Consumer Buyer Behavior & Decision Process

Consumer Buying Process

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Consumer buying process presentation for marketing courses

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  • Consumer Buyer Behavior & Decision Process

  • Model Of Buyer Behaviour

  • Factors Influencing Buyer Behaviour

  • Consumer Buying Decision ProcessWho Makes the Buying DecisionTypes of Buying DecisionsStages in the Buying ProcessMarketers Must Identify and Understand:

  • Consumer Buying Decision ProcessUnderstand

    Buying rolesBuying behaviorBuying decision process


  • Consumer Buying Decision ProcessUnderstand

    Buying rolesBuying behaviorBuying decision process

    Complex buying behaviorDissonance-reducing buying behaviorHabitual buying behaviorVariety-seeking buying behavior

  • Consumer Buying Decision ProcessUnderstand

    Buying rolesBuying behaviorBuying decision process

    Five stages in the consumer buying processThe amount of time spent in each stage varies according to several factors

  • Consumer Buying Decision ProcessFive-Stage Model of the Consumer Buying Process

  • Need RecognitionNeed/Problem RecognitionCan be triggered by internal or external stimuli Needs become wants, which lead to behaviorMarketing stimuli can stimulate a desire for information

  • Information Search (1 of 2)Sources of information:Commercial sourcesPersonal Sources(family,friends)Experential Sources(Examining product)Public sources(Mass media)Time, effort and expense dedicated to information search depends on:Degree of risk involved in the purchaseAmount of expertise with the product categoryActual cost of the searchEvoked set:A narrowed down set of alternatives that the customer is considering

  • Consumer Buying Decision ProcessSuccessive Sets Involved in Consumer Decision Making

  • Evaluation of AlternativesCustomers evaluate products as bundles of attributesBrand attributesProduct featuresAesthetic attributesPriceCustomers place different levels of importance on attributesImportant considerations in the evaluation stage:Marketing programs must be designed to influence consumers opinions about product or brand image

  • Purchase DecisionIn evaluation stage customer ranks brand and form purchase decision.

    Key issues in the purchase decision stage:Attitude of othersUnexpected situationalfactors(e.g)expected income,expected price.

  • Postpurchase EvaluationFour possible outcomes in the postpurchase stage:(1) Delight(2) Satisfaction(3) Dissatisfaction(4) Cognitive Dissonance

    Firms ability to manage dissatisfaction and cognitive dissonance is:A key to creating customer satisfactionA major influence on word-of-mouth communication

  • Case Study: LexusDELIGHT CUSTOMER TO KEEP THEM COMING BACK:Lexus retains 84% of customer who have gone to the dealership for service.Won the best award for THE FINEST CAR EVER BUILTLexus set the record for the fewest quality problem ever reportedLexus Create special experiencesLexus achieved highest customer satisfaction score ever in the rating of 11 year history.Average life time value of Lexus customer is $800,000

  • Case Study:Loreal ParisLOreal has been using the same method or technique of attracting customers through all their advertisements. The advertisement has Most of the common methods used by the company for promoting their brands to the target such ascelebrity endorsementcreating beauty appealcommunicating benefitsupporting this benefit with a scientific claimiconography