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  • The challenge:How do we mediate the present and the future in a playful way in Den Gamle Bys permanent exhibition - Aarhus Story - so that visitors re-flect on their city?

    Aim: The goal is to make visitors reflect on their own city after they have visited the exhibiti-on Aarhus Story. Through a playful addition to the exhibition, the visitor should be inspired to view their city in a new perspective. This can be done by using big data about traffic, details about collecting garbage or more imma-

    terial themes e.g. social matters. The starting point though has to be what people care and worry about.

    About / frames: Aarhus Story is an exhibition opening in 2017 telling the story of Aarhus from the Viking Age until today. The exhibition takes the visitors through the Viking Age, the Middle Ages, the Merchants Town, the Industrialisation, the Occupation until the present day and the futu-re. It is in the last part of the exhibition where the stories of Aarhus from 1950 until today are being told, that real data of the city/installati-on(s) of Aarhus has to be integrated.

    A Playful Aarhus Story


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    15CounterPlayAn international

    festival of playfulness

    See other side -->Visit counterplay.orgCounterPlay 15

    CounterPlay and Den Gamle By (open air museum

    in Aarhus, Denmark) invites you to use your skills and enthusiasm to create concepts, ideas, products and/or games to make a new

    exhibition about Aarhus playful.

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    The INPUT to Den Gamle By can be: Conceptual Playful Methodical A push in a playful/new direction Strategic

    The OUTPUT of the installation(s) in the final exhibition can be: Physical Digital A combination between the digital

    and the physical Centralized in one place or pop up

    different places in the last part of the exhibition (1950-2050) for example in connection with themes as transport,

    the harbor, student life, culture life, music, urban life...

    Need to have: Interaction Social activity Real data/knowledge about the city Playfulness

    Nice to have: Stimulation of different senses Generation of knowledge Have visitors reflect on their own city Make visitors aware that they, with their

    lives, are writing history.

    The Playful CityDen Gamle By is therefore looking for concepts

    and ideas on how to mediate and explore this part of the exhibition in a playful, meaningful way -

    and this is where you come in!

    To participate we kindly ask you to send a mail to Caroline ( with information about: Who are you? (Name, contact information, background (what do you study?, Where do you work? etc), are you working by yourself or in a group?)Will you have a blog or use social media sites to share your process?

    The deadline for submitting your idea is March 27, no later than 23.59. Use to send 10-20 lines about your idea and you are very welcome to include video, scenarios, pictures etc. A jury of people

    from Counterplay and Den Gamle By will decide which ideas are the best. Those picked will then be invited to attend a workshop at the Counterplay Festival April 10. At the workshop you, people from Counterplay and people from Den Gamle by, will discuss your idea and how to make it a reality. Sounds great, right?

    Go to for more information and materials.

    Any questions? Send them