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  • 8/2/2019 Config Manual


    !include (filename)

    Use this option to include different files as part ofconfig.txt. That makes it easier to reuse

    configurations. You can use a path that is relative to config.txt.

    Example:!include account.txt!include skills/hunterselfskills.txt

    adminPassword [password]Kore has thechat commandsfeature which allows other users on RO to send commands

    to Kore by using private messages. Only users who are authorizedare allowed to controlKore. This option controls the authorization password.

    If this option is left blank, then Kore will automatically generate a random password, forsecurity reasons.

    alias_(alias name) (command)Sets up custom commands (like macros) for faster command issuing.

    Example:alias_fullheal ss 28 10alias_laagg c laaaagggggg

    In this example, typing "laagg" in the console has the same effect of typing "claaaagggggg".

    allowedMaps (list of maps)

    allowedMaps_reaction (number)Exit or respawn if Kore is on a map other than the ones specified in list of maps. This is

    useful on pRO where GMs warp you to secret rooms.list of maps is a comma-seperated list of map names (example:


    allowedMaps_reaction specifies what to do.

    Value Description

    0 Respawn.

    1 Exit.

    attackAuto (number)Value Description

    0 Disable auto-attack. Do not automatically attack anything.

    1 Automatically attack all monsters that attack you.

    2 Automatically attack all monsters, whether they attack you or not.

    attackAuto_followTarget (flag)
  • 8/2/2019 Config Manual


    Regardless of howattackAutois set, this toggles automatic attacking of monsters that are

    attacking, or are being attacked by, thefollowTargetwhen you are following. Thesemonsters have high priority.

    attackAuto_inLockOnly (number)

    Value Description0 Attack all monsters when walking tolockMap.

    1 Only attack monsters that attack you, when walking tolockMap.

    2 Do not attack any monsters when walking tolockMap.

    This option only has effect iflockMapis set.attackAutooverrides this setting (which

    means that, for example, ifattackAutois set to 0, Kore will never attack anything no

    matter whatattackAuto_inLockOnlyis set to).

    attackAuto_onlyWhenSafe (flag)

    If enabled, only auto-attack when there are no people in the screen other than you andyour party members.

    attackAuto_party (number)Configures what to do with monsters that attacks party members.

    Value Description

    0 Do nothing.

    1Automatically attack monsters that attacked party members, or monsters that are

    attacked by party members. These these party members have high priority.

    2Automatically attack monsters that attacked party members, but not monsters that

    are attacked by party members.

    Value 2 is useful if you're tanking a bot mage. If the mage casts on the monster before themonster has attacked the tanker, the monster might switch target.

    attackCanSnipe (flag)Set to 1 if your character is able to snipe (archers/mages). Kore will then attempt to attack

    through attackable walls, instead of walking around them.

    attackCheckLOS (flag)

    When set to 0, this will enable the new experimental LOS check code.

    If you are a ranged attacker (attackDistance> 2), this will check whether it thinks you

    have a clear line of attack to the target; if not, it will attempt to move to a space where

    you do, while respectingrunFromTarget_distandfollowDistanceMax.

    This feature isn't perfect yet! It will frequently be unable to find a solution.
  • 8/2/2019 Config Manual


    attackComboSlot (full skill name) {...

    afterSkill (full skill name)

    dist (number)isSelfSkill (flag)

    maxUses (number)waitBeforeUse (number)

    }full skill name - Skill name from the Skills List (type 'skills' in Kore when logged in).

    This slot is tipically used to create a "skill loop" where a skill is executed right afteranother. It is most commonly used for monk's combo but it could be used for other skills

    as well.

    This configuration block also supportsshared conditions,skill conditionsandtargetconditions.

    afterSkill (full skill name)Kore will use this slot right after it detects that the skill specified in this option is


    dist (number)This option specifies the distance (in blocks) from the monster that Kore will move to

    before using this skill.

    Only put the maximum distance here! Commas don't work.

    isSelfSkill (flag)Kore will use the specified skill on itselfwhenflag is set to 1. Setting it to 0 (which is the

    default value) will cause kore to use the skill on the attack target. You must set this

    option to the correct value. For example, if you're trying to use Combo Finish, but you set

    this flag to 0, then Combo Finish will fail because it cannot be used on a monster.maxUses (number)This option specifies the maximum number of successful usage allowed for this skill.

    This attribute only counts successful usage. If a skill fails, Kore will continue to usethe skill until it finally succeeds even if this is set to 1.

    waitBeforeUse (number)Kore will only use this skill after numberseconds of the execution ofafterSkill.

    Example:attackComboSlot Chain Combo {lvl 5dist 1.5sp > 30

    afterSkill Triple AttackwaitBeforeUse 0.02isSelfSkill 1


    attackComboSlot Combo Finish {lvl 5dist 1.5sp > 30afterSkill Chain Combo
  • 8/2/2019 Config Manual


    waitBeforeUse 0.02isSelfSkill 1


    attackDistance (number)numberis the distance (in blocks) from the monster that Kore will move to before

    attacking with its weapon.Only put the maximum distance here! Commas don't work.

    attackDistanceAuto (flag)If set to 1, automatically setattackDistanceandattackMaxDistanceby auto-detection.

    attackMaxDistance (number)numberspecifies the farthest distance between you and the monster before Kore will tryto move closer when attacking.

    attackMaxRouteDistance (number)

    Kore will not move any more than numberblocks to kill the target. Set to 0 to disable.This is used to prevent Kore from walking around long cliffs/walls just to kill a monster.

    attackMaxRouteTime (number)Kore will not spend any more than numberseconds calculating the route to the target. Set

    to 0 to disable.

    attackMinPlayerDistance (number)Only auto-attack monsters that are at least numberblocks away from other players.

    numberis at least 3; if you enter a lower value, Kore will treat it as 3.

    attackMinPortalDistance (number)Only auto-attack monsters that are at least numberblocks away from a portal. Ifnumber

    is not set, Kore will treat it as 4.

    attackNoGiveup (flag)When set to 1, will make bot not stop attacking enemy even if it can't damage it. Useful ifyourattackSkillSlotis e.g. Spell Breaker.

    attackSkillSlot (full skill name) {


    dist (number)

    maxAttempts (number)maxUses (number)target_dist (range)

    previousDamage (range)

    isSelfSkill (flag)}

    This option allows you to specify that you want to use a skill to attack a monster. Kore

    will usefull skill name to attack monsters if the specified conditions are correct. If the
  • 8/2/2019 Config Manual


    conditions don't match for all specified skill slots, then Kore will use its weapon to attack.

