Central European Countries & African Region Course on Association Development Dublin, Ireland, 24-25 September 2007 EFFECTIVE LOBBYING CAMPAIGNS Andrea

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  • Central European Countries &African RegionCourse on Association Development

    Dublin, Ireland, 24-25 September 2007


    Andrea BukovskMartin, Slovakia

  • ETHYMOLOGY the term lobbying appeared in print as early as 1820 (April 1, 1820, New Hampshire Sentinel)

    Book on Lobbying will be publish by The Capitol Net in 2008

  • ETHYMOLOGY - 2The term lobbying more likely originates from the British Parliament, where the term was in use in the 1840s. Members of the British Public can go to the Parliaments Central Lobby and request to meet with their representative Member of Parliament.

  • ETHYMOLOGY - 3The supposed origins of the term lobbyist vary. One story states that the term originated at the Willard Hotel in Washington DC, where it was used by Ulysses Simpson Grant to describe the political wheelers and dealers frequenting the hotels lobby in order to access Grant who was often found there, enjoying a cigar and brandy.

  • LOBBYINGactivity of either individuals or interest groups that try to influence the legislative or regulatory process and its contentspecial situations completely legal even necessary part of democratic decision specific type of protecting public interest, which improves guality of lawsdirect effect on elected person or government officer

  • LOBBYING - 2means of conveying information between those whom the law applies and between those who have possibility to decide over its change installing such a change which is the best for the clientusing force of argumentsnot considering conflict of interest and corruption

  • LOBBYING - 3result of all personal and professional quality of lobist

    lobbying is much more than only persuading legislators

    commercial = financial achievements non commercial = suitable for public interest = better and humaniterian life

  • CHARACTERS OF LOBBYINGpublic activitycontrolled activitytransparency

  • LOBBYIST - MYTH portly, cigar-smoking men who wine and dine law-makers while slipping money into their pockets and persuading them of the relevance of their interest (lobbying = corruption)

  • LOBBYIST - FACTprofessional who does not talk about himself but on behalf of interest his/her clienton dealing should openly represent the person or the group which he/she presents

  • LOBBYIST CONTACTvisible result of the work of lobbyist communication which has the aim to affect decision of member of public authorityprocess which precedes decision and try to attain the final work, approval, change or complement of a bid, decree, document

  • WHY LOBBYING IS NEEDED? Because ...in a complex society people who make the decisions, often have no direct access to information about effect of the concrete suggested legislation on interest of each grouphelps to persuade interest of the client in the direction to authorities

  • BASIC ELEMENTS OF AN EFFECTIVE LOBBYING20% communication with law makers 80% preparation, information for the client, communication with interested people

    each person lobs who tries to achieve so that the accepted law or adjustments will be fine to him

  • BASIC ELEMENTS OF AN EFFECTIVE LOBBYING - 2gathering information about suggested laws or adjustmentsfollowing preparation of effect analysis monitoring of legislative processcooperation with partner who defend the similar interestsuggesting lobbying strategy on enforcing specific case

  • BASIC ELEMENTS OF AN EFFECTIVE LOBBYING - 3preparation of aspectsrealization of group of activity which helps in enforcing specific casecommunication with qualitative characters - change of law - approval of law - a refusal of law

  • PROPERTIES OF A PROSPEROUS LOBBYISTat first meet with opponent so that knows his argumentvery good communication abilitiesability to begin contactability to begin first contact and maintaining it (30 seconds)act such a way that people remember him and know that he can afford necessary and reliable information

  • PROPERTIES OF A PROSPEROUS LOBBYIST - 2act such a way that can affect his ideas on law makers and representatives of institutionsclever psychologist (can estimate people and according to that communicate with them)

    special problematics can be studied but human characters can not be given

  • PROPERTIES OF A PROSPEROUS LOBBYIST - 3analytic abilitiesability to think strategically and act

    today opponent can be your colleague tomorrow

  • PROPERTIES OF A PROSPEROUS LOBBYIST - 4ability of sensing the opposite interests as they are

    it is not possible to achieve yours always, but it is possible and often necessary to achieve compromise with opponent

  • PROPERTIES OF A PROSPEROUS LOBBYIST - 5good luck and ability to meet with right people, present right arguments in right time and right way

    ability to have luck is expression of total integrity of personality of the lobbyist

  • LAW OF LOBBYINGlobbying away from corruptiontransparency of lobbyinglobbying is a legitimate affairallocating of rules of lobbying

    lobbying is legitimate work which state does respect and gives rules to it

  • LAW OF LOBBYING - 2compulsory registration of lobbyisthandling of news about lobbystic activity (list of meetings)information about earnings and expenditures of lobbyistprohibition of giving gifts or other advantages

    lobbying in EU is under regulated

  • LOBBYING CAMPAIGNGeneral Declaration of Human Rights (1948)Saint Vincent Declaration (1989)Acropolis Affirmation Diabetes Care - Saint Vincent in Progress (1995)Lisbon Statement (1997)Istanbul Commitment (1999)

  • LOBBYING CAMPAIGN - 2PatientsRights Charter (2001)Europaen Charter of PatientsRights (2002)Otoec Declaration (2004)Vienna Declaration on Diabetes (2006)European Parliament Written Declaration on Diabetes nr 0001/2006 (2006)Unite for Diabetes - Unite Nations Resolution on Diabetes (2006)

  • LOBBYING BY COUNTRYUSA ...federal Lobbying Disclosure Act required most person who are paid to make direct lobbying contacts with member of Congress and officials of the federal executive branch to be registered and file reports twice a year

  • LOBBYING BY COUNTRY - 2EU ...lobbying was born in the late 1970sthere are currently 15,000 lobbyists in Brussel (consultants, lawyers, associations, corporations, NGOs, international organizations, etc.) seeking to influence the EUs legislative processsome 2,600 special interest groups have a permanent office in Brusel

  • LOBBYING BY COUNTRY - 3UK ...lobbying traditionally referred to the attempt to influence an Member of Parliaments vote by either their fellow parliamentary colleagues, by one of their constituents or by any outside organisation

  • LOBBYING BY COUNTRY - 4Europe ...lobbying is regulated in parliament bills only in Georgia (1998), Lithuania (2001), Poland (2005)all require registration of professional lobbyists


    Andrea BukovskHospital PharmacyDiabetological Educational CenterMartin Faculty HospitalAssociation of Diabetic Patients of Slovakiabukovska@mfn.sk