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    Cisco Smart Software Licensing with Cisco Unified Communications Manager 12.0

    Software licensing and management made simple

    What if you could self-manage your company’s Cisco ® software licenses intelligently, with a wealth of usage,

    reporting, renewal, and upgrade information at your fingertips?


    For customers and partners:

    ● Easier to order and activate software―no PAK or license file

    ● Easy entitlement tracking

    ● Eliminates an on-premises Cisco Prime ® License Server and saves VM resources

    ● Provides an accurate source for entitlement reports and a single location to view usage reports

    ● Allows you to share licenses across virtual accounts

    ● Provides accurate data for budgeting

    For Cisco Sales and partners:

    ● Account teams can sign up to receive email reports of customer usage and noncompliance status

    ● A tool to help you guide customers in budget planning

    What is Smart Software Licensing?

    Cisco Smart Software Licensing is a new licensing approach that allows customers to self-manage licenses

    intelligently. It is the future entitlement tool for all Cisco products. Smart Software Licensing delivers visibility into

    your license ownership and consumption. You can set up an enterprisewide Smart Account and manage licenses

    and entitlements across your organization.

    After you set up a Smart Account, you have the flexibility to create subaccounts (virtual accounts) to help manage

    licenses for departments, areas, or locations within your organization.

    Cisco Smart Software Manager (SSM) is a smart licensing management portal hosted on that allows

    our customers to intelligently manage product licenses. It provides real-time visibility and reporting of the Cisco

    licenses you purchase and consume. You can access SSM from


    Cisco Smart Software Manager satellite is a component of Cisco Smart Software Licensing and works in

    conjunction with SSM. It is available at no cost as a download of a virtual machine for security-sensitive customers

    who do not want to manage their installed base using a direct Internet connection with SSM. Figure 1 compares

    Cisco SSM and SSM satellite.

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    Figure 1. Comparison of Cisco Smart Software Manager and Smart Software Manager satellite

    With Smart Software Licensing:

    ● You know what you’ve purchased and what you’re using in real time

    ● All Smart Software Licensing licenses go directly into your Smart Account

    ● Your products are registered to the virtual account and checked for compliance

    ● Licenses are floating—not tied to a product

    ● There are no Product Activation Keys (PAKs) or license files on the product

    Improving the licensing experience

    Smart Software Licensing simplifies the software purchasing, activation, and management experience for Cisco

    customers and partners.

    It replaces a limited view, in which customers didn’t have a complete understanding of what software they owned,

    with a complete view (software, services, and devices) in one easy-to-use portal. Instead of manual PAK

    registration for each device and unlocking a license key, you get easy registration. No PAKs. Easy activity. And

    your device is ready to use.

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    In the past, licenses were specific to only one device. Now devices have company-specific licenses, and software

    can be used across multiple devices. Also in the past, licensing was locked; you couldn’t use more than you paid

    for. Now licenses are unlocked; you can add users and licenses as needed (Figure 2).

    Figure 2. Simplified software activation

    How it works

    First, you obtain a Smart Account. All smart license-enabled products must have a Smart Account assigned in

    Cisco Commerce Workspace (CCW) to submit the order. There are two types of Smart Accounts: customer Smart

    Accounts and partner holding Smart Accounts. A customer Smart Account is an account where Smart Account-

    enabled products are deposited. It serves as a repository for these products. A partner holding Smart Account is an

    account where users can temporarily hold smart license-enabled orders that contain smart license products until

    the Smart Account for the end customer is identified. Smart Accounts are configured per domain based on defined

    roles and access for users. Partners may also be provided access.

    Procuring licenses and ordering smart SKUs

    Smart SKUs are marked with the Smart Account icon. In the order, you will need to assign a Smart Account—

    either a partner holding Smart Account or a customer Smart Account. Existing customers with active Cisco

    Software Support Service (SWSS) can migrate their classic licenses to smart licenses through self-serve migration

    features on the SSM portal. It is recommended that orders for traditional SKUs also be assigned to a Smart

    Account for ease of migration in the future.

    Register the product. Select the transport setting on the Cisco Unified Communications Manager product for the

    deployment model. Obtain a token from the virtual account that has the smart entitlements for the product to

    consume. Complete registration of the Cisco Unified Communications Manager product. When configuring the

    satellite deployment model, please install and register the satellite before registering the product. Obtain the token

    from the virtual account on the Cisco SSM satellite portal and complete the registration.

    Manage licenses through the Cisco SSM portal. It’s a single-pane-of-glass solution that provides alerts (such as

    license shortages or expiration dates for products in your Smart Account). You can see all registered product

    instances and usage, as well as registered satellites. You can also migrate and transfer licenses across the virtual

    account. All transactions are logged for meeting auditing requirements (Figure 3).

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    Figure 3. Cisco Smart Software Licensing

    Simplified movement of licenses

    Licenses are not locked to Cisco Prime License Manager or a product node. There are no more license files and

    no more multiple interactions with the Global Licensing Operations (GLO) team when rehosting a product or Cisco

    Prime License Manager. Now licenses are smart entitlements. They can be present under a virtual account and

    remain associated with it until transferred to another virtual account.

    Smart entitlements available under a specific virtual account are ready for use by products registered to it.

    Licenses consumed by a product can be freed up upon deleting the registered product instance from the virtual

    account or upon a deregister request from the Cisco Unified Communications Manager product.

    Enhanced view—Smart Software Licensing portal

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    The Smart Software Licensing portal features a single-pane-of-glass view that includes:

    ● Alerts: Major and minor alerts such as license shortages and expiration dates for the Smart Account.

    ● Inventory: For a selected virtual account, you can view licenses and registered product instances. Other

    features let you transfer or move products.

    ● Reports: Summary of license counts, usage, and subscription status.

    ● Email Notification: Several alerts or information events can be emailed.

    ● Satellites: Register satellites, add a new satellite, or generate an authorization file.

    ● Activity: View details for all transactions.

    Cisco Smart Software Licensing deployment options

    Figure 4 shows the deployment options for Smart Software Licensing.

    Figure 4. Smart Software Licensing deployment options

    Your communications are secure with Cisco Smart Software Licensing. All requests and responses to and from

    Cisco SSM are encrypted over an HTTPS connection. Support for HTTPS with authentication is provided with the

    proxy server. Support for HTTPS with registered satellites is also provided. Registration and synchronization

    communications―both network and manual―from a satellite to SSM are fully secure (Figure 5).

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    Figure 5. Secure communications

    Cisco Software Central

    Access your Smart Account at

    With Cisco Smart Accounts and virtual accounts, assets are represented as company owned, allowing effortless

    sharing across your enterprise. You can create virtual ac