    You can have as many skill slots as you want. Just put them all in the order you wish forthem to be checked.

    This configuration block also supportsshared conditions,skill conditionsandtarget


    dist (number)Kore will move within numberblocks distance if this slot is going to be used.

    Only put the maximum distance here! Commas don't work.

    maxAttempts (number)Specifies the maximum number of attempts allowed to use this skill. Use this to limitusage of skills that could fail (e.g. Steal).

    maxUses (number)Specifies the maximum number of successful usage allowed for this skill.

    This attribute only counts successful usage. If a skill fails, Kore will continue to use

    the skill until it finally succeeds even if this is set to 1.

    target_dist (range)

    Use the skill only if the distance to the target is within range. See also:how to specifyranges.

    previousDamage (range)Use this skill only when your damage to the monster is between the specified range. This

    operator is useful if you want to select a skill level based on the damage already done ona monster.See below for an example.

    isSelfSkill (flag)Kore will use the specified skill on itselfifflag is set to 1. Setting it to 0 (which is the

    default value) will cause kore to use the skill on the attack target. You must set thisoption to the correct value.

    attackSkillSlot examples

    Example:attackSkillSlot Bash {

    lvl 5maxUses 3


    attackSkillSlot Magnum Break {lvl 3monsters Hode


    attackSkillSlot Bowling Bash {lvl 10aggressives > 5


    The above examples will allow Kore to:
  • 8/2/2019 Config Manual


    Attack monsters with Bash level 5. But you will use this skill at most 3 times foreach monster. After those 3 times, you will use normal attacks. Or, if the monsteris a Hode, you will attack it with Magnum Break.

    Attack monsters with Bowling Bash if more than 5 monsters are attacking you.

    previousDamage example

    Kore casts Fire Bolt lv 10 and does 7000+ damage on a Geographer. It now only has1000 HP left, so you would want to cast a lower level Fire Bolt instead. Here's how you

    can do that:

    Example:# Use level 3 if you have dealt damage greater than 7000attackSkillSlot Fire Bolt {lvl 3dist 7monsters GeographerpreviousDamage > 7000


    # Use level 10 otherwiseattackSkillSlot Fire Bolt {lvl 10dist 7monsters Geographer


    attackUseWeapon (flag)Tells Kore whether it should use its weapon in battle or not. When disabled, Kore won't

    move towards the enemy and attack with its weapon, instead it will rely on the attack

    skill slots. Most mages will want this option set to 0.

    autoBreakTime (day)

    If set, Kore will automatically disconnect during certain times of the day. This option is

    useful if you want to make Kore not connect during the maintenance period, for example.

    day can be one of the following:

    The first three letters of the week day. The word all, which means every day in the week.

    Example:autoBreakTime Sun {startTime 21:29stopTime 1:08


    In this example, Kore will disconnect at 9:29 P.M. on Sunday and resume botting at 1:08

    A.M. on Monday.

  • 8/2/2019 Config Manual



    You can only specify breaks of less than 24 hours. You can add multiple break times by adding additional blocks. AM/PM format is not supported, you must use 24 hour clock format!

    autoConfChange (filenames...) {

    minTime (number)

    varTime (number)

    lvl (range)joblvl (range)

    isJob (job class)

    }Configure Kore to automatically change configuration files. Kore will switchconfiguration file if all of the specified conditions are met.

    filenamesA list of configuration file filenames, seperated by comma. A random file out of this list

    will be selected.

    minTime (number)

    Kore will wait at least numberseconds, and at most minTime + varTime seconds beforeswitching config file.

    varTime (number)See minTime.

    lvl (range)If set, Kore wil only switch if the desired level is reached.

    joblvl (range)

    If set, Kore wil only switch is desired level is reached.isJob (job class)If set, only switch config file if you're of the specified job.

    autoMakeArrows (flag)If you have the Arrow Craft skill, this enables automatic arrow crafting. See


    autoResponse (flag)Enables or disables automatically responding to messages. You must also setup


    autoResponseOnHeal (flag)If enabled, automatically PM a person who uses Heal, Increase AGI, and Blessing on you

    or the monster you are attacking. The response can be configured inresponse.txt(UseskillgoodMwhen the supportive skills are used on you; skillbadMwhen the skills are

    used on your target monster).

    autoRestart (flag)
  • 8/2/2019 Config Manual


    If enabled, Kore will automatically restart itself (disconnect and log back in). Use this if

    you find that Kore is screwing up after a while, or if you just want it to automaticallydisconnect for a while. You must also setautoRestartMinandautoRestartSeed.

    autoRestartMin (seconds)

    autoRestartSeed (seconds)Sets the time it takes before Kore initiates auto-restart. The formula is: time =

    autoRestartMin + rand(autoRestartSeed) which means that the time will be equal to

    the randomized value ofautoRestartSeedadded to the value ofautoRestartMin.

    Example:autoRestart 1autoRestartMin 60autoRestartSeed 30

    In this example, Kore will automatically restart after a random period between 60 and 90

    (=60+30) seconds.

    autoRestartSleep (flag)

    Tells Kore to got into standby mode after it disconnects during auto-restart beforeconnecting again.autoRestartmust be correctly configured, or this option will do

    nothing. You must also setautoSleepMinandautoSleepSeed.

    autoSleepMin (seconds)autoSleepSeed (seconds)

    Similar deal with theautoRestartMin/autoRestartSeedtime. And the time spent sleeping

    before a restart does notcount as run time before the next restart.

    autoSpell (full skill name)full skill name - Skill name from Skills List (type 'skills' in Kore when logged in). Not

    case sensitive.

    Sets the spell Kore will automatically cast during melee combat (sage skill Auto Spell).

    Combine this with auseSelf_skillfor casting Auto Spell.

    Example:useSelf_skill Auto Spell {lvl 10timeout 10notInTown 0inLockOnly 0whenStatusInactive Auto Spell

    notWhileSitting 1disabled 0}autoSpell Cold Bolt

    The above example causes Kore to cast the sage skill Auto Spell on itself if the status

    Auto Spell is not activated. The skill specified will be the skill Kore will automaticallycast during melee combat. Take note that the last line is outside the useSelf_skill block.

  • 8/2/2019 Config Manual


    There are only seven skills you can specify: Napalm Beat, Fire Bolt, Lightening Bolt,

    Cold Bolt, Soul Strike, Fire Ball, and Frost Diver.

