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Building Academic Vocabulary

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Building Academic Vocabulary. Building Academic Vocabulary . “Voca oil ary”. **Allusion activity : Writing and Critical Thinking. Justice is not just a balancing act, but one that involves humanity and a productive life - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Building Academic Vocabulary

Building Academic Vocabulary Building Academic VocabularyVocaoilary**Allusion activity : Writing and Critical ThinkingJustice is not just a balancing act, but one that involves humanity and a productive lifeAs King Solomon found out, justice is more than balancing facts and laws; it involves humanity and productive livingJustice is a balance between laws , order, and punishment

Archetypes Activity: Writing & Critical Thinking

Do you have heroes ? Do heroes have flaws? Explain.List the character strengths of your hero or heroes (i. e. honesty, courage, loyalty, leadership, empathy, humility, attitude, etc.) What goals do you have ? How will your goals affect your family, or your neighborhood, or your city ? Do you have historical heroes, or cultural heroes?What journey will you take in life? There is only one journey: going inside yourself Rainer Maria Rilke A journey consists of three stages: 1)departure, 2) trials and victories, and 3) return and reintegration with society Joseph Campbell Do you foresee any obstacles (trials) in your journey?

Alliteration/ the repetition of beginning consonant sounds in wordsApplications**Alliteration Activity : Writing Lists & Sentences ( Critical Thinking)Allegory/ a story that has multiple meaningsFamous Allegories **Allegory Activity : Writing & Critical Thinking --American Dream, Beauty, Perception, Money as Evil, Perception, Power cars

Antithesis/ the opposite or negative of an idea Summary Assessment: Reading and WritingDirections:

Indicate A for alliteration

Indicate B for allegory

Indicate C for archetype

Indicate D for allusion

Indicate E for antithesis

Indicate F for none of the aboveQuiz: Read, then write statement, and answer whether the example is an allusion, allegory, antithesis, alliteration, or archetype. To be a high school graduate, or not to be a high school graduate that is the problem at Georgetown High School. Silly Sally sat on a soft sofa sipping sugared lemonade. The snake represents sex.My uncle, my hero, always gives me good advice and always cares about me .Buy at Betos Barber Shop because he is the best. My aunt, like the Wicked Witch of the Southwest ,always blames me when things go wrong in my life. With malice toward none, with charity for all Lovely Lupe , laughing at my jokes, is my second cousin. He is gone to a happier place: God called his number. I wear my hair like I wear clothes like I like to say the exact words like

Challenge (reto , desafio) :Of the five literary devices studied so far, pick any three and write examples which you know or have made. Paradox/ a statement that appears to contradict itselfExamples : I know that I know nothing (Socrates)

Two people might not cooperate even if it is in their best interest to do so ( Prisoner's Dilemma)

Increasing food supply might actually lead to sickness and death ( Enrichment Paradox)

Antithesis: Famous examplesParadox Activity: Read the following paradoxes and Write( explain) why they are paradoxes Liar s Paradox: All citizens of Georgetown are liars, said the Round Rock citizen ; and I ,from Round Rock, only tell truths. Is he lying , or telling the truth? Patient/Doctor Paradox: Everything happens for a reason and if it is my destiny to get healthy, I will get healthy. Therefore, there is no reason to go to a doctor. Bertrand Russell Paradox: All exact science is dominated by approximation. If a man says he knows the exact truth, then you are safe to reason that he is an inexact man. Mark Twain Paradox: It is curious that physical courage should be so common in the world, and moral courage so rare.Irony/ meaning the opposite of what is stated (verbal), or an occurrence (situation) that is opposite of what was expected Beautiful weather we had this summerIt was terribly hot and uncomfortableTwo marriage therapists are divorced from each other I come to bury Caesar, not to praise him (Mark Antony by William Shakespeare)The bullet that injured President Reagan ricocheted from a bullet proof window Irony: Reading activity. Decide if the example is situational irony, or expressed irony? Or, if it is irony at all?

Quiz: Irony. Yes or No? What kind? (Bonus points) 1. President Bush sits at an elementary school for several minutes while the US is under attack by Al Qaeda. 2. A medieval warrior is checking his cell phone. 3. A good looking girl invites the quarterback of the football team for a date. 4. Your mom says that she will not let you go out passed ten when you know she does it all the time when she goes dancing at a club. 5. Congress is doing everything possible to create new jobs in 2011. 6. Musicians come up with a pledge of no use of drugs on the road while driving. 7. Overweight doctors and nurses warn you about not exercising. 8. Your dad warns you about not wearing your seatbelt, which he never uses. 9. More teachers should be laid off because they make too much money.