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BIOLOGY - · PDF filePrepare investigatory project for final ... 1 Chemistry in everyday life 2 polymers ... Program to read sales of 5 salesmen in 12 months and to print total sales

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Text of BIOLOGY - · PDF filePrepare investigatory project for final ... 1 Chemistry in everyday life...

  • 2018-2019


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    1. Complete question answers of chapters 1,2,3,4,5 in H.W. register

    2. From the previous 5 years CBSE papers do the questions related to first five chapters.

    3. Prepare investigatory project for final board exam .

    4. Prepare thoroughly chapters 1 to 5 for test .



    Q1.The compound Cu Cl (99g mol-1

    ) has FCC structure .Its density is 3.4 g cm-3

    . What is the edge

    length of the unit cell ?

    Q2. Some ethylene glycol is added to your cars cooling system along with 5 kg of water. If the freezing

    point of solution is -150C. What is the boiling point of the solution ? (Kb =0.52 K kg mol

    -1 and Kf =1.86 K kg


    for water)

    Q3. Differentiate between schottky and frankel deffect with


    Q4. Out of 0.1Molal solution of NaCl and Glucose respectively, which one will have higher boiling point

    and Why?

    Q5. Define 1. Ferro magnetism

    2. Doping



    Q6. I)ZnO oxide is white but turns yellow on heating.Why?

    ii)NaCl turns yellow on heating with sodium vapours. Why?

    Q7. Which solution has higher concentration 1 MOLAR OR 1 MOLAL of the same solute ? give reason.

  • Q8. State Henry Law. What is the significance of KH ?

    Q9.10 cc of liquid A were mixed with 10 cc of liquid B. The volume of resulting solution was found to be

    19.9cc. What do you conclude?

    Q10.Ethylene glycol is added to water in car radiator while driving

    in hill station . Why ?

    Q11.Find the value of i for

    A) BaCl2 B)Ag3(PO)4 C) K3[Fe(CN)6] D)Al2(SO4)3

    E) dimerization F) tetramerisation.

    Q12.Why does a mercury cell give a constant voltage throughout its life?

    Q13.How does the molar conductance of strong and weak electrolyte vary with concentration?

    Q14.Rusting of iron is faster in saline water that ordinary water. Explain.

    Q15.Draw a neat and labelled diagram of fuel cell and Lead Storage Battery . Write their cell reactions.


    i).Draw table of various vitamins, their sources, deficiency

    disease (Chemistry XII part -2)

    ii) Do all the questions from the exercise of chapter-3 (Electrochemistry)

    iii) Practice class test papers.


    Chapters for self study

    1 Chemistry in everyday life

    2 polymers


    Write 10 long numerical from each as mentioned below and solve them

    1. Electric charges and fields

    2. Electrostatic potential and capacitance.

    3. Current electricity.

    COMPUTER SCIENCE (XII) () 1. SOLVE BOARD QUESTION PAPER (DELHI & OUT SIDE DELHI ) Question No. 1 and 2 all sub questions (2015,

    2016, 2017) in HW copy

    2. What is difference between runtime error and syntax error?

    3. What is the difference between local variable and global variable ? Also, give a suitable C++ code to

    illustrate both.

    4. What is polymorphism? Give an example in C++ to show its implementation in C++ .

    5. What is inheritance? Give an example using C++ code to illustrate multiple and multilevel inheritance.

    6. How does a class enforce data hiding , abstraction and encapsulation ?

    7. What are the characteristics of Constructor? Also explain how constructor is different from destructor?

  • 8. Make C++ program in Board Practical file:

    (a) Program to read sales of 5 salesmen in 12 months and to print total sales made by each salesman.