    Furthermore, you can only cast a spell which you have points in. On some servers

    however, you can specify a spell which you haven't invested points in and it will succeed

    to be autocast at level 1.

    autoSwitch_default_rightHand (weapon name)

    autoSwitch_default_leftHand (weapon name)

    autoSwitch_default_arrow [arrow name]

    autoSwitch (monster name(s)) {

    rightHand (weapon name)

    leftHand [weapon name]arrow [arrow name]

    distance (number)

    useWeapon (flag)}Kore can use different weapons for different monsters. For example, it can use anelemental weapon for monster "Whisper", and normal weapons for everything else.

    The autoSwitch_default_* options specify what weapon you want to use as default

    weapon. TheautoSwitchblock specifies what weapon you want to use for what monsters.Remember to provide the full name of weapon including enchantment and cards (as

    displayed in theinventory list)! You can put multiple monster per weapon, separated by a

    comma. In case of bows, you can also specify the type of arrow to use.

    Example:autoSwitch_default_rightHand +5 Ice ClaymoreautoSwitch_default_leftHand


    autoSwitch Whisper {rightHand +5 Earth Two-handed SwordleftHandarrow


    autoSwitch Sohee,Obeaune {rightHand +7 Wind KatanaleftHandarrow


    The above example uses "+5 Earth Two-handed Sword" for Whisper, "+7 Wind Katana"for Sohee and Obeaune, and "+5 Ice Claymore" for all other monsters.

    distance (number)Sets a temporary value forattackDistancewhen auto-switch occurs.

    useWeapon (flag))Sets a temporary value for>attackUseWeaponwhen auto-switch occurs.
  • 8/2/2019 Config Manual


    autoTalkCont (flag)If set to 1, kore will automatically type 'talk cont' for you when you're in a conversationwith an NPC.

    avoidGM_namePattern (regular expression)

    In case your server uses non-standard GM names, you can specify a regular expressionfor GM names with this option.

    avoidGM_near (number)

    avoidGM_near_inTown (flag)

    avoidGM_reconnect (seconds)Setup kore to perform an action when a Game Master is on screen.

    Value Description

    0 Do nothing.

    1 Teleport away & disconnect for avoidGM_reconnectseconds.

    2 Disconnect for avoidGM_reconnectseconds.

    3 Teleport away.

    4 Respawn.

    If you set avoidGM_near_inTown to 0, and Kore encounters a GM while you are in town,

    then Kore will do nothing.

    avoidGM_talk (flag)Setup kore to disconnect when a Game Master sends you a private message.

    avoidList (flag)avoidList_inLockOnly

    Enables or disables avoid list (avoid.txt).

    Set avoidList_inLockOnly to 1, if you want to avoid people in avoid list (avoid.txt) whenthey are on screen, but only if you are inlockMap.

    avoidList_reconnect (number of seconds)How long it will sleep after disconnecting due to avoid list matches.

    avoid_ignore_0 (player0)avoid_ignore_1 (player1)


    avoid_ignore_# (player#)Lists names you want to exclude from the avoidGM options. Replace #with any positiveinteger as index.

    beepDomains (list)
  • 8/2/2019 Config Manual


    list - a list of message domains.

    Kore will beep when a message whose domain is in listis printed.

    beepDomains_notInTown (list)list - a list of message domains.

    Lists message domains that are exempted frombeepDomainsif you are in a town.

    bindIp (IP address)If your computer has multiple IP addresses, you can select which one to use. When

    unsure, you should leave this option empty. This cannot be used for proxying!

    buyAuto (item name) {

    npc (NPC location)standpoint [location]

    minAmount (number)maxAmount (number)

    distance (number)

    }Setup Kore to automatically buy an item from the specified NPC, if there are less than

    minAmountamount in inventory.

    item nameThe full name of the item that you want to buy.


    The location of the NPC that sells the item (see also:How to specify locations). ThisNPC must have the item available for purchase.

    standpointIf the NPC is located on an unreachable place (for example, behind a desk), which makesKore unable to calculate a route to the NPC, then you can manually specify a stand point

    here. Kore will walk to this (reachable) location instead. You are not required to set this

    option so you can leave it empty. See also:How to specify locations.

    distanceSpecifies how far Kore will stay away from the NPC. Usually you can just leave it at the

    default value (5).

    minAmountKore will go to the NPC, when there are less than numberamount in inventory.

    maxAmountKore will buy numberamount of the item.

    You have have as many buyAuto blocks in your configuration file as you want. Each

    block specifies a different item.

  • 8/2/2019 Config Manual


    If you don't want Kore to automatically go back to town to buy this item, but you DO

    want Kore to buy this item when it's in town for another reason, then leave minAmountempty. For example, if you use many types of pots it might only be worth going back to

    town when you've depleted your Orange Potions. You'd leave the minAmountempty for

    the Red Potion block, and set minAmountto 0 for the Orange Potion block.

    Example:buyAuto Red Potion {npc prontera 123 456standpointminAmount 2maxAmount 30distance 5


    buyAuto Blue Gemstone {npc prt_in 213 412standpoint prt_in 213 408minAmount 4maxAmount 10

    distance 5}

    The above examples have the following effect:

    Kore will buy 30 Red Potions when it has 2 or less Red Potions in inventory. Itwill go to the NPC located atprontera 123 456to buy the potions. It will stand 5

    blocks away from the NPC when buying the potions.

    Kore will also buy 10 Blue Gemstones when it has 4 or less Blue Gemstones ininventory. It will buy from the NPC located at prt_in 213 412. However, that

    NPC is behind a desk, and Kore cannot calculate a path to the NPC behind a desk,

    so Kore will walk to the location specified by standpointinstead:prt_in 213 408.

    callsign (name)This callsign must be used when using Chat Commands from Public Chat (not needed for

    Party Chat and Private Messaging). The callsign is not case sensitive. Example: "kore,

    sit" - would cause Kore to sit.

    char [number]Specify the character to login as from the character select server. You have a choice of up

    to 5 characters. You can leave this option empty - Kore will automatically ask you to

    choose a character.

    number - your first character is number 0, second is 1, third is 2, etc.

    chatLangCode [flag]

  • 8/2/2019 Config Manual


    If your RO server uses language codes in chat messages, then you must set this option to

    1. Right now, euRO and oRO are the only servers that use language codes. So for allother servers, you can set this option to 0.

    You don't have to set this option. When you choose a server at Kore's startup, Kore will

    automatically set the correct chatLangCode for the chosen server.

