Connecting a Diverse Sector Through Social Media

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Connecting a Diverse Sector Through Social Media. Aileen Collier & Jen Tieman Palliative & Supportive Services & CareSearch 26 th July 2013. Introduction to social media?. Definition: websites and applications used for social networking creation and exchange of user generated content: - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Connecting a Diverse Sector Through Social Media

Aileen Collier & Jen Tieman

Palliative & Supportive Services & CareSearch26th July 2013

1Introduction to social media?Definition: websites and applications used for social networkingcreation and exchange of user generated content: Engagement and two-way communication!

Examples:TwitterFacebookWikisBloggerFlickrYouTube, Linked-in Pinterest, Google+

2We could role model our talk by using a You tube clip here instead of this slide?Social Media Use inAustralian not-for-profit organisations

Wirth Consulting Pty Ltd 201213.9 million unique users in AustraAustralia

3Facebook Facebook has

Started with a project plan

Initiated end November 2012 with a plan to build slowly

Aim-to build a community of students

Half of the hits are students or past students and half strangers

Learnings - time of postings, which postings get hits

Pictures and interesting quotes work best or provocative statements


Facebook5Twitter Simple Twitter stream:The CareSearch Twitter account nowhas 293 followers and publishes one to two times each day in order to inform and engage the Twitter community. Since 1 February, CareSearch tweets have been mentioned or re-tweeted 78 times by other Twitter users. Through these re-tweets and mentions, our messages been disseminated to 84,403 other users.


Cancer Council Australia is using wiki technology to manage guideline currency. Reviewers can engage with the guidelines, enter suggestions, review new literature etc. Guideline users can leave comments and make suggestions Within Flinders, the NBN Telehealth Project Group is using a wiki to support documentation and communication.7YouTube, Slide share

YouTube: To date, the CareSearch YouTube channel has attracted 62,119 video views. Slideshare: The presentations in the CareSearch Slideshare account have attracted 1,261 views. Why would you bother?This is what the real world is using/doing.You can reach new audiencesIt can help spread informationIt can encourage communication/feedbackYou need to crystallise your messageDifferent media can help translate the messageYou can use social media to build/sustain relationshipsSocial Media tipsHeadlines- Incite curiosity-stories that resonateUse images and graphics to make your point (Piccs get clicks!)Avoid professional jargonLearn what works!Use legitimate sources.Developing your brand

Summary PointsWhat do you want to accomplish via social media? Who is your audience?Know who your messages are important for: What are your key messages? Know what you are working to say (and to whom) and have a clear idea of an outcome you want. Is there a specific ask or call to action? Be clear about what you hope your followers will do.(Dr Faith Mwangi-Powell, 2013, Social Media and Palliative Care at the EAPC congress

Is it news you are sharing or part of a engagement campaign. Are you trying to reach media, family caregivers and patients, policy or thought leaders, other professionals...each audience you want to reach may require a different approach.

11Resources\Jay M. Bernhardt, Darren Mays & Matthew W. Kreuter (2011): Dissemination 2.0: Closing the Gap Between Knowledge and Practice With New Media and Marketing, Journal of Health Communication, 16:sup1, 32-44


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