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  • Book reviews - Cognitive Science

    This Month's Reviews Additions to the Bibliography on Mind and Consciousness)

    compiled by Piero Scaruffi | Check my essays | Cognitive Science news

    (Copyright 2000 Piero Scaruffi | Legal restrictions )

    Stenning, Keith : SEEING REASON (Oxford Univ Press, 2002) Dudai, Yadin: MEMORY FROM A TO Z (Oxford Univ Press, 2002) Damasio, Antonio: LOOKING FOR SPINOZA (Harcourt, 2003) Gregersen, Niels: FROM COMPLEXITY TO LIFE (Oxford Univ Press, 2003) O'Shaughnessy, Brian: CONSCIOUSNESS AND THE WORLD (Oxford Univ Press, 2002)

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    Previous months:

    Armstrong, David Malet: THE MIND-BODY PROBLEM (Westview, 1999) Baker, Mark: : THE ATOMS OF LANGUAGE: THE MIND'S HIDDEN RULES OF GRAMMAR (Basic Books, 2001) Baars Bernard: A COGNITIVE THEORY OF CONSCIOUSNESS (Cambridge Univ Press, 1993) Barbour Julian: THE END OF TIME (Oxford Univ Press, 2000) Barnet Ann: THE YOUNGEST MINDS (SImon & Schuster, 1998) Blackmore, Susan: THE MEME MACHINE (Oxford University Press, 1998) Bohm David: WHOLENESS AND THE IMPLICATE ORDER (Routledge, 1980) Bohm David: THE UNDIVIDED UNIVERSE (Routledge, 1993) Breitenberg Valentino: VEHICLES: EXPERIMENTS IN SYNTHETIC PSYCHOLOGY (MIT Press, 1984) Burnham, Terry & Phelan, Jay: MEAN GENES (Basic, 2000) (1 of 5)25/07/2003 22:48:00

  • Book reviews - Cognitive Science

    Butler Samuel: EVOLUTION (?, 1879) Cairns-Smith, Graham: EVOLVING THE MIND (Cambridge University Press, 1995) Calvin, William: HOW BRAINS THINK (Basic, 1996) Calvin William & Bickerton Derek : LINGUA EX MACHINA (MIT Press, 2000) Campbell Joseph: PRIMITIVE MYTHOLOGY: THE MASKS OF GOD (Viking, 1959) Capra Fritjof: THE WEB OF LIFE (Anchor Books, 1996) Carlson Richard: EXPERIENCED COGNITION (Lawrence Erlbaum, 1997) Cavalli-Sforza Luigi: GENES, PEOPLES AND LANGUAGES (North Point, 2000) Chalmers David: THE CONSCIOUS MIND (Oxford University Press, 1996) Churchland Paul & Churchland Patricia: ON THE CONTRARY (MIT Press, 1998) Clark, Andy: MINDWARE (Oxford Univ Press, 2000) Clark, Andy: ASSOCIATIVE ENGINES (MIT Press, 1993) Cohen Jonathan & Schooler Jonathan: SCIENTIFIC APPROACHES TO CONSCIOUSNESS (Erlbaum, 1997) Cowie, Fiona: WHAT'S WITHIN (Oxford Univ Press, 1998) Culbertson, James: SENSATIONS MEMORIES AND THE FLOW OF TIME (Cromwell Press, 1976) Cziko Gary: THE THINGS WE DO (MIT Press, 2000) Damasio, Antonio: THE FEELING OF WHAT HAPPENS (Harcourt Brace, 1999) Damasio Antonio: DESCARTES' ERROR (G.P. Putnam's Sons, 1995) Dawkins Richard: CLIMBING MOUNT IMPROBABLE (Norton, 1996) Dawkins Richard: Dawkins, Richard: THE BLIND WATCHMAKER (Norton, 1987) Dawkins Richard: THE EXTENDED PHENOTYPE (OUP, 1982) Deacon Terrence: THE SYMBOLIC SPECIES (Norton, 1998) DeDuve Christian: VITAL DUST (Basic, 1995) de Waal Frans: GOOD NATURED (Harvard Univ Press, 1996) Dennett, Daniel: KINDS OF MINDS (Basic, 1998) Dennett Daniel: DARWIN'S DANGEROUS IDEA (Simon & Schuster, 1995) Deutsch David: THE FABRIC OF REALITY (Penguin, 1997) Devlin, Keith J.: GOODBYE, DESCARTES (Wiley, 1998) DeWaal Frans: BONOBO: THE FORGOTTEN APE (University of California Press, 1997) Donald Merlin: ORIGINS OF THE MODERN MIND (Harvard Univ Press, 1991) Douglas, Mary: NATURAL SYMBOLS (Random House, 1970) Dreyfus Hubert: WHAT COMPUTERS CAN'T DO (Harper & Row, 1979) Dyson Freeman: ORIGINS OF LIFE (Cambridge Univ Press, 1999) Edelman Gerald: NEURAL DARWINISM (Basic, 1987) Edelman Gerald: TOPOBIOLOGY (Basic, 1988) Edelman Gerald: THE REMEMBERED PRESENT (Basic, 1989) Edelman Gerald: BRIGHT AIR BRILLIANT FIRE (Basic, 1992) Eichenbaum, Howard : COGNITIVE NEUROSCIENCE OF MEMORY (Oxford Univ Press, 2002) Eigen Manfred: STEPS TOWARDS LIFE (Oxford University Press, 1992) (2 of 5)25/07/2003 22:48:00