    This is the option which will make your chat appear with |00 in front of it, if you usethis option on servers you should not.

    chatTitleOversize (flag)Setflag to 1 will enable shop title and chatroom title to be more than 36 characters . Only

    use this option if you know what you are doing.

    commandPrefix (string)If you're running in X-Kore mode, and you send a message using the Ragnarok Online

    client, then all messages that begin with string will be intercepted by Kore andinterpreted as commands.

    dcOnDeath (number)Tells Kore what to do when it's dead.

    Value Description

    -1 Do nothing. Do not respawn.

    0 Respawn after a short while.

    1Disconnect. This is useful in order to prevent Kore walking back tolockMapandgetting killed again.

    dcOnDisconnect (flag)If this is set to 1, exit (don't reconnect) when you get disconnected from the server.

    dcOnDualLogin (number)If a dual login error is detected (someone else accessing the account) then Kore willreconnect after numberseconds. Set to 1 to make Kore quit entirely, any other value will

    be interpreted as seconds.

    dcOnEmptyArrow (flag)If set to 1, automatically disconnect when you have no more arrows.

    dcOnMute (flag)If set to 1 then disconnect when you have been muted by a GM.

    dcOnPM (flag)Disconnect when somebody sends you a PM.

    dcOnZeny (zeny)
  • 8/2/2019 Config Manual


    Disconnects from the Ragnarok server when the total amount of zeny is lower than the

    zeny provided.

    dealAuto (number)Specifies what to do with incoming deals.

    Value Description0 Don't do anything with incoming deals.

    1 Automatically cancel all deals.

    2 Automatically accept all deals, and immediately finalize/trade.

    3 Automatically accept all deals; finalize and trade after the other party finalizes.

    debug (level)level - 0 (off), 1 (low), 2 (high)

    Enable or disable debugging messages. This option is only interesting to developers, or

    when you want to submit a bug report.

    debugDomains (list)Lists debug message domains that you want to show in the console. The setting

    squelchDomainsoverrides this.

    debugPacket_*Packet debugging options, only useful for developers. Don't mess with these unless you

    know what you are doing.

    debugPacket_unparsed (flag)

    Toggles unparsed packet dumping.debugPacket_received (flag)Toggles the displaying of all received packet switches.

    debugPacket_ro_sent (flag)Toggles the displaying of packet switches sent by the RO client (only in X-Kore mode).

    debugPacket_sent (flag)Toggles the displaying of packet switches sent by Kore.

    debugPacket_exclude (packet switches)packet switches - The first 2 bytes of recieved packets in reversed order. (e.g. 8A 23 ->238A)

    All packets switches that you want to ignore, seperated by a comma.(example:

    debugPacket_exclude 008A,0123)

    encrypt (number)number - 0 (off), 1 (encryption mode 1), 2 (encryption mode 2)

    Specify the Ragnarok Online server's encryption mode. Back in 2003, cRO, iRO and

    some other servers used encryption. These days there are no known servers that use

    encryption, so you probably shouldn't touch this option.
  • 8/2/2019 Config Manual


    equipAuto (equipment name) {


    def (default equipment name)skills (list)

    onTeleport (flag)weight (percent)

    whileSitting (flag)}

    Kore will automatically attempt to equip equipment name when all of the specified

    conditions match. equipment name must be the name of an armor in your inventory. This

    configuration block cannot be used for weapons: for weapons, useautoSwitchinstead.

    This configuration block also supportsshared conditions.

    def (default equipment name)If specified, then Kore will automatically switch back to default armor name when thespecified conditions no longer match.

    skills (list)Switch to this equipment when attempting to use any of the listed skills. listis a list of

    skill names, seperated by comma.

    onTeleport (flag)Switch to this equipment when attempting to teleport. This does not apply for


    weight (percent)Switch to this equipment when weight is at or above the given percent.

    whileSitting (flag)Auto-equip while sitting.

    exeName (filename)Specifies the filename of the Ragnarok Online client that will be used by X-Kore.

    Normally, this is not changed. However, if you intend to utilize X-Kore with a private

    server client that uses a different client exe name (such as qRO), this must be changed tomatch.

    follow (flag)Toggles player following. If on, andfollowTargetis set, Kore will follow that person.

    followBot (flag)Specifies thatfollowTargetis a Kore bot. When enabled, and the followTarget is out ofscreen range, a "move" command will be PM'ed to him, telling him to go to where you


    followCheckLOS (flag)Toggles the use of LOS (Line Of Sight) check code when following.

    If you are following, this will check whether it thinks you have a clear line of movement

    to thefollowTarget;if not, it will attempt to move to a space where you do.
  • 8/2/2019 Config Manual


    followDistanceMax (maximum number)

    followDistanceMin (minimum number)Kore will try to never be further away from thefollowTargetthan than maximum number

    blocks, and never closer than minimum numberblocks.

    followEmotion (flag)

    followEmotion_distance (number)WhenfollowandfollowEmotionare enabled, Kore will imitate the master's emoticons ifhe's within numberblocks distance.

    followFaceDirection (flag)If enabled, always look at the follow target when following.

    followLostStep (number)If lost, Kore will move towards where thefollowTargetwas last seen. By default, Kore

    will move numberblocks every second, for about 10 seconds. You probably shouldn'thave to change this option.

    followSitAuto (flag)When enabled, Kore will sit/stand when thefollowTargetsits/stands.

    followTarget (player name)Iffollowis enabled, Kore will followplayer name.

    getAuto (item name) {

    minAmount (number)

    maxAmount (number)

    passive (flag)}

    If set, Kore will get item name from Kapra storage, when it has less than minAmountof a

    certain item. It will get maxAmountitems from storage.

    The location of the Kapra NPC is defined instorageAuto_npc. getAuto only has effect ifstorageAutois correctly configured.

    item name is case sensitive. So you have to write "Sweet Potato", not "sweet potato".

    passive toggles if auto-get will be initiated once the minAmounthas been reached (off), orif auto-get will go with auto-store(on).

    Example:getAuto Red Potion {minAmount 1maxAmount 10passive 0

  • 8/2/2019 Config Manual


    getAuto Fly Wing {minAmount 2maxAmount 40passive 0


    When you have 1 or less Red Potions in inventory, Kore will go to storage to get 10 RedPotions. Or, when you have 2 or less Fly Wings in inventory, Kore will go to storage to

    get 40 Fly Wings.

    guildAutoDeny (flag)Toggles the denial of guild invitations.

    If on, whenever Kore is invited by someone to join a guild, it will automatically deny the


    ignoreAll (flag)Automatically blocks all PMs.

