Carol Vorderman's Sudoku
Carol Vorderman's Sudoku
Carol Vorderman's Sudoku
Carol Vorderman's Sudoku
Carol Vorderman's Sudoku

Carol Vorderman's Sudoku

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  • PRECAUTIONSIris dnl cdrtd.E $n! $hwaa lor tlrs PSPr, (P aystatim@Fodable)sytem Neruteih rd ( di riy orh., !Fh, ar ir.o!ld damage ir Read rhe PSP,M sFkm niru( on MaiuarJroldlly ro mtur. ond usqc 0o noi eaw rhs dk( nsr herr srcs or in d rc(! !n]'qhror ox..n v. m nur. Oo not u!0 (elcd or iklormcd d 56 or di*e lhar h.E Uer repatredw ih rdhdivn a! rhB ould load lo na lu0.lion

    PAN EUROPEAN GAMES INFORMATION (PEGI)AGE.RATING SYSTEMIhe PtGl ago/rlnq rFt m prcrel5 m iou tom qdhn unrunabb lor pxno a'.gEoup Pt[A!! NOII ilir nol a g!'de lo 9h nq d lli

  • Setting Up:st up the PsP" lPlaystarionoPorrablel accord .g to the inslru.tions ini ls inrrrudionmanua( TurnthePsP systemonandrhePowERindicatorr i l lUqht!pqr..n.The HotrE menu w tL be displayed. Press lhe oPEN Gkh roopan the disc.over lnse.t the s Sudoku disc wilh the labelside lhe rear ot lhe PSP_ system..d lhen se.urelrrlose th disc.over

    Select theil i.on from the HOME menu and rhen sled the O kon. Animageotlhe softwarew tl be displayed. Setecrlhe mage pressthe X bullon

    NoTE: Please ensur yo! have sufuc nt lree space on your Memory sri.k0uo belo.ecomme..ingplay.

    Memory Stick Duo":To savegame setlngsand, inserlr Memory sli.kDuo inlo lheMemory srkk Duo-stol ol lhe PsP'sFlem. Savd qame dara (an be toadedlrom thesame MemorySli.k ouo orany McmoryStick Duo conlainln9previoosly s.ved game dala.

    NoTE, This iitte aulosaves

    t, + are used to denole the dlrecuon of both lhethe analog srick untess 5tated otheRise.



    Nombe. SlectorR button'Togstalheacl ive.urso.

    NumberSetectorSTART button' P3us/0plions Menu

    START bul'on, Pau.e/opi ons Menu

    NumDr slecloi Show*htrh number wirLoe '15e 'ed '1ro


    Game Features:0ver1 mi l l ionSudokupuzztesof va.y in9di l tcut ty leveLs,spradove.amyriad ot game modes. FeEtures includel

    TutoriatVideor: Sudoku experl Caro( Vorderman w tl introduc you to lhewo.ld ol Sudoku. Fotlow hr lutorials !nd hint5and ups, and youloo.outdbecome a Sudoku Masler!.SingLptay.r :Playclassc,Arad,careerandChaltengeCarotmodasMutlipl.rlr, Ptay Head-To-Head via the w retss lnk and hro PSPi! uiits(each PsPfl musl have il5 owi copyoliheganel orchaltenga a triend andplay th lwo hoGsea( modes l"ouicktire" aid Time-Altacl lsharing asingte

    Noi.r In liFe-Ata.k , the time-perturn can be adjusted lo:tGwpGyersoldillereir abilrlesro pt.ya9ainsteach other, whitst slilt keepin9 it lun and

    sudokuSolv. . ,Everbaenstumpedbya puzzte? EnlerANYpu?zlehomANYsdur.e, and carotwill prdvid. you wirh the correctsotuuonlNagh S.oEs: Records and ranks ptayers according to a whole hosl otpam.rersinctuding pointsandtasrestr lm.s.kskts lfound in oplionsl: When w. firsl learntlo rid. a bicycle, we usedstabitisers. Assists work in the same waywhen you a.. tearninq lo pl.ySudoku. The various ass sls olfe. dillernl lev15 ot help, and can be lurnedoia.dof l SoexpermntwlthlhmunUlyouareconl idenlnouqhrolurnthem all offand 90 solo .Nore,PlayinqwithANYassistonwit lontycounla5pra.r ice,nopoinlsorlaslesl tims will b re.ordedl

    a!to Highughc: Ihis reters ro rhe automari. h ghli9hling ofrhe mii -gr d,row and colunn basedon tha .ursor pos tion. This can ba turned on/oltin

