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ConstructionActivity ReportI(May2010)Submittedto:Dr.D.Sarkar Submitted By: Mitul S. Shah (CP1809)

M.Tech, Construction and Project Management Department Faculty of Technology, CEPT University, Ahmedabad-9

ConstructionActivityReportI CP1809


Period: 5th May to 1st June Introduction: There were several civil construction activities going on at the 5x660 MW Thermal Power plant project at Mundra which consisted of the following:

Main Power House Building Chimney Construction and Internal Erections Cooling Towers Cooling Tower Main Control Buildings Mechanically accelerated Clarifiers Coal and Ash Silos Electrostatic Precipitator Erection Circulating Water Culvert Coal Conveyer Galleries Demineralization Plant Wastewater Treatment Plant Circulating Water Pump House

In addition there were various miscellaneous activities going on at the site which consisted of installation of pipelines and other buildings as required on the site. The work for the power plant components of the TPP were awarded to a main contractor i.e. SEPCOIII and they subcontracted the work to various other sub contractors as mentioned in the preliminary site report. Due to the vast nature of the activities which were going on at the site, two activities were concentrated upon during the first month, which are the main power house construction and the chimney construction. The details of the construction are as follows.


ConstructionActivityReportI CP1809

Main Power House Construction Introduction The 4620MW Power plant consisted of 9 units which were divided into the following phases. Out of which the first and the second phase which consisted of a total of 4 units which produced 330 MW each and were subcritical were given as a direct contract to a particular Chinese contractor. But with the problems arising in the operation of the contract, Phase-III and Phase-IV which consisted of 5 units of 660 MW (Supercritical) were given as an EPC contract to a Chinese company SEPCOIII which specializes in power construction. They subcontracted the work to three major subcontractors who were Gannon Dunkerley Ltd. [ Constructing Units 5, 7, 9 ] Simplex Infrastructure Ltd [ Constructing Units 6,8 ] Larsen and Toubro, ECC Division [ Fabrication and erection of ESP ]

4620MW Thermal Power Plant, Adani Power, Mundra









ConstructionActivityReportI CP1809

There was rapid civil construction work going on in the Unit-8 and Unit-9 and thus there was observation of the activities going on at both the sites.

Typical Layout of the Main Power House Building


2 10 4

3 9 6 5 7 8

Legends showing various major components of a Main Power House (MPH) Legend No. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Description Electrostatic Precipitators Boiler House Coal Bunkers (6 Nos) Deaerator Area Control Cabin Room Legend No. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Description High Power Turbines Generator Area Maintenance Access Low Power Turbines (2 Nos) Conveyer Tower


ConstructionActivityReportI CP1809

Status of the work when joined at the site: Unit-8: There are four stages of construction of a particular unit which is consisting of the raft foundation which is followed by the column construction and then there is the mid deck construction. After that there is a 3rd lift of the columns from the foundation which is followed by the final construction of the Turbine and Generator Deck slab. For the Unit-8, the staging works for the TG Deck slab were completed and the reinforcement was being fabricated along with the shuttering work for the TG Deck slab. A very important activity in the TG Deck Slab casting is the arrangement and leveling of the bolts for the turbines and generator. The bolts along with their sleeves were already roughly inserted in the slab, but the alignment, precise centre to centre distance and level were still not done. Unit:9 At Unit 9 the raft foundation works had been completed and the staging was being done for the construction of the columns above the foundation. All the steel erection work for the the Unit-9 was completed when we joined the site and the tower crane for the same was also erected. Reinforcement fabrication was going on for the columns as well.

Fig- Construction of TG Deck after Staging and Reinforcement Placed


ConstructionActivityReportI CP1809

TG Deck Slab Construction The Turbine and Generator Deck slab is the most important civil construction work in the main power house. The dimensions and the layout of the slab can be understood as follows:

Materials of Construction Sr. No 1 Material Reinforcement Grade CTD, Mild Steel M30, M35, M40 Related IS Code IS 1786, IS 432 Respectively IS 456:2000 Remarks 20mm, 25mm, 36mm, 16mm Reinf. used RMC Used 1220x2440x12mm Plates Used 40mm NB Pipes Used, 6m length For the Fixing of Turbines and Generator as by supplier. For Welding of Beams. 200x200x5mm Plates used For the Foundation of Pulling Block

2 3 4 5

Concrete Shuttering Plates Staging Pipes and Clamps MS Sleeves and Bolts

Mild Steel According to DongFang Turbine Measurements Mild Steel


Embedded Insert Plates


Structural Steel ISMB 250 Beam Sections

Manpower Employed at the Site Sr. No. 1 2 3 4 5 Type of Labour Carpenters Semi Skilled Labourers Helpers Fabricators Welders Quantity 58 40 75 40 25 Remarks For Shuttering For Various Works Assisting the Skilled Labour Fabrication of Reinforcement For Welding and Erection of Reinforcement