    This is like /exall when using the official Ragnarok Online client.

    ignoreInvalidLogin (flag)Ignore the "Account doesn't exist" error message.

    intervalMapDrt (number)Setup interval in seconds where Kore will save its coordinates to be used by mapview.p

    itemHistory (flag)Toggles the logging of loots in items.txt

    itemsGatherAuto (number)Toggles auto-gather of items. When on, Kore will pickup items that aren't surrounded by

    any players. It's smart, non-intrusive looting.

    Value Description

    0 Do not gather any loot.

    1 Kill all monsters that are attacking you, then gather loot.

    2 Gather loot, then kill all monsters that are attacking you.

    itemsMaxWeight (percentage)Kore will stop picking up items when its weight is percentage or greater.

    Example:itemsMaxWeight 48

    This would make Kore stop picking up items when it reaches 48% of its carry-weight.

    itemsMaxWeight_sellOrStore (percentage)

  • 8/2/2019 Config Manual


    Kore will sell or go to storage if weight equals or is bigger than percentage. While

    walking to the sell/storage NPC, Kore will pick up loot as long as your weight is underthe percentage specified byitemsMaxWeight.

    itemsTakeAuto (number)

    Controls what Kore should do with loot.Value Description

    0 Do not pick up any loot.

    1 Kill all monsters that are attacking you, then pick up the loot.

    2 Pick up the loot, then kill all monsters that are attacking you.

    itemsTakeAuto_party (flag)If on, Kore will take items from monsters killed by party members.

    lockMap (map name)

    lockMap_x (x-coordinate)lockMap_y (y-coordinate)

    lockMap_randX (number)lockMap_randY (number)

    map name - Name of target map as displayed by the Ragnarok Online client when you

    type /where (e.g. prt_fild00)

    IflockMapis set, then Kore will attempt to walk back to map name when it's on another

    map. Keep in mind that with this option on, if you die, Kore will first auto-sit andregenerate before walking.

    IflockMap_xandlockMap_yare set, then Kore will attempt to walk to the specifiedcoordinates in map name.

    IflockMap_randXandlockMap_randYare set, Kore will stay at a random spot within

    these distances away from the specified coordinates in the lock map.

    logChat (flag)logPrivateChat (flag)

    logPartyChat (flag)

    logGuildChat (flag)

    logSystemChat (flag)Toggles the logging of chat data into chat.txt

    logEmoticons (list)Lists emoticon numbers that you want to log in chat.txt. See tables\emotions.txt for a list

    of available emoticon numbers. A value of 'all' means you want to log all emoticons.
  • 8/2/2019 Config Manual


    logToFile_Debug (domainlist)logToFile_Errors (domainlist)

    logToFile_Messages (domainlist)

    logToFile_Warnings (domainlist)Enables the logging of Messages,Errors,Warnings and Debug infos to Files. This option

    is only interesting for Developers or if you want to save special domains to a file. Thefiles are created in you Log folder.

    domainlistsyntax is:



    Example:logToFile_Debug parseMsg=messages.txt

    This would all debug messages for the parseMsg domain to messages.txt

    logToFile_Messages selfSkill=selfskill.txt;useItem=usedItems.txt

    This would log all selfSkill messages to selfskill.txt and all useditems to usedItems.txt

    master [name]name - A corresponding name from the master server list (as found in tables/servers.txt).

    This option specifies what master server Kore should log in to (whether you want Kore tologin to iRO, oRO, pRO, etc.). You don't have to set this option. When you start Kore for

    the first time, it will automatically ask you to select a master server from a list. (If youwant to change that list, edit tables/servers.txt)

    message_length_max (number)number- Message length in characters

    All outgoing chat will be divided intelligently into messages ofnumberlength. You

    shouldn't change this option unless you know what you're doing.

    missDamage (number)Any damage you do

  • 8/2/2019 Config Manual


    monsterLog (flag)

    If set to 1, this will enable the logging of monsters killed in logs\monsters.txt.

    monsterSkill (full skill name) { (list of monsters)

    maxUses (number)}

    Kore will use the specified skill on any monster thatattackAutowould eventually attack,

    if the conditions are met. UnlikeattackSkillSlot, this enables you to use skills on

    monsters that you are not currently attacking (e.g. for offensive-Blessing monsters thatare attacking you, or for Provoking every monster on screen).

    This configuration block also supportsshared conditions,skill conditionsandtarget


    target (list of monsters)

    Only use this skill on the specified monsters when these monsters are seen.maxUses (number)Specifies the maximum number of successful usage allowed for this skill.

    This attribute only counts successful usage. If a skill fails, Kore will continue to use

    the skill until it finally succeeds even if this is set to 1.

    Example:monsterSkill Blessing {

    lvl 1maxUses 1target Deviruchi,Khalitzburg


    Use Blessing level 1 on all Deviruchi and Khalitzburg attacking you, no matter what

    monster you are currently fighting.

    noAutoSkill (flag)If set to 1, this disables all auto-skills.

    partyAuto (number)

    Value Description

    0 Don't do anything with incoming party requests.

    1 Automatically denies all party requests.

    2 Automatically accepts all party requests.

    partyAutoShare (flag)If set to 1, Kore will automatically set party EXP sharing to 'Even Share' on connect.

    partySkill (full skill name) { (list)

    target_hp (range)
  • 8/2/2019 Config Manual


    target_isJob (list)target_isNotJob (list)

    target_notWhileSitting (flag)

    target_whenStatusActive (status name)target_whenStatusInactive (status name)

    target_aggressives (range)target_monsters (list)

    target_timeout (number)target_defendMonsters (monsters)

    target_whenGround (list)

    target_whenNotGround (list)target_dead (flag)

    }Kore will usefull skill name on a party member, when all of the specified conditions


    This option also supportsshared conditionsandskill conditions.

    target (list)If this option is specified, then Kore will only use this skill on the characters specified in

    list. Otherwise the skill will be used on all party members. listis a list of party member

    names, seperated by comma.

    target_hp (range)Only use the skill if the party member's HP percentage is within range. See also:how to

    specify ranges.

    target_isJob (list)Only use the skill if party member's is one of the specified jobs. listis a list of job names,

    seperated by comma (example: Acolyte,Archer,Knight).

    target_isNotJob (list)

    Only use the skill if party member's is notone of the specified jobs.target_notWhileSitting (flag)Only use the skill when the party member is not sitting.

