CCG Perspective on Integrated System Redesign Tim O’Donovan September 17th 2013

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Text of CCG Perspective on Integrated System Redesign Tim O’Donovan September 17th 2013

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  • CCG Perspective on Integrated System Redesign Tim ODonovan September 17th 2013
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  • The existing MSK system MSK System Redesign: the redesign of services that diagnose and treat bone, muscle, and tissue conditions and disorders, and associated pain (ICD-10 Chapter XIII, M00-99) Includes elective orthopaedics, rheumatology, physiotherapy, podiatry and chronic pain Excludes trauma and non-elective activity MSK patient population approx. 45,000 Over 25 different provider contracts Total budget circa 25 million
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  • The challenge: the patients view Referred to the wrong service/clinician Frustrated by no direct referral from part to the system to another: ping ponged back to GP Continual onward referral to different elements of care until diagnosis is received Poor co-ordination of information and administration across the system No integration with social care at assessment Long waits for and within outpatient clinics Difficult to get in contact with team post-op
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  • BCCG MSK Strategic Vision The White Paper: Liberating the NHS, provides an opportunity to move towards integrated systems of care BCCG response to the opportunity and challenges highlighted Encourage integration of services through a system contract with aligned incentives, improving the co-ordination of patient care through a PRIME CONTRACT Commissioning for outcomes, better value and less waste, with patients getting the right care in the right place, first time Empower clinical leadership to challenge and champion, and to develop new ways of providing care across the pathway
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  • Specification Single budget, prime contract for 5 years Four main types of care: Patient support and empowerment Support, education and advice for primary care Community-based MSK service Use of hospital facilities only when those facilities are needed Incentivised game-changing outcome measures
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  • Prime Contractor
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  • National Context Prime Contracting Alliance Contracting Integration Incentives Payment/Capitation/PBR Outcome Focus System Approach
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  • Members Involvement Approach your local CCG/s, overview and scrutiny, opportunities, good ideas e.g. joint injections Opportunity to get involved through workshops, clinical networks Output is influencing specifications, KPIs, outcome measures Check supply to health advertising market engagement workshops, procurements Are you linked in locally? Discussion with local colleagues on provision, federation, consortia, stand alone practice