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  1. 1. 50-60% of your website visitors will see your homepage, wont click anything, and bounce away never to return.
  2. 2. OK. That sounds terrible.
  3. 3. What if one of them had the potential to become a major donor?
  4. 4. Now I feel worse.
  5. 5. Dont worry. There are solutions.
  6. 6. You need to speak to each visitor in a unique way.
  7. 7. So, who is visiting?
  8. 8. New Casual Core
  9. 9. New visitors are not yet familiar with your show, they might have heard about it from a friend or on a promo from another show.
  10. 10. Casual listeners are those who might have heard an episode or two, they might not subscribe to the podcast, but would join a mailing list or listen via the web when they think about it or if you told them to.
  11. 11. Core listeners are your dedicated fans, they likely subscribe to the podcast, are looking for your latest episode and some of them may have even donated.
  12. 12. Its helpful to think of your website as a funnel, moving visitors from new, to casual to core. New Casual Core $0 $$ $$$$$
  13. 13. The primary goal of your website should be to move more visitors through that funnel.
  14. 14. Today were going to talk about ways you can move New visitors into becoming Casual listeners.
  15. 15. A quick hint, it does not involve asking them to subscribe to your podcast.
  16. 16. Why not? Because subscribing to podcasts still sucks and is too complicated.
  17. 17. A quick game. Say you have 50,000 new people visit your website in a month. How many of those people who visited subscribed to your podcast?
  18. 18. Beep. Trick question!You do not have the tools to answer this question. Really.
  19. 19. There are no reliable ways to determine how many visitors to your website subscribe to your podcast.
  20. 20. But, for new visitors it doesnt matter anyway.
  21. 21. What do they want to do? This is the only thing you need to be thinking about for each visitor type. It isnt about what you want them to do, its about presenting the visitor with something that meets their needs. *new visitors
  22. 22. What do New visitors want? An answer to this one critical question: What is this?
  23. 23. What do you probably want from New visitors? Youve been told they need to subscribe.
  24. 24. How might we bridge that gap between what they want and what you do?
  25. 25. Tactics Landing pages Email signup prompts & forms Exit intent and bounce detection tools Email drip campaigns
  26. 26. Landing pages Allow you to create a focused message, speaking to one audience and encourages them to do one thing.
  27. 27. Not so good.
  28. 28. OK
  29. 29. Better
  30. 30. Better still
  31. 31. 10% conversion rate From random Google ads. 20,000+ people.
  32. 32. Landing page tools - This is the tool that PRX uses. $50/month. LeadPages Range from FREE to hundreds of dollars each month Setup in less than a day Requires ongoing attention for best results
  33. 33. Email signup prompts We see them all the time, they seem annoying, but oddly they are effective at building your mailing list.
  34. 34. Email prompt example
  35. 35. 135,000 people viewed the site 5,000+ emails collected 3.75% conversion rate Over the past 130 days
  36. 36. Email prompt tools - Free with branding or $10/month. PRX uses it. LeadPages Range from FREE to hundreds of dollars each month Setup in less than a day Set it and forget it, mostly
  37. 37. Exit intent That moment, right before your website visitor is about to click the close tab/window icon on their browser.
  38. 38. Exit intent example
  39. 39. & landing pages Improved signups to mailing lists by 2x Scrollbox prompt performs 5x better on our sites 30,000 email addresses collected
  40. 40. Exit intent tools Bounce Exchange ($4,000) Picreel (from $69) PopupAlly (from $97) OptinMonster (from $69) OptinSkin (from $49) Bloom ($69) Ninja Popups ($20) LeadPages (from $25) Thrive Leads (from $147) Lead Outcome (from $39) OptiMonk (from $29) SumoMe ($10) - PRX uses this. Range from FREE to thousands of dollars each month Setup in less than a day Set it and forget it, mostly
  41. 41. Email drip campaigns What the hell are they?
  42. 42. Examples
  43. 43. Supporting information
  44. 44. Summary 1. Landing pages allow you to customize the message to a specic user type. 2. Email signup prompts & forms require less effort than subscribing to a podcast. 3. Exit intent and bounce detection tools allow you to get one last chance to sell a visitor on your show. 4. Email drip campaigns automate a conversation, and help introduce a new visitor to your show. If you only do one, please setup a signup prompt.