    target_whenStatusActive (list of status names)

    target_whenStatusInactive (list of status names)Only use the skill if the specified statuses are active/inactive for the party member. status

    names is case sensitive! Currently, known statuses for party members are lost when theparty member leaves your screen, so timeouts may be more appropriate. See

    whenStatusActivefor more information about statuses.

    target_aggressives (range)Only use the skill if the number of monsters attacking the party member is in the givenrange. See also:how to specify ranges.

    target_monsters (list)Only use the skill if any of the listed monsters are attacking the party member. listis a listof monster names, seperated by comma.

    target_timeout (number)Wait numberseconds before using this skill again. This is different fromtimeoutbecauseit is for each individual person, not for yourself.

    target_defendMonsters (monsters)
  • 8/2/2019 Config Manual


    Example:partySkill Pneuma {

    lvl 1target_defendMonsters Raydric Archer


    Only cast this skill if a Raydric Archer's last attack hit the person.

    target_whenGround (list)target_whenNotGround (list)Only use the skill if the ground under a party member is of a type listed in

    target_whenGroundand if the ground is not of a type listed in target_whenNotGround.SeewhenGroundfor more information about ground types.

    target_dead (flag)If enabled, only use this skill when the target is dead. Use this for Resurrection.

    partySkill examples


    partySkill Heal {lvl 3target_hp < 40


    partySkill Blessing {lvl 10target_whenStatusInactive Blessing


    The above examples will allow Kore to:

    Heal a party member with level 3 Heal when his HP is below 40. Use Blessing level 10 on a party member, whenever his Blessing runs out.

    partySkillDistance (range)This specifies how close a player must be to you in order for you to use a partySkill on

    them. Defaults to 1..8

    password [password]Your password for logging into Ragnarok Online. You don't have to set this option. If

    you leave it empty, Kore will ask you for your password at startup.

    pauseMapServer (seconds)Pause for seconds before connect to map server (sometimes the server is slower than the


    portalRecord (number)

    Value Description

    0 Don't automatically record portals.
  • 8/2/2019 Config Manual


    1 Record portals you walk through.

    2 Record the return portal too (by guessing).

    relogAfterStorage (flag)Relogin after performing autostorage. This works around a server bug which causes

    autostorage to fail when you do it the second time.

    route_maxWarpFee (zenny amount)Specify the maximum amount of money you're willing to spend on a Kapra which

    teleports you to another map.

    route_randomWalk (number)If enabled, Kore will regularly walk to random spots on the current map. While walking

    to the destination, Kore will attack monsters, ifattackAutois properly set.

    Value Description

    0 Don't automatically walk around.

    1 Walk around and go through portals to reach other areas of the map (i.e. Culvert).

    2 Don't walk through any portals while doing random walk.

    route_randomWalk_maxRouteTime (number)Kore will not spend any more than numberseconds calculating the route to the randompoint - a new point will be chosen if the time limit is exceeded. Set to 0 to disable.

    route_step (number)Kore will move number amount of blocks along the route at a time. You should probably

    leave this option at the default value (15).

    route_teleport (flag)

    route_teleport_minDistance (minimum distance)

    route_teleport_maxTries (number of tries)When route_teleportis enabled, and Kore is walking to a certain map, then Kore willteleport until it's minimum distance steps away from the destination portal. Kore will

    attempt to teleport at most number of tries times per map. If it fails to get near the portal

    in that many teleport tries, then it will walk to the portal.

    The optimal value for route_teleport_minDistance depends on the map you're currently

    on, but it's generally recommended that you use a value between 100 or 200.

    route_teleport_notInMaps (list of maps)Do not teleport on route in the specified maps.

    runFromTarget (flag)runFromTarget_dist (number)
  • 8/2/2019 Config Manual


    IfrunFromTargetis set to 1, Kore will try to keep a safe distance between you and the

    target monster by running away when the target gets closer than the numberspecified inrunFromTarget_dist. This is useful for ranged attackers.


    The monster you are attacking must be slower than your current walking speed, or mustbe made immobile using skill status. Otherwise you will be running away forever.

    saveMap (map name)Specify the name of the map where your character is saved. The character MUST havesaved in that map for Kore to be able to respawn to that map.

    map name is the name of target map as found as shown by the where command in Kore,

    or the /where command in the Ragnarok Online client. For example: prontera, morocc,prt_fild08, etc.

    saveMap_warpToBuyOrSell (flag)If enabled, Kore will warp to to the save point specified bysaveMapbefore doing auto-

    buy, auto-sell, or auto-storage.

    secureAdminPassword (flag)Generates a randomadminPasswordeverytime you Kore.

    secureLogin (flag)Toggle encrypted login method. Some servers (such as idRO) use secure logins. Do not

    enable this option for servers that don't use secure login!

    secureLogin_requestCode (code)code - a string of hexadecimal numbers, seperated by whitespace.

    If none of the numbers forsecureLogin_typeworks, then you can try this option. If set,

    secureLogin_typeis ignored. code depends on your server: try searching the forums forthe correct code for your server.

    If you're playing on Indonesian RO, and you use VisualKore, then you don't have to

    set this option. VisualKore will automatically download the latest (correct) secure login

    code from the Internet.

    secureLogin_type (number)number - Set to 0 to disable. Or 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 to enable. The number depends on your

    server. Do trial-and-error if you're not too sure.

    This option only has effect ifsecureLoginis enabled.
  • 8/2/2019 Config Manual


    sellAuto (flag)

    sellAuto_distance (distance)

    sellAuto_npc (NPC location)sellAuto_standpoint (standpoint location)

    Enables or disables auto-selling. If enabled, Kore will walk back to town to sell items inyour inventory when your weight is equal or greater than the percentage specified by

    itemsMaxWeight_sellOrStore .

    NPC location is the location of an item buy/sell NPC (see also:How to specify

    locations). Kore will use this NPC to sell items.

    standpoint location specifies a location to be used as a standpoint instead of anywhere

    near the item buy/sell NPC itself. If this is not set, Kore will stand distance blocks away

    from the NPC.


    To configure which items you want to sell, you have to edititems_control.txt.

    server [number]numberis a corresponding number from the server list. This list is shown to you whenyou first login to a master server.

    You don't have to set this option. If you leave it empty, Kore will automatically ask you

    to select a server when you login for the first time.

    serverType [number]Defines what kind of server you're playing on.