    (b) Program to illustrate working of class by value and call by reference method of a function invoking


    (c) Program to print the largest element of an array (using a function)( 1.19)

    (d) Program for passing structures to functions through call by value and call by reference(1.20)

    (e) Define a class Stock in C++ with the following description :

    Private Members:

    ICode of type integer (Item Code)

    Item of type string (Item Name)

    Price of type float (Price of each item)

    Qty of type integer (Quantity in stock)

    Discount of type float (Discount percentage of the intem)

    A member function FindDisc() to calculate discount as per the following rule:

    If Qty 50 and Qty 100 Discount is 10

    Public Members:

    A function Buy() to allow user to enter values for Icode, Item, Price, Qty and call function FindDisc() to

    calculate the Discount

    A function ShowAll() to allow user to view the content of all the data members

    (f) Make Class(Question No. 2 (C) given in Delhi Board Question paper of Computer Science 2016, 2017

    (g) Define a class Garments in C++ with the following descriptions:

    Private members:

    GCode of type string

    GType of type string

    GSize of type integer

    GFabric of type string

    GPrice of type float

    A function Assign() which calculates and assigns the value of GPrice as follows:

    For the value of GFabric Cotton

    GType GPrice(IN Rs.) TROUSER 1300 SHIRT 1100

    for GFabric other than COTTON the above mentioned GPrice gets reduced by 10%

    Public members:

    A constructor to assign initial value of GCode, GType and GFabric with the word NOT ALLOTED and GSize and

    Gprice with 0

    A function Input() to input the values of the data members GCode, GType, GSize and GFabric and invoke the

    Assign() function.

    A function Display() which displays the content of all the data members for a Garment.

    9. Case study on board based project like payroll management, inventory management, hotel management,

    hospital management etc.

  • English

    1. Read the novel Invisible Man from Chapter one- The strange Mans Arrival to chapter fifteen.

    On the basis of reading the novel attempt character traits of the following

    a) The invisible man Griffin b) Mrs. Hall c) Mr. Hall d) Encounter between Teddy Henfrey & Invisible Man e) Encounter between Mr Cuss & Invisible Man.

    Write the book review of the novel.


    2. Extensive reading of the three texts :

    1. Flamingo 2. Vistas 3. The Invisible Man (Read these books thoroughly from the lessons taught to you.) Write down all the important words and phrases.


    3. Literature Write two question Answers from all the lessons that have been taught in the class. _____________________________________________________________________

    4. Writing Task

    1. Children tend to become tense and nervous before Board exams. This affect their health and

    performance in the examination. Good Counseling is , therefore needed to help them overcome exam fear .Write an article in 15-200 words on Need for counseling before Board exams.

    2. Corruption is rampant in our country. Everyone feels that it needs to be seriously dealt with .Write an article in 150 200 words on How to root out corruption from the country ?

    3. Emotionally as well as intellectually, a women is as good as a man, if not better. Yet we dont allow her the same status as a man enjoys in society.

    4. Write an article in 150 200 words for your school magazine on the topic Life without Modern Gadgets

    5. Presently the prices of essential commodities are skyrocketing, causing much hardships to the common man .Write an article in 150 200 words expressing your views and suggesting measures to curb this problem?

  • 6 Mobile phone of today is no longer a mere means of communication. Music lovers are so glued to it that they dont pay attention even to the traffic while crossing the roads. This leads to accidents, sometimes even fatal ones. Write a speech in 150 200 words to be delivered in the morning assembly advising the students to be careful in the use of this otherwise very useful gadget .Imagine you are the Principal of your school.

    7 Power shortage has become a norm even in the metropolitan cities.One way to face this situation by preventing the wastage of power.

    Write a speech in 150 200 words on the importance of power in our daily life and how to save power at school and at home.Imagine that you are the Principal of your school.

    8 Recent rains and consequent waterlogging have increased the risk of malaria and dengue.Write a speech in 150 - 200 words to be delivered in the morning assembly advising the students on prevention of and protection against these ailments and the steps that the school has taken to prevent mosquito breeding in and around the school. Imagine you are the Principal of the school.

    9 Migration from villages to cities has led to the spread of urban slums. People living in these slums lead a miserable life. Economic disparity leads to the problems of law and order. Write a debate in 150 200 words on Solution to the problem of misery in the urban slums lies in creating jobs in the villages. You are Navtej / Navita.

    10 A number of your classmates (especially those from science and commerce streams) bunk their classes in order to attend coaching centres.Write a debate in 150 200 words on Tuition at coaching centers is not essential.

    School teachers better equipped

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