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<p>TARTINES 7. little toasts ANCHOIADE sundried tomatoes &amp; anchovies PESTO di NOCIOLA hazelnut pesto with parmesan &amp; orange zest TREVISE slow cooked radicchio, sausage &amp; currants ALIGOT cantal, potatoes &amp; smoked ham PANADE a lOIGNON onion confit &amp; gruyere LEGUMES 8. vegetables TIAN dENDIVES braised endive, speck, cream &amp; nutmeg ARTICHOKES a la GRECQUE tomatoes, herbs, spices &amp; white wine SALSIFIS in PAPILOTTE salsify in red wine, honey &amp; roquefort LENTILS lentils cooked with black kale &amp; shallots POISSONS 9. fish BRANDADE de MORUE house cured salt cod whipped with olive oil CRESPIEU fried oyster frittata with remoulade MAQUEREAU marinated mackerel with blood oranges &amp; capers SARDINES chick-peas, chilies &amp; garlic VIANDES 10. meat CANARD au CHOU CROQUANT smoked &amp; confit duck with crisp cabbabge POTEE boiled pork, sausage, trotters &amp; beans TRIPES braised with preserved tomatoes &amp; green olives</p> <p>PLATE OF FAITHLUNDI------------------------------</p> <p>ETCETERA OLIVES 5. SOTTO OLIO 6. OLIVES FARCES 7.</p> <p>MARDI------------------------------</p> <p>MERCREDI------------------------------</p> <p>JEUDI------------------------------</p> <p>VENDREDI------------------------------</p> <p>SAMEDI------------------------------</p> <p>DIMANCHE------------------------------</p> <p>PA</p> <p>Chef Jody Williams</p> <p>... Ma cuisine de tous les jours ...produttori del patrimonio enogastronomico italiano, francese e usa</p>