    Value Description

    0 Normal server

    1 oRO (Oceania)

    2 pRO (Philippines)

    3 eAthena SVN

    4 Freya

    You don't have to set this option. It's automatically set for you when you select a server

    when you run Kore for the first time.

    sex [flag]flag - 0 (Girl), 1 (Boy)

    When logging in you can force your sex to beflag. This is an exploit. You cannot seeyour sex change, but other people can. It's recommended that you leave this option empty

    unless you know what you are doing.
  • 8/2/2019 Config Manual


    shopAuto_open (flag)

    When set to 1, Kore will automatically open a shop when you sit (ifsitAuto_idleis also

    set). To configure what items you want to put in your shop, editshop.txt.

    shopTitleOversize (flag)Settingflag to 1 will enable shop title title length longer than 36 characters. Only set this

    option if you know you're doing.

    shop_random (flag)(default is 0, hidden) Sets wheter the order of items in your shop are randomized (1) or in

    the same order as shop.txt (0).

    showDomain (flag)If set to 1, Kore will display domains along with messages.

    showTime (flag)Show a high resolution time (in seconds and microseconds) in front of messages.

    showTimeDomains (list)Show a timestamp in front of messages from the listof domains.

    showTimeDomainsFormat (format)Format the timestamp shown in front of messages from domains listed in

    showTimeDomainsaccording to the given pattern. Use the characters H (hour), M

    (minutes), S (seconds), y (year), m (month), and d (day) for your format.

    Example:showTimeDomains pm

    showTimeDomainsFormat H:M:S d/m/y

    This example will show a timestamp similar to 6:31:20 7/14/2005 when a pm is received.

    sitAuto_hp_lower (low percentage)

    sitAuto_hp_upper (high percentage)sitAuto_sp_lower (low percentage)

    sitAuto_sp_upper (high percentage)Kore will stop attacking and sit when HP or SP are below low percentage, and willresume when HP and SP are above high percentage.

    For example, if you want to sit when your HP is lower than 20%, and wait until your HP

    is higher than 90%, then write this:

    Example:sitAuto_hp_lower 20sitAuto_hp_upper 90

    sitAuto_idle (flag)If set to 1, Kore will sit when it's doing nothing (not walking, not attacking - nothing).
  • 8/2/2019 Config Manual


    sitAuto_look (direction)

    This option is still bugged in version 1.6.1. Fixed in CVS.

    direction: A number between 0 and 7, each representing a different direction. See

    tables\directions.txt for details on these values.

    If specified, this is the direction you look while doing sitAuto.

    sitAuto_over_50 (flag)If enabled, forces the bot to sit even when overweight.

    skillsAddAuto (flag)Enable or disable automatic raising of skills. Similar tostatsAddAuto, but works onskills. You must also specifyskillsAddAuto_list so Kore knows what skills to raise.

    skillsAddAuto_list (list)list - list of skills and levels, seperated by comma.

    In this option you can specify what skills you want Kore to automatically raise for you.This option only has effect ifskillsAddAutois enabled.

    In the following example, Kore will first raise Basic Skill to level 9. After that is done, it

    will raise Increase HP Recovery to level 10, and then raise Sword Mastery to level 10.

    Example:skillsAddAuto 1skillsAddAuto_list Basic Skill 9, Increase HP Recovery 10, SwordMastery 10

    sleepTime (microseconds)Kore will sleep for microseconds every program cycle to conserve CPU cycles.

    Setting it to a higher value will make Kore use less CPU power, but also less responsive.If you run just one or two bots, then you should leave it at the default value of 10000.However, if you run many bots, and CPU usage is a concern, then you should set it to a

    higher value. In that case, a value of 50000 is recommended. It's generally not

    recommended to set the value higher than 200000, as it will make your bot very


    squelchDomains (list)list - a list ofmessage domains, seperated by comma.
  • 8/2/2019 Config Manual


    Sets the verbosity of messages to 5, if the message is in the domain specified list. For

    example, write "squelchDomains skill" if you don't want your vendbot to be spammed bypeople using skills in town.

    statsAddAuto (flag)Enable or disable automatically adding of stat points. See alsostatsAddAuto_list.

    statsAddAuto_dontUseBonus (flag)If set to 1 thenstatsAddAutowill not factor in the stat bonuses at all.

    statsAddAuto_list (stats)This option specifies what stat points to add.Note: Job bonus is counted too! If you don't

    want that, then setstatsAddAuto_dontUseBonusto 1.

    Example:statsAddAuto_list 30 vit, 99 agi

    In this example, the bot will continue to add stats to vit first. After it reaches 30 vit it willadd points to agi until it's 99.

    storageAuto (flag)

    storageAuto_distance (minimum distance)

    storageAuto_npc (NPC location)storageAuto enables or disables auto-storing. When storageAuto is enabled, Kore willwalk back to town to put items in storage when the current weight exceeds the percentage

    specified byitemsMaxWeight_sellOrStore.

    Kore will use the NPC specified byNPC location, and will stand minimum distance

    blocks away from the NPC.


    You can specify what items you want Kore to put in storage by editingitems_control.txt.

    How to specify NPC locations.

    storageAuto_notAfterDeath (flag)If this option is enabled, Kore will not automatically do storage and selling when it dies.

    storageAuto_npc_type (number)

    storageAuto_npc_steps (code)Some Kapra NPCs require differentconversation steps.storageAuto_npc_type allows

    you to specify what kind of NPC it is:

    Value Description

    1 Normal NPC (NPC conversation code: c r1 n).

    2 Comodo NPC (NPC conversation code: c c r1 n).

    3 Other NPC.
  • 8/2/2019 Config Manual


    If you specified 3 for storageAuto_npc_type, then you must manually specify the exact

    steps is needed in storageAuto_npc_steps. code anNPC conversation code. Note that

    storageAuto_npc_steps is only used ifstorageAuto_npc_type is set to 3.

    For example, if your Kapra requires you to click Continue, then select the second menu

    item, then select the first menu item. You specify:

    Example:storageAuto_npc_type 3storageAuto_npc_steps c r1 r0

    storageAuto_password (number)Required for servers that needs a password to use storage.

    This option is related tostorageEncryptKey.

    Example:storageAuto_password 1234

    storageAuto_useChatCommand (command)Use a specified chat command to open the storage instead of going to talk to the kafra.

    Example:storageAuto_useChatCommand @storage

    storageEncryptKey (key)key - Crypton encryption key that RO uses.

    The key might change from time to time depending on the server.Required for servers that needs a password to use storage (such as mRO).

    A detailed guide on how to obtain the key is still not available at the moment.

    This option is related tostorageAuto_password.

