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Investigatory Report By: Karli Anne Lao-21 Rhyll Joy Balinas- 17 Rechelle Allison Lee-22

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Investigatory ReportBy: Karli Anne Lao-21 Rhyll Joy Balinas-17 Rechelle Allison Lee-22

What type of eggshell can make the best fertilizer?

ProblemWhat type of eggshell can make the best fertilizer?

HypothesisWe think that if we use century eggshell, It will make the best fertilizer among the other eggshells.

Experimental Design

MANIPULATED VARIABLE- type of eggshell RESPONDING VARIABLE- the growth of the plant, the height

Materials 5 pots with the same amount of a particular soil and with plants of the same kind 4 kinds of eggshells Water

Procedure1. Pound the 4 kinds of eggshell. 2. Place each kind of eggshell on a pot. 3. One pot contains no pounded eggshell. 4. Water them everyday. 5. After a few days, measure the height of each plant. 6. The tallest one is placed on the pot with the best fertilizer.