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<ul><li><p>CiCS Development PortfolioPortfolio of ProjectsCiCS Projects Portfolio background</p><p>NB Many of the stages are marked [T], meaning Tentative. Future stages of projects are subject to Gateway approval, and their shape is often conditional on the outcome of the previous stage.</p><p>Project (link to project web page) Project Manager From To Jan-17 Feb-17 Mar-17 Apr-17 May-17 Jun-17 Jul-17 Aug-17 Sep-17 Oct-17 Nov-17 Dec-17 Jan-18 Feb-18 Mar-18 Apr-18 May-18 Jun-18 Jul-18 Aug-18 Sep-18 Oct-18 Nov-18 Dec-18Alumni Portal Chris Smith 10/15 9/17 Portal development [T]</p><p>BI/MI Solution Darren Stevens 2/15 11/17Planning Tool Pilot Planning Tool Enhancements &amp; RolloutCognos 11 Upgrade &amp; Data Visualisation</p><p>Digital Campus Map Mark Morley 1/17 10/17 Feasibility Foundations Acquisition Implementation [T]Digital Media Hosting Darren Stevens 9/14 9/17 Implementation Soft Launch - Testing &amp; Fixes Full launchEnquirer &amp; Applicant Portal Simon Geller 4/15 7/17 Applicant PortalEvent CRM Gary Bollington 4/17 12/17 FeasibilityFoundations Implementation [T]General Data Protection Regulation Preparation Chris Smith 5/17 6/18 Feasibility [T] Foundations [T] Implementation [T]Identity &amp; Access Management Transformation Darren Stevens 4/17 10/19 Feasibility Foundations Procurement ImplementationIntegrated Research Information Systems Simon Geller 3/14 6/18 Costing Tool Review Costings Tool &amp; Systems Integration Systems Integration</p><p>PCI DSS Compliance Damon Strange 3/16 6/18Priority Compliance Phase 2 Compliance [T] Phase 3 Compliance [T]</p><p>Point-to-point Encryption Pilot of BAU Compliance Activity [T]</p><p>Personal Smart Card Services Chris Smith 10/16 11/17 Implementation &amp; Pilot [T]Service Management Tool Damon Strange 1/17 1/18 FeasibilityFoundations / Research Acquisition [T] Implementation [T]Student eFile Kate Butler 11/09 6/17 CompletionStudent Lifecycle Martin McIntosh 01/17 12/19 Phase 3: Planning Discovery Implementation</p><p>VLE Development Simon Geller 3/17 12/18 Feasibility (T)Foundations (T)tionsPolicy, Culture &amp; SupportSystem Acquisition [T] Install &amp; Provision[T] Pilot [T] Roll-out [T]</p><p>University Website Management System Chris Smith 1/17 5/18 Feasibility Foundations [T] Implementation [T]</p><p>Projects PipelineProposed Projects Size Size: S &gt;= 0.5 FTE Yrs/25k M &gt;= 2.0 FTE Yrs/100K</p><p>L&gt;= 10.0 FTE Yrs/500k</p><p>Approved for Feasibility SizeCampus Network Review SeRecruitment System MMyAnnounce (Staff &amp; Students) MSAP &amp; CIS Archive SSAP Systems Landscape L</p><p></p></li><li><p>CiCS Development Portfolio Portfolio of Projects - background NB This is a dynamic section of the Development Portfolio Definition which is updated throughout the year. </p><p>1 Active Projects Statuses: Feasibility Live [or On Hold] Closing Closed [or Cancelled if never became Live] Projects with a pre-active status are in table 2 below, and closed projects are in table 3 below. Service Advisory Groups (SAGs): BA (Business Activities), C&amp;C (Communication &amp; Collaboration), CI (Corporate Information), HS&amp;T (Help, Support &amp; Training), Infr (Infrastructure), L&amp;T (Learning &amp; Teaching), R&amp;I (Research &amp; Innovation) </p><p>Project Status Purpose Manager Sponsor Business Visionary </p><p>PPU Liaison SAG/s [Interested] </p><p>Learning &amp; Teaching VLE Development Live To take forward the recommendations of the VLE Review 2016 </p><p>project, acquiring and implementing a new or upgraded Virtual Learning Environment to meet the needs of students and staff, including the transition to the new/upgraded system and changes in policies and culture. </p><p>Simon Geller Wyn Morgan Chris Stokes Pablo Stern L&amp;T </p><p>Research &amp; Innovation Integrated Research Information Systems </p><p>Live To rework our existing research management systems (URMS, CARMA and the range of web based workflows provided by RIS) to both address usability and process issues and to provide a properly integrated, manageable and extensible system. </p><p>Simon Geller John McAuley Deborah McClean </p><p>Darren Stevens R&amp;I </p><p>Communication &amp; Collaboration Alumni Portal Live To create a secure portal for alumni to readily gain access to </p><p>relevant information and services, and enhance engagement with the Alumni Office, Careers and academic departments, who will have improved, shared alumni data. </p><p>Chris Smith Miles Stevenson Claire Rundstrom </p><p>Chris Attwell C&amp;C </p><p>Digital Campus Map Live To map the University digitally and integrate into Google maps to allow people to easily get to and from the campus and then easily navigate their way around it once here. </p><p>Mark Morley Wyn Morgan Darren Stevens C&amp;C </p><p>Digital Media Hosting Live To create a common repository for digital media which may be deployed through various channels such as iTunesU, MOOCS, MOLE etc </p><p>Darren Stevens Wyn Morgan Chris Stokes, Steve Thompson </p><p>Simon Geller C&amp;C [L&amp;T] </p><p>Enquirer &amp; Applicant Portal </p><p>Live To enable enquirers and applicants to engage with the University via a portal which will give targeted communications, calls to action and access to systems as part of the enquirer and applicant processes. </p><p>Simon Geller Christina Edgar Sarah Bramall Pablo Stern C&amp;C [CI] </p><p>June 2017 CiCS Development Portfolio Portfolio of Projects: Page 1 of 3 </p><p></p></li><li><p>University Website Management System </p><p>On Hold To replace our aging web content management infrastructure (Polopoly and Wordpress); to split our internally facing content away from