    Controt Method 1 ldefauttli,l, i, + M-. **- *.oss the srid or rhe Nlmber set.dor

    Sbul ton, s. lecta qi id sau*e/ lnsrta numberObdb., * . r , ;* '

    ' - .vRenove a penci l nark lonce agr id sqJc,e

    hasbeensetededlO b"rro. , D"kr" . *-b. . r - - rha h 'shl ghred squar.Zlrbulron, Undo lasl move kan De L\"d tounoo nrrtiole novasl

    L _ buttoi: Toggte the active .orsor between th? qrid:ndlhe

    Controt Method 2i , l , iF, . f Move curedados rhe qid

    Ebutron, Inserta numbe.Qbdbn, rE*t . ped'r maik/Remove a pen( i r marl(J bullon: 0elete a number lrom rhe h'qhliqhred rquare@buton, urdd ras' noF l.a. oe used to Lldo mu.r Dle Folesl

    ! buton: Move hightightDoWN one numbron lhe Number SlectorL buton: Move hiqhlightUP one number on lhe Number Setector

    Curcnl Game Mode and Dirfi.ullyLe'eL


    Cto.k, Shows lhe time etapsed,dr the time tert lo .omPlete lhep0zzle {dependlng on

    t!nbr Indi.alor Showe how manyoc.!.rencas of .h nomb.r l1-91 therear on lhe qrld. In a co.rect 50lulion,ea.h numbarhasro 0. .0r 9 t mes.












    1365 ,|

  • WIRELESS IWLANI FEATURESsortware t i r tes rhat sopport Wiretess IWLANIaunct ionat i ty at tow lhe lser to communicate wth olherPSPrH systems, download data and compele againstothe. lsers vie co.nection lo a WircLess Locat Area

    AD HOC MODEAd Hoc Mode is a WireLess IWLANI feature that atLowslwo or more lndiv iduat PSPrM systems to communicatedirectly with each other Carot Vorderdan's SudokuPSP'Mattows 2 ptayersto play "Headto Head usingthrs

    GAME SHARING50re softwa-e I l les lealure rrame 5haf l .9faci t i t ies which enabte the user to share speci l lcgame features wi th olher lsers who do nol have aPSPrM Game in lheir PSPrM syslem.

    INFRASTRUCTURE MODEInl.aslrlcture Mode is a Wiretess {WLAN) feature thatal tows rhe PSPi" system ro t rnk ro a nerwork va aWireless |WLANlAccess Poini Ia device used lo connecltoa Wiretess network). In orderto access lnfrastructureMode, several additionat items are required,induding a subs.r ip l ion toan Internel Seruice Provider,a network devlce (e.9. a wheless ADSL Rooled, aWireLess IWLANI Access Point and a PC. For furtherinformation and setting up detaats, ptease refer to thePSPrM system Instucl ion M6nua(.


    0peralions Director:

    Producer: Phit Gitberl

    Marl in Pe99, Andrew Porr i t i

    Additaonal Programming:Matt Knowtes, Paut MargraveArl Ma.ager: Dave Wesl

    Addltional Art: oaveWestAudio: Ma.k Pennock

    Matt Falcus, Jamie Pearson

    . lT Co'ordinator: Tim Jenninss


    Game Oesign and Produ.tion:Roger Cheun9, Chr is MaltubLead Artist/Ori9 inat Artwork:

    OA Manager: Dav Cteavetey

    Vldeo Production: Mave.ickMedia, Haydon Farar

    Jayshree Mistry, Andrew PhilpNicote SmilhXpto5iv

    Pa! l Benjamin, Rob Lightbody

    Generat Mana9er, James Spice

    Steve Hickman, Atan Strutl

    ' t300 365 911+

    Belgique/Belgie/Belgien 0 515 406

    222 a64 111


    70 127013

    o1ao5 766 977+

    EAld6o 801 11 92000*

    902 r02 102

    0820 3t 32 33

    0818 355055

    09 971170

    Italia 199116 266

    23 435300

    0495 574 417

    09 415 2447

    Norge 81 55 09 70

    0820 44 45 40r

    +7 (095) 238-3532


    In@n ndmM Fii3ddrtn



    707 23 23 10'

    0848 84 oO 85

    0600 41' l 911

    08 587 822 25

    08705 99 88 77