  • Book reviews - Cognitive Science

    Flanagan Owen: DREAMING SOULS (Oxford Univ Press, 2000) Fodor, Jerry: THE MIND DOESN'T WORK THAT WAY (MIT Press, 2000) Fox Ronald: ENERGY AND THE EVOLUTION OF LIFE (Freeman, 1988) Freeman Dyson: ORIGINS OF LIFE (Cambridge Univ Press, 1999) Freeman Walter: SOCIETIES OF BRAINS (Erlbaum, 1995) Ganti Tibor: THE PRINCIPLE OF LIFE (Omikk, 1971) Gazzaniga Michael & LeDoux Joseph: INTEGRATED MIND (Plenum Press, 1978) Gazzaniga Michael: NATURE's MIND (Basic, 1992) Gisolfi Carl & Mora Francisco: THE HOT BRAIN (MIT Press, 2000) Goldberg, Elkhonon : THE EXECUTIVE BRAIN (Oxford Univ Press, 2001) Goldstein Kurt: THE ORGANISM: A HOLISTIC APPROACH TO BIOLOGY (American Book, 1939) Gould Stephen Jay: FULL HOUSE (Random House, 1996) Greenfield Susan: THE HUMAN MIND EXPLAINED (Henry Holt & Co, 1996) Greenfield, Susan: THE HUMAN BRAIN (Basic, 1999) Gregory Richard: MIND IN SCIENCE (Cambridge Univ Press, 1981) Hameroff Stuart: ULTIMATE COMPUTING : BIOMOLECULAR CONSCIOUSNESS AND NANOTECHNOLOGY (Elsevier Science, 1987) Heidegger Martin: BEING AND TIME (1962) Herbert, Nick: ELEMENTAL MIND (Dutton, 1993) Herbert, Nick: FASTER THAN LIGHT: SUPERLUMINAL LOOPHOLES IN PHYSICS (Dutton, 1988) Herbert, Nick: QUANTUM REALITY: BEYOND THE NEW PHYSICS (Doubleday, 1985) Hobson, Allan: THE CHEMISTRY OF CONSCIOUS STATES (Little & Brown, 1994) Ingebo-Barth, Denise: THE CONSCIOUS STREAM (Universal Publisher, 2000) Ivry Richard & Robertson Lynn: THE TWO SIDES OF PERCEPTION (MIT Press, 1998) Jibu Mari & Yasue Kunio: QUANTUM BRAIN DYNAMICS AND CONSCIOUSNESS (John Benjamins, 1995) Jones Steven: LANGUAGE OF GENES (Harper Collins, 1993) Jouvet, Michel: THE PARADOX OF sLEEP: THE STORY OF DREAMING (MIT Press, 1999) Karmiloff-Smith Annette: BEYOND MODULARITY (MIT Press, 1992) Kim, Jaegwon: MIND IN A PHYSICAL WORLD (MIT Press, 1998) Lakoff, George: PHILOSOPHY IN THE FLESH (Basic, 1998) Lakoff, George: WOMEN, FIRE AND DANGEROUS THINGS (Univ of Chicago Press, 1987) Lakoff, George: METAPHORS WE LIVE BY (Chicago Univ Press, 1980) Lane, Richard & Nadel, Lynn: COGNITIVE NEUROSCIENCE OF EMOTION (Oxford Univ Press, 2000) Layzer, David : COSMOGENESIS (Oxford University Press, 1990) Levine, Joseph: PURPLE HAZE (Oxford Univ Press, 2000) Lotitz, Donald: HOW THE BRAIN EVOLVED LANGUAGE (Oxford Univ Press, 1999) Lynch, Michael: THE NATURE OF TRUTH (MIT Press, 2001) MacLean Paul: THE TRIUNE BRAIN IN EVOLUTION (Plenum Press, 1990) MacPhail Euan: THE EVOLUTION OF CONSCIOUSNESS (Oxford University Press, 1998) (3 of 5)25/07/2003 22:48:00

  • Book reviews - Cognitive Science

    Margulis, Lynn: WHAT IS LIFE (MIT Press, 1995) Marshall, I.N. & Zohar Danah: QUANTUM SOCIETY (William Morrow, 1994) Maturana