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Драги моји, овако су изгледале честитке које су нас развесељавале у детињству, па вам такве и шаљем.

Cestitka Za Novu Godinu

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cestitka za novu godinu za vas i vase prijatelje

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    *Read*Mary and Sally have taught us something important today. You cannot stay the same. Change is always happening! Even if we stay the same, things change around us.

    You may not like it if your hair falls outif your waist line grows. You may try to put the proverbial book on top of your childrens head to keep them from growing, but we must realize change happens!

    Lets begin by looking at some of the foolish statements that people have made. People who didnt understand that things are always changing. It is foolish to deny the possibility of change.

    (I read the next few slides with very little comment)

    * --James S. Hewett, Illustrations Unlimited (Wheaton: Tyndale House Publishers, Inc, 1988), p. 408. Zelim da vas dobro sluze noge, da na njima provedete veci deo Nove Godine; da imate vise posla nego vremena.

    (Read the quote) The dumbest thing I ever said was when I visited Engineering Open house at the University of Illinois and visited a display of new computersat the time, I think it was the introduction of the 486. I said to my friend, You know, they have done about everything that they can do with computers. My friend, who was kind, gently replied, How do you figure that, Tom? Well, I said, they can type, they can check spelling. What else can they do? I thought the guy demonstrating the computers was going to either have a heart attack or jump over the counter he got so excited. I could tell by the reception, that my remarks were very short sighted. Well, I said, Maybe there is room for progress. Room indeed!*Read. I dont think so!*Read*Read*If you think that I am a radical about change, I meet with the two elders of our congregation for lunch at the same time each Tuesday at the same restaurant. We sit in the same booth and sit in the same position, and usually order the same food!

    Lets take a little quiz. Does your car have a carburetor? If so, it is probably pretty old. Most cars today have fuel injection. Do you stop at a drive through window? Drive through windows have been around for quite a while, but only in recent years have restaurants begun doing as much as a third of their business for breakfast, and much of it at the drive through window. Do you have a credit card? Im dating myself, but I can remember when Bank America Card was just gaining popularity. As teens, my brother and I used to joke about a card that could be used at restaurants all across America, called Burp-Ameri-card. Now credit cards are taken at almost all restaurants. Central heat or wood burner? You may have a wood burner, but you likely have central heat as well. Plastics my boy, the future is in plastics. Plastics are an invention that has revolutionized the world almost as much as computers.

    You may resist change, but it is going on all about us, whether we like it or not!