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1. CooperativeLearningGroup 2By Athip, Abrar, Shifon, Geoff, and Dalal 2. Headlines1 Definition2 How do people learn ?3 AdvantagesAdvantages4 Disadvantages5 References 3. What is Cooperative Learning?When a small group of learners are gaining knowledgeabout a certain subjectIt includes: - teamwork - combination of ideas - collection of different sources - brainstorming 4. ADVANTAGES TemplatesBuilds an ethnic relation among students creating mutual understandingbetween them.Increases ones self-esteem, social skills, and study skills.Students learn about shared group challenges, learn to value shared workWorking in groups students learn to work with and understand others whodiffer from themselves. 5. DISADVANTAGES Students may simply not have the skills to help one another learn Student may choose not to work as hard as others Student may simply allow others to do everything for them When a student does not complete his portion This one student hurts theentire group and brings the morale down 6. Groups Stance We agree with Cooperative learning because it really helps most students, and it can help to develop skills and contribute to make the students better. 7. REFRENCES Dr. Spencer Kagans thoughts on cooperative learning. (n.d.). Retrieved from Tunarely, K.(n.d.). Advantages and disadvantages of classroom projects. Retrievedfrom Amya. (2011, April 16). Cooperative learning. Retrieved from Franks, R. (n.d.). Pros and cons of collaborative/cooperative learning. Retrieved from Smaldino, S. E., Lowther, D. L., & Russell, J. D. (2012). Achieving 21st centurylearnng environments. (pp. 77-78). Boston, MA: Pearson.


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