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  • Jack Cory Keyna Cory Erin Daly (850) 893-0995

    email: jackcory@paconsultants.com Public Affairs Consultants 2006

    (Revised 8/9/11)

    No Kill Conference Advocacy

  • How to Advocate Effectively The right of the people to petition the government for a redress of grievances

    From the First Amendment of the Constitution

    Copyright Public Affairs

    Consultants 2009

    Important Do's

    Below are some of the elementary steps to be taken while


    See your local elected official only Call the elected officials office to make an appointment. Be courteous to staff. Talk about one issue only Have a one-page summary of your presentation Ask for a commitment If the elected official is not there, make your presentation to staff.

    Always say Thank You If you are going to tour an elected official at a location make sure the location is in their District.

  • How to Advocate Effectively

    Important Do Not's

    Do Not be discouraged if it takes several invitations before the official accepts.

    Do Not offer the elected official one date and time for a visit.

    Do Not take more than five minutes to plead your case. Do Not depend on friendship alone. Do Not be late! Do Not tell the elected official you are a citizen and a voter Do Not argue with the elected official

    Copyright Public Affairs Consultants


  • Know Your Legislator

    We would recommend that every elected official, who has their Main District Office in your Service Area be assigned one or more contact people from your group.

    Select a Person that Knows the Elected Official or someone who will spend the time to get to know the elected official.

    Knowing a Public Official is that you have their Cell Phone and or their Home phone number and that you feel comfortable calling them on a Sunday afternoon and getting a positive result.

    Please stay in your Silo! Please contact the elected official in your groups Services Area and

    only the elected official in your groups Service Area!

    Copyright Public Affairs

    Consultants 2009

  • Advocates Legislative Grassroots Program Your Entire Legislative Grassroots Program can be done in one hour or

    less per week!

    Every Legislator and Local Elected Official in your Service Area Needs one or more of the following every quarter!

    Be Humble-Be Nice-Be Positive-Be Polite

    Visit: Have Legislators in your groups Service Area visit the group in

    their Legislative District or the closest group in their county.

    All Events: Invite every Legislator in your groups Service Area to ALL


    Legislative District Office Visit: Visit Legislator and/or their Staff in

    your groups Service Area in their Legislative District Office.

    Tallahassee Legislative Visits: Visit the Legislators in your groups

    Service Area in Tallahassee during Legislative Committee Meetings

    or the Legislative Session.

  • Nonprofit Engagement in election-related activities can be quite

    complementary to legislative, regulatory and administrative lobbying

    for several reasons:

    Election-related activities can raise the visibility and recognition of your issue

    Election-related activities are a key way to involve the people and community you serve

    Election-related activities can be the first step toward building on-going relationships with elected officials that your organization will

    need to work with and influence later

  • No Kill begins with an act of will!

    from www.nokilladvocacycenter.org

    For more information about how to stop killing shelter pets please visit:

    www.nokilladvocacycenter.org www.nathanwinograd.com

    www.no-killcommunities.com www.TheNoKillNation.org www.FixAustin.org

    Rescue Five-O is a nationwide campaign to reform

    U.S. animal shelters. Rescue Five-O is a joint project

    of the No Kill Advocacy Center and No Kill Nation.

    For more information or to request

    assistance, visit Rescue50.org

    It can be done- it just takes Leadership!

    Questions? Please email fixflorida@fixflorida.org

    Fix Florida is a coalition of citizens dedicated to reducing the

    old-guard, high-killing of lost and homeless shelter pets

    through the use of proven, cost effective methods that have

    already reduced the killing of shelter pets in many other communities.

  • How to Find Your Legislator

    Copyright Public Affairs Consultants 2009

    First log on to this website: http://myfloridahouse.gov/

    Second click on Representatives at the top of the page

    Third click on this icon

    Fourth fill out with blanks with your information

  • How to Find Your City & County


    To Find Your City Officials, log on to: The Florida League of Cities Website


    To the right of the page it will say Floridas Cities which will direct you to a listing of all the cities in Florida. Click on your

    city and the website will then generate your citys municipal directory and list of city officials.

    To Find Your County Officials, log on to: The Florida Association of Counties Website


    Scroll down to the bottom right of the page where the navy blue

    footer is. The box under the heading County Website Links will provide a drop down list of counties. Click on your county

    and the website will redirect you to that countys page with listing of officials.

  • *Please be mindful of all religious holidays when scheduling your

    grassroots appointments

    Priority Grassroots Days

    in Tallahassee Holiday* Session Committee Weeks

    2013 Grassroots Calendar

    Election/ Qualifying Dates

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