ConstructionActivityReportI CP1809

6 7

Khalasi Unskilled Labour Total

20 70 328

For various works Other Misc Works

Equipment Used for Construction Sr.No Equipment 1 2 3 Gantry Crane Tower Crane Crawler Based Lattice Boom Crane Telescopic Boom Crane Air Compressor Electric Operated Vibrators Gas Cutters Total Station Boom Placers Concrete Pumps Transit Mixers Bar Bending Machine Bar Cutting Machine Batching Plant Manufacturer Model No. SEPCO Fabricated JINGLUQTZ KOBELCO NA TW-4563 CSK-2500 Capacity 80/20 Tons 10T 250 Tons Remarks




75 Tons

5 6

3600 2.5m Length, Vibrations/minute 6mm needle Ramco Leica, Germany Sany Putzmeister Tata, Ashok Leyland NA PON1243 SY5256THB 6 m3 NA 45 cum/hr 6m3 For Reinforcement Bending For Reinforcement Cutting 30 Cum/Hr

7 8 9 10 11 12




Schwing Stetter


ConstructionActivityReportI CP1809

Civil Works for the TG Deck Unit-8 were to be commenced on the date 10/03/10 and were to be completed by the date 28/3/10, but now the projected completion date has now gone behind to 28/4/10 which results in a delay of one month in the completion of the TG Deck. We have attempted to find out the reasons for the delays so that they can be corrected in the future execution of similar magnitude. Data Collection and Analysis Data collection was done from the records maintained by the client engineers and the major activities in the TG Deck Casting program are shown with their scheduled start and end dates along with the actual start and finish dates. Please note that we have assumed the date for casting as obtained from the site. Sr. Activity Sch.Dur Act.Dur Scheduled Actual Scheduled Actual No. Description Start Start Finish Finish 1 Raft 42 45 20/10/09 26/10/09 1/12/09 9/12/09 Foundation 2 Column 1st 36 38 25/11/09 3/12/09 31/12/09 9/1/10 Lift 3 Column 2nd Lift 4 Mid Deck 41 46 22/12/09 29/12/09 1/2/10 12/2/10 5 Column 3rd 29 30 1/2/10 9/02/10 1/3/10 10/3/10 Lift 6 TG Deck 57 83 4/3/10 10/3/10 29/04/10 31/5/10 Table-1: Activity Planning for the MPH-Unit:8

Lag Analysis- Unit-8Cum. Duration (Days) 300 250 200 150 100 50 0Ra ft um n Li fts M id Co De lu ck m n 3r d Li TG ft De ck M PH

Planned Actual

Co l



ConstructionActivityReportI CP1809

Lag Analysis As we can see that there is a total lag of 37 days in the completion of the MPH building up to the TG Deck Level. The Percentage Lags for each and every major activity for the MPH building can be shown as follows: Activity % Lag Raft 7.14% Column Const. 5.55% Mid Deck 12.2% Column 3rd Lift 3.45% TG Deck 45.6% Total Project Lag 18% Labour Productivity Analysis for TG Deck Productivity can be defined as, the total time (generally in terms of hours) required to complete unit work. We have attempted to find out the total productivity analysis for the TG Deck of Unit-8. The quantities of the materials to be worked upon are as follows:Description Staging Reinforcement Shuttering Concreting Qty. 25000pipes 85000clamps 260MT 1290 Nos.of labourers 80 84 66 Working hrs./day/labour 12 12 12 Productivity 0.0384hrs/pipe 0.0112hrs/clamp 3.87hrs/mt 0.77hrs/

Table-2: Quantities and Productivity Calculation for the TG Deck Slab (Unit-8) Now the productivity calculated is as per the actual work done for the slab and the collected data has been used. Now the scheduled productivity and the actual productivity can be compared to find the productivity lag which would be very useful for planning in the future. Productivity as Per Schedule and Actual % Reduction in Scheduled Actual Productivity 0.0294 0.0384 23.2%

Item Staging Pipes Staging Clamps 0.0073 0.0112 34.11% Shuttering 0.462 0.77 40.76% Reinforcement 2.246 3.87 42.2% Table-3: Productivity Actual and Scheduled


ConstructionActivityReportI CP1809

Staging Productivity Analysis0.045 0.04 0.035 0.03 0.025 0.02 0.015 0.01 0.005 0 Staging Pipes Staging Clamps Activity

Productivity Analy