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  • This multifunctional building located in East London houses a Canoe Gallery, a drawing class for those aiming to achieve a qualification in boat building, a Canoe Clubhouse and the workshop where the canoes are made in the basement.

    The whole drawing was completed using Vectorworks, with the glass on the internal balconies and the buildings either side added afterwards in Photoshop. A A

    Vectorworks Drawings | Photoshop Rendering

    The Canoe WorkshopSection AA

    Work Ive Done

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    Proposed Second Floor

    Proposed Plans 1:1001 - Main Entrance2 - Double height storage space for canoes3 - Large void looking down into basement workshop space4 - Canoe Clubhouse5 - Smaller void looking down into workshop space6 - Canoe gallery 7 - Drawing classes and lecture room

    Second Floor Roof Detail


    The detail drawing shows the new double-glazed, slanted roof which follows along the line of the existing roof,

    allowing light to flood into the small space. Sliding and folding doors have been used a lot throughout the

    building to enable spaces to be divided or expanded easily.

    Vectorworks Drawings

    The Canoe WorkshopPlans & Roof Detail

  • The bones of this building were created using Google SketchUp, which was then taken into Illustrator to define the outlines within the space. Finally, textures, colour, shadows and occupants were added in Photoshop.

    SketchUp Model | Illustrator Touch Up | Photoshop Rendering

    The Canoe WorkshopInterior Perspectives

  • St. Peters ChurchKitchen Concept BoardSt. Peters medium, commercial sized kitchen is in need of complete refurbishment. This concept board focuses on the main points raised by the main users:- heat resistant flooring- gas Range cooker- deeper cupboard drawers- large stainless steel sink- fresh and warm colour scheme

    We are currently contacting builders to price the work that needs to be carried out.

  • St. Peters ChurchKitchen Refurbishment

    Above: Illustrator sketch of proposed kitchen layout and some equipment added.

    Right: Interior perspectives of textures and finishes using a SketchUp model and

    rendered in Photoshop.

    Illustrator Sketch | SketchUp Model | Photoshop Rendering