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CPHQ - Certified Professional in Healthcare Quality

CPHQ Questions Answers

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CPHQ - Certified Professional in Healthcare Quality

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What is NAHQ?

The National Association for Healthcare Quality (NAHQ) is a membership and certification organization comprised of more than 14,000 healthcare quality

professionals working in all healthcare settings. NAHQ is the only organization to certify professionals in the field of healthcare quality with the CPHQ.

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The CPHQ incorporates the body of knowledge in the healthcare quality profession, which includes:•Strategic and operational roles in management and leadership•Information management, including design and data collection, measurement and analytics, and communication•Performance/quality measurement and improvement, including planning, implementation and evaluation, and training•Strategic and operational tasks in patient safetyThe CPHQ is the only accredited certification in the profession of healthcare quality. The program is fully accredited by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies of the Institute for Credentialing Excellence in Washington, D.C.


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Why earn the CPHQ?

As healthcare continues to evolve, more and more staff in healthcare organizations will be involved in quality. That's why it is more important than ever before to differentiate yourself as a healthcare quality professional with the Certified Professional in Healthcare Quality© (CPHQ) certification.As a healthcare quality professional, you bring together data analytics, performance improvement, risk management, patient safety and much more, helping others see the bigger picture. Prove that commitment by earning your CPHQ credential.

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Question No 1:

What is Maslow's hierarchy of needs?

Physiological SafetySocialStatusSelf-Actualization

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Question No 2:

What are McClelland's hierarchy of needs?


Page 9: CPHQ Questions Answers

Question No 3:

What is Herzberg's two-factor theory?

Motivators Hygiene

Page 10: CPHQ Questions Answers

Question No 4:

What is Expectancy Theory?

It is concerned with how people decide which behaviors to engage in and how much effort they should give to that behavior.

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Question No 5:

What is Equity Theory?

Centers on the input and outcomes part of the motivation equation. Employees are motivated when there is fairness in the workplace.

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Question No 6:

What is Procedural Justice?

A theory of motivation that focuses on fairness with respect to processes or procedures used to allocated outcomes.

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Question No 7:

What is strategy?

The plans and activities developed by an organization in pursuit of its goals and objectives, particularly in regard to positioning itself to meet external demands relative to its competition.

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Question No 8:

What is the formula for Expectancy Theory?

Motivation forces = Expectancy x Instrumentality x Valence

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Question No 9:

What is Expectancy probability?

Based on the perceived effort-performance relationship. One's effort leads to the desired performance, based on past experience, self-confidence, and the perceived difficulty of the performance goal. "If I work harder than everyone else in the plant, will I produce more?"

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Question No 10:

What is Instrumentality probability?

Based on the perceived performance-reward relationship. If one does meet performance expectations, he will receive a greater reward. "If I produce more than anyone else in the plant, will I get a bigger raise or a faster promotion?"

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