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Book of Kells imagesThis page contains pointers to images from the Book of Kells and to information about the book. I don't hold any copyright on any of these images; don't ask me if you can use them. If your browser won't display some of the images, try to download them and view them with a GIF or JPEG viewer. In Netscape you can do this by clicking and holding on the link until the popup menu appears; then select Save this Link As... and save in Source format.

The images in the following set were obtained from gopher:// (which appears no longer to be available). The "about" file accompanied them there; read it for (a little) more information.q q q q q q q q

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An image of the four evangelists, courtesy of Brian Keller.q q

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Book of Kells Web site (the Book of Kells on CD-ROM) Trinity College Dublin page (1 of 2) [07/07/2003 20:25:52]

Book of Kells imagesq q q

Jerry Lincecum's Fort Worth Star-Telegram article University of British Columbia Fine Arts Library Book of Kells page Iona (the band): home page (their second album is based on the Book of Kells)

Document written by: Paul DuBois, [email protected] Last updated: 2003-01-09 (2 of 2) [07/07/2003 20:25:52]

Owner: Alan Ward (monera) [email protected] Tel. +44 (0)91 222 7709 Dept: Microbiology, University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK Posted on: 26Sep93 Expires on: 31Dec94 ********************************************************************** Welcome to the Microbiology Department gopher. This is an experimental system and is under development. The Book of Kells menu is just for fun. If you want more information you can contact me. Book of Kells (images) A few scanned images, from the Book of Kells, from off the network - though the sources seem to have dropped off. Kells1.gif - Kells4.gif bmp images downloaded from ftp at - images from the promotional literature for the reproduction of the Book of Kells. bmp files converted to gif Kells5.gif - Kells7.gif gif images from off the network (converted a bit to make them viewable by all my gif viewers). [07/07/2003 20:25:54] (1 of 2) [07/07/2003 20:26:10] (2 of 2) [07/07/2003 20:26:10] (1 of 2) [07/07/2003 20:26:25] (2 of 2) [07/07/2003 20:26:25] (1 of 2) [07/07/2003 20:26:48] (2 of 2) [07/07/2003 20:26:48] (1 of 2) [07/07/2003 20:27:03] (2 of 2) [07/07/2003 20:27:03] [07/07/2003 20:27:12] [07/07/2003 20:27:22] [07/07/2003 20:27:29] [07/07/2003 20:27:32] (1 of 2) [07/07/2003 20:27:45] (2 of 2) [07/07/2003 20:27:45]

The Book of Kells

ORDER your very own copy of the Book of Kells CD-ROM, or GIVE A GIFT of this ancient treasure.

Find all the HELP you need to use the CD-ROM as well as information on its many FEATURES.

EXPLORE the finest details of one of the most famous illuminated manuscripts in the world.

THE MANUSCRIPT THE CD-ROM HOW TO ORDER GIVE A GIFT NEWS Produced with the permission of the Board of Trinity College, Dublin. [07/07/2003 20:27:54]

Book of Kells - Trinity College Dublin

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The Book of Kells

Trinity College Library College Street Dublin 2 Tel (+353 1) 677 2941 Fax (+353 1) 671 9003

The Book of Kells was written around the year 800 AD and is one of the most beautifully illuminated manuscripts in the world. It contains the four gospels, preceded by prefaces, summaries, and canon tables or concordances of gospel passages. It is written on vellum and contains a Latin text of the Gospels in insular majuscule script accompanied by magnificent and intricate whole pages of decoration with smaller painted decorations appearing throughout the text. The manuscript was given to Trinity College in the 17th century and since 1953 has been bound in four volumes. It has been on display in the Old Library since the 19th century. Two volumes can normally be seen, one opened to display a major decorated page, and one to show two pages of script. A CD-ROM version of all 340 folios from the Book of Kells is available for purchase. Library exhibitions feature various themes. The current exhibition The Book of Kells: Turning Darkness into Light runs from 22nd February 1999 until the end of the year 2001.

Opening Hours (1 of 2) [07/07/2003 20:28:07]

Book of Kells - Trinity College Dublin

Monday - Saturday 09.30 - 17.00 Sunday (Oct. - May) 12.00 - 16.30 Sunday (June - Sept.) 09.30 - 16.30 Sunday opening hours apply on Bank Holidays, with the exception of those falling between May - August, when weekday opening hours apply. Catalogue About the Library Services Staff Visitors Library Shop Connecting off campus? Trinity College Library January 2002 (2 of 2) [07/07/2003 20:28:07]

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HOMEPAGE @*** NEWS ***July 2001 Iona and Cornerstone Festival Committee announced the cancellation of Iona's scheduled appearance at this year's festival on July 4th. Iona's singer, Joanne Hogg, is pregnant, and two Transatlantic flights and all stress involved in the trip, could place an unacceptable strain on her baby with potentially life-threatening consequences. The band took a unanimous decision to cancel their appearance, a decision fully understood and endorsed by the Cornerstone team. In view of the circumstances detailed above, Iona have also contacted Greenbelt Festival to inform them of the situation, canceling appearance at UK Festival. May 2000 The long waited new Iona studio album Open Sky is finally out and ready for ordering. March 2000 Tour dates in the UK have finally been confirmed. For overseas fans, the tour is UK only with no plans at the moment for any other countries. Check out concerts diary to learn more.

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