added all your leaves or reached the desired size, pinch the leaf stems tightly and begin to wrap with tape. * Trim the stem ends by cutting with scissors.

  • Step 5: * Keep rolling the tape around the stems until they become similar to a stick. * Attach a leaf to the stick.

    * Fold the leaf attached a little bit to give a natural look to the flower. * Your rose should be looking like this when viewed from above.

    Step 6: * The same procedure should be proceded if you wish to use the short twigs instead of the leaves sticks. * Wrap the bottom of the flower around the twig with tape.

    * Dont forget to attach the leaf to the twig using tape!

  • And its done! Making these flowers is a great way to make those few weeks of fall last a little longer, and when given to others, they are a sure way to bright someones day. Think about all the possibilities of different arrangements you can make with them, using different leaf colors and sizes. They look great in vases, tables, or even as an unique buquet for a romantic dinner. I hope that you enjoyed this craft and that it brought you a little bit of inspiration to make your own leaf roses before Fall is over.