the public website, and include more content; to deliver a better experience for creators and users of content. </p><p>Chris Smith Simon Geller C&amp;C [Infr] </p><p>Help &amp; Support Service Management Tool Live To review what type of service/help desk provision is needed in </p><p>CiCS and across the University, evaluate system options and implement a solution. </p><p>Damon Strange Dave Surtees Tom Jenkins Chris Smith H&amp;S </p><p>Corporate Information Business Intelligence/Management Information Solution </p><p>Live To deliver a new Business Intelligence/Management Information service including forecasting, modelling and improved dashboard functionality (eg MI View) with drill down to source data. </p><p>Darren Stevens Mike Hounslow Tony Strike Pablo Stern CI </p><p>General Data Protection Regulation Preparation </p><p>Feasibility To plan for the introduction of the new GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) in May 2018, reviewing the current Data Protection landscape and the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) proposals for organisations to prepare for implementation. </p><p>Chris Smith Mat Zawadzki Chris Attwell CI </p><p>PCI DSS Compliance Live To achieve compliance with PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard), developed to combat fraud, which will reduce the likelihood we will be victims of a breach and also assist subsidiary companies to achieve compliance themselves. </p><p>Damon Strange Robert Hebblethwaite </p><p>Julie Ryan &amp; Sarah Turner </p><p>Simon Geller CI [Inf] </p><p>Student eFile Live To implement a central, electronic repository to hold all applicant and student documents and other, unstructured data. </p><p>Kate Butler Andrew West Anna Kingston Chris Attwell CI </p><p>Student Lifecycle Live To review student administration processes, specify overall requirements, assess available commercial and in-house options. Phase 2 to procure a new system and prepare for implementation. </p><p>Chris Attwell Andrew West Exec Sponsor: Shearer West </p><p>Prog Dir: Al Carlile </p><p>Pablo Stern CI [L&amp;T] </p><p>Infrastructure Identity and Access Management Transformation </p><p>Live To put in place processes and procedures to ensure that members of the University have appropriate and timely access to the services provided by the organisation, and that conversely those who are not members do not. </p><p>Darren Stevens John McAuley Simon Geller Inf [C&amp;C, CI] </p><p>Personal Smart Card Services </p><p>Live To assess the different new technologies available for personal smart services such as cashless payment, electronic purse, access control and personal identification, and implement an initial service. </p><p>Chris Smith Chris Sexton Anne Rodgers Darren Stevens Inf [H&amp;S, CI] </p><p>Business Activities Event CRM Feasibility To introduce a more integrated event management solution for </p><p>the University in order to enhance the interactions and foster ongoing relationships with internal/external customers and stakeholders when they access University events. </p><p>Gary Bollington Janine Barraclough </p><p>Nick Hopwood Darren Stevens BA </p><p>June 2017 CiCS Development Portfolio Portfolio of Projects: Page 2 of 3 </p><p></p></li><li><p>2 Pipeline: Approved/Proposed/Potential Projects Statuses: Potential Proposed Approved by SSB/CSB </p><p>Project Status Purpose Contact SAG/s [Interested] </p><p>Campus Network Review Approved To analyse current provision and future requirements, evaluate options and agree the future campus network infrastructure design. </p><p>John McAuley Inf </p><p>eRecruitment System Approved To replace the current eRecruitment system with one which is more inviting and easier to use for potential applicants, and more effective for recruiters. </p><p>Anne Rodgers CI </p><p>MyAnnounce (Staff &amp; Students) </p><p>Approved To improve the MyAnnounce email broadcast system, which is no longer fit for purpose, considering targeting and the audience demographic, audience expectations, moderation, and alternative channels. </p><p>Rob Needham C&amp;C </p><p>SAP &amp; CIS Archive Approved To archive data in both SAP and CIS for Data Protection requirements; the dependency between SAP customers and CIS students means this needs to be handled together as one project. </p><p>Anne Rodgers CI </p><p>SAP Systems Landscape Approved To upgrade our SAP systems to the new in-memory SAP HANA infrastructure, which would greatly increase system responsiveness, improve analytics, and provide the foundation for improved mobile-friendly interfaces. </p><p>Anne Rodgers CI </p><p>Room Timetable Display Screens </p><p>Potential To display up to date information about room bookings particularly outside of rooms that students may wish to make use of when not booked for teaching, and to display other appropriate information. </p><p>Cliff Alcock L&amp;T </p><p>3 Projects closed this year </p><p>Project Status Purpose Manager Sponsor Business Visionary </p><p>PPU Liaison SAG/s [Interested] </p><p>Mobile Attendance Monitoring </p><p>Closed To pilot automatic student check-in via mobile device apps and location beacons. </p><p>Tom Jenkins Alistair Warren Trish Murray Pablo Stern CI [L&amp;T] </p><p>Student MFD Reprographics </p><p>Closed To improve student access to integrated print, copy and scan facilities by replacing the existing fleet of student printers and photocopier/scanners with a network of multi-functional devices (MFDs). </p><p>Rene Meijer Yvonne Beach Patrice Panella Simon Geller L&amp;T [BA] </p><p>June 2017 CiCS Development Portfolio Portfolio of Projects: Page 3 of 3 </p></li></ul>


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