    Example:storageEncryptKey 0x050B6F79, 0x0202C179, 0x00E20120, 0x04FA43E3,0x0179B6C8, 0x05973DF2, 0x07D8D6B, 0x08CB9ED9

    tankersList (list)list - a comma-seperated lists of player names that should be treated as if they were inyour party so they can tank monsters for you.

    tankMode (flag)

    tankModeTarget (player name)IftankMode is enabled, andplayer name is in Kore's screen, then Kore will tank forplayer name by only hitting monsters once.


    teleportAuto_useSkill (number)Use this option to specify how the bot should try to teleport.
  • 8/2/2019 Config Manual


    Value Description

    0Use Fly Wing/Butterfly Wing item to teleport. If that's not available, use theTeleport skill if available.


    Use the Teleport skill and always show the "Teleport !!" message on top of your

    head when teleporting. If the Teleport skill is not available, Fly Wing or Butterfly

    Wing items will be used if available.


    Use the Teleport skill and only show the "Teleport !!" message on top of your

    head when teleporting if there are other players on screen. If the Teleport skill is

    not available, Fly Wing/Butterfly Wing will be used if available.


    Use the Teleport skill and never show the "Teleport !!" message on top of your

    head when teleporting. If the Teleport skill is not available, Fly Wing/Butterfly

    Wing will be used if available.

    Explanation for 2 and 3: If the "Teleport !!" message on top of your head is not shown,

    no SP will be used when teleporting. This only works on official servers, not on eAthena

    or Freya servers.

    teleportAuto_hp (percent)Automatically teleport if HP is below the specified percentage and there are aggressive

    monsters attacking you. Set to 0 to disable this option.

    teleportAuto_sp (percent)Automatically teleport if SP is below the specified percentage and there are aggressive

    monsters attacking you. Set to 0 to disable this option.

    teleportAuto_idle (flag)Toggles automatic teleporting after being idle for a certain amount of time. The idle timeis defined by ai_teleport_idle intimeouts.txt.

    teleportAuto_portal (flag)Toggles automatic teleporting when near a map portal to avoid switching maps. This only

    works when you're inlockMap.

    teleportAuto_search (flag)Toggles the teleporting options inmon_control.txt.

    You must setteleportAuto_idleto 1 androute_randomWalkto 0 for this to work.

    teleportAuto_minAggressives (number)Specifies how many aggressives need to attack the bot before random teleport is used. Set

    to 0 to disable this option.

    This option is ignored ifteleportAuto_minAggressivesInLockis set and you are in


    teleportAuto_minAggressivesInLock (number)Specifies how many aggressives need to attack the bot inlockMapbefore random

    teleport is used. Set to 0 to disable this option.

    teleportAuto_onlyWhenSafe (flag)If enabled, Kore will only use teleport when there are no players around to see it. If not

    safe for 2 minutes (default), Kore will force it to be safe (see ai_teleport_safe_force in


    Because of the risk, Kore will never teleport in a city, regardless of this variable!
  • 8/2/2019 Config Manual


    teleportAuto_maxDmg (number)Specifies how much damage the bot needs to take in a single hit from one monster beforerandom teleport is used. Set to 0 to disable this option.

    This option is ignored ifteleportAuto_maxDmgInLockis set and you are inlockMap.

    teleportAuto_maxDmgInLock (number)

    Specifies how much damage the bot needs to take in a single hit from one monster inlockMapbefore random teleport is used. Set to 0 to disable this option.

    teleportAuto_deadly (flag)Toggles automatic teleporting when the next hit of a monster could kill you. Ifsuccessfully done, the attack won't actually hit you.

    teleportAuto_emptyName (flag)Indicates whether to use random teleport if a player with empty name is on screen.

    teleportAuto_allPlayers (flag)Indicates whether to use random teleport to avoid all players on screen.

    teleportAuto_atkCount (number)Teleport away if Kore can't kill the monster in the specified number of attacks.

    teleportAuto_atkMiss (number)Specifies how many times the bot needs to MISS a monster before random teleport is

    used. For example, this is useful if you're trying to attack a monster with the wrong

    elemental weapon. Set to 0 to disable this option.

    teleportAuto_unstuck (flag)Indicates whether to use random teleport if the bot gets stuck while walking.

    teleportAuto_dropTarget (flag)Indicates whether to use random teleport if the bot drops a target.

    teleportAuto_attackedWhenSitting (flag)Indicates whether to use random teleport if the bot gets hit by a monster while sitting.

    teleportAuto_totalDmg (number)

    The bot will teleport after one monster does this much total damage to it. Set to 0 todisable this option.

    This option is ignored ifteleportAuto_totalDmgInLockis set and you are inlockMap.

    teleportAuto_totalDmgInLock (number)The bot will teleport after one monster inlockMapdoes this much total damage to it. Set

    to 0 to disable this option.

    username (username)Your username for logging into Ragnarok Online.

    useSelf_item (list of item names) {

    ...conditions...}list of item names - A list of item names, seperated by comma.

    conditions - seeshared conditions.

    Kore will use the specified item(s) when all conditions in conditions match.
  • 8/2/2019 Config Manual


    The useSelf_item configuration block is typically used for consuming healing items and

    speed potions.

    Example:useSelf_item Red Herb,Yellow Potion {

    hp < 50


    useSelf_item Green Potion {whenStatusActive Poisoned


    The above examples will:

    Allow you to use Red Herb (or Yellow Potion, if no Red Herbs are available) ifyour HP is less than 50%.

    Allow you to use Green Potion on yourself when you have the "Poisoned" status(this status is active when you are poisoned).

    useSelf_skill (full skill name) {

    ...conditions...smartEncore (flag)

    }Kore will use the specified skill on itselfwhen the specified conditions match. This

    configuration block supportsshared conditionsandskill conditions.

    smartEncore (flag)Toggles automatic casting of the Encore skill instead of this skill if Encore would cause

    this skill to be cast (saves SP for bards and dancers).

    Example:useSelf_skill Heal {

    lvl 10hp < 70sp > 10notWhileSitting 1


    useSelf_skill Twohand Quicken {lvl 10whenStatusInactive Twohand Quicken


    The above examples will allow Kore to:

    Use Heal level 10 on yourself when your HP is below 60%, but only if your SP isabove 10%.

    Use Twohand Quicken level 10 whenever it runs out (whenever the status"Twohand Quicken" is inactive).
  • 8/2/2019 Config Manual


    useSelf_skill_smartHeal (flag)Tells Kore to use "Smart Healing" for all slots that use the Heal skill. With "Sm