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Chomp Charts: November 2010

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  • 1.Chomp Charts: November 2010!

2. Chomp Charts Overview Chomp Charts provides visibility around user activity as it relates to app search and discovery withinthe Chomp service.!With the accelerated growth of apps both by increased distribution and consumer download velocity,Chomp has the unique ability to monitor search behavior and track download intent across stores. !Chomps technology powers the most sophisticated search and discovery engine for native and webapps available to consumers. Our goal is to provide the best platform for discovery to all users,whether theyre savvy veterans or newcomers building their personal library of apps for the rst time. !The November edition covers:!Top queries - Top searches by app name vs. app function. (p4)!Download Intent by Category Referral volume within top category. (p5)!Best in Category Breaking down the top referred category. (p6)!App monetization Top free vs. top paid apps. (p7)!Download intent Conversion spotlight. (p8)!The Chomp 55 Most popular, highest rated apps on Chomp in November. (p10,11)! 2 3. Chomp App Metrics 4. Chomps Top 25 Search Queries The Search Term Breakdown graph provides a holistic view of search intent by users whosubmitted a query via the Chomp search box. These top 25 queries demonstrate that the vastmajority of queries imply app function, i.e. music rather than a specic title, i.e., Pandora. ! Search Term Breakdown! Top Queries!- games!- free!- music!- free games!- sex!17%!- photo!- t.v !- fun!- photography!- to do! App Function!- news!- twitter! App Name!- utilities!- chat!- productivity! 83%! - facebook!- social!- video!- car!- entertainment!- fashion!- food!- calendar!- soccer!- travel! 4 5. Top iTunes Category Referrals Below is a snapshot of the most popular iTunes categories, ranked by download intent.Entertainment occupies the top spot with 22.5% over games, which took top honor theprevious month (October) with 18.6%.!% Percent!entertainment!games!lifestyle!utilities!social networking!reference!productivity!education!photography!music!business!travel!healthcare_tness!news!books!navigation!sports!nance!medical!weather! 5 6. Breaking Down the Entertainment Category The following apps within the Entertainment category yielded the highest download intent inNovember. Data reects referrals to iTunes within the US market.!Top Downloads: Entertainment!Strip Club or Hair Salon (free)!Adobe Ideas (free)! Top Entertainment Queries!Adobe Photoshop Express (free)!- games! - free!VLC Media Player (free)! - broadcast video!Shazam (free)! - photo!XFINITY TV (free)! - free apps!EPIC FAIL for iPhone, iPod and iPad (free)!- cine! - sex!Remote (free)! - movie!Do Not Press The Red Button (free)! - education!Paper Toss (free)! - tv upcoming!6 7. Free Apps Continue to Trend The Apple app store is comprised of 348,170 apps (and counting). Of those, 33% are free apps and 50% priced $0.99 - $2.99. Free apps continue to dominate referral volume over paid, however the $2.99, $4.99 & $9.99 price points registered higher download intent compared to October data. !Price! Percent !Free!80.44%!Percent!0.99!11.17%!1.99! 3.72%!FREE 2.99! 1.95%!0.99 1.99 3.99! 0.51%!2.99 4.99! 1.09%!3.99 5.99! 0.14%!4.99 FREE Paid! 5.99 6.99! 0.14%!6.99 7.99! 0.39%!7.99 8.99! 0.05%!8.99 9.99 9.99! 0.39%!14.99 14.99!0.08%!Other Other ! 0.30%!Total ! 100.00%! 7 8. Top Apps: Download Intent by Price The following apps represent highest download intent across the free to $14.99 price pointswithin iTunes. Congrats to Path, the top free app that gained solid traction during its debutmonth, November.! Price!Update! Most Popular App! App Category! Debut Month! 0!Path!Lifestyle! 10-Nov! 0.99!now free!Calliope!Reference!10-Jun! 1.99! Sparky the Dog!Games!10-Oct! 2.99!now $0.99! SCRABBLE!Games! 8-Jul! 3.99! 35 POTENT FOODS! Healthcare & Fitness! 10-Mar! 4.99! ReaddleDocs !Productivity! 9-Mar! 5.99! Lonely Planet London City Guide! Travel! 9-May! 6.99! 2Do: Tasks Done in Style!Productivity! 9-Oct! 7.99! iDictionnaire! Reference!10-Mar! 8.99! Duel: Blade & Magic! Games!9-Dec! 9.99! 1Password for iPhone!Productivity! 10-Jul! 10.99!House of Lies! Books! 10-May! 11.99!photoMap!Navigation! 9-Jun! 12.99!Pocket Informant!Productivity! 9-Oct! 13.99!Longman Phrasal Verbs Dictionary! Reference! 9-Sep! 14.99!1Password Pro! Productivity! 9-Sep!8 9. The Chomp 55 10. 9Chomps Top 55 of November!Congratulations to Chomps top 55, our list of the most popular apps in November! These apps have capturedthe hearts and minds of Chomp users over the past month(s). Trends in the far right column are tracked monthover month, or in this case October November. Values exceeding #100 are not included. 1PathFree Lifestyle Debuted in Nov 2Radiant $0.99Games from Oct 3Google VoiceFree ProductivityDebuted in Nov 4Charadium Free Games from Oct 5Todo$4.99Productivity from Oct 6News360 Free News from Oct 7PlainText Free Productivity from #86 8Dropbox Free Productivity from #53 9GoodReader for iPhone $2.99Productivity from Oct 10 FacebookFree Social Networking From #29 10 11. 10Chomps Top 55 of November (11 - 55)! 11Find My iPhone341Password Pro 12Cut The Rope (#20 in Oct) 35iHome + Sleep, the alarm clock 13Pandora Radio (#26 in Oct)36(t) Galaxy On Fire 3D 14Instagram (#19 in Oct)36(t) TIME Mobile 15Adobe Ideas 1.0 for iPhone38Hipstamatic (#21 in Oct) 16Wolfenstein 3D Classic Lite 39Amazon Mobile (#46 in Oct) 17The Weather Channel Max 40Reeder 18Air Video Watch Your Videos Anywhere41Trainyard (#1 in Oct) 19Talking Tom Cat 42Angry Birds (#37 in Oct) 20UNO (#32 in Oct)43Epicurious Recipes & Shopping 21Trainyard Express (#47 in Oct)44Canabait 22Netix(#24 in Oct)45Ragdoll Blaster 2 23Planets 46Calvetica Calendar 24Consume (#13 in Oct)47Articles the Wikipedia App25LaDiDa(#45 in Oct)48Gibson Learn & Master Guitar Application 26Instapaper49USPS Mobile 27Twitter 50Mr AahH!! Lite 28Textfree Unlimited51Ambiance 29Discovery News52Instapaper Free 30SketchBook Mobile (#25 in Oct)53Sky Burger 31MobileMe Gallery54Moments (Diary/Journal) 32OvenBreak - Innity 55Remote 33Skype11 12. Thank you! For questions, comments or additionalinformation, please email [email protected]!

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