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ABIM beyond the buildingMitch SchefcikInteroperable as-built BIM




Todays Market Value as US GDP$1.77 Trillion (13.4%) construction existingCommercialResidentialIndustrialInfrastructure$0.81 Trillion (6.1%) construction new ResidentialCommercial


Environmental Big Picture39% Primary US energy use38% CO2 emissions72% US electrical consumption14% All potable water40% Global raw materials25% Solid waste construction & demolition


Hang-ups to Wider Green AdoptionPerceived as added feature added costExperience is keyNo one-size-fits-all answerMany paths to greenPoorly defined goals at the onset


Greening Commercial Buildings26% lower energy usage13% lower maintenance costs33% lower greenhouse gas emissions27% higher occupant satisfaction


The Facts about Health and Production$17-48 Billion in healthcare cost savings$20-160 Billion in worker performanceIn the US, 90% of our time is spent indoorsIndoor pollution levels x10 higher than outdoorsPoor ventilation + higher CO2 concentrations, lead to Sick Building Syndrome


A Path to Attainment

Understanding Existing BuildingsVerify or generate documentationRecord operational needs / wantsLEED for existing buildingsDefine goalsQA/QCKeeping Records


The Importance of BIMBuilding Information Modeling (BIM) is a building design method that uses a database of coordinated, graphically rich, internally consistent, computable information in three-dimensional models for design, engineering, construction and facility management.

BIM will permanently change the AEC professions by 2015

Including universities, clients, design codes, contracts, insurance policies, global recruitment of staff, work process and many other aspects.

BIM bandwagon The nations largest architecture, engineering, and construction companies are on the BIM bandwagon in a big way

Scan to BIM Overview


Getting the work done

Scanning WorkflowEstablish survey controlScan from multiple locationsRegister data to local datum

Scanning to BIM WorkflowRegistered point cloud modelspaceFit to


Making the BIMTruView of actual point cloud

Object Modeling from Point Cloud

Measure a large number of points on the surface of an object

Point clouds themselves are generally not directly usable in most 3D applications


Object Modeling from Point Cloud

Converted to triangle mesh triangle models, NURBS surface NURBS models, or CAD models

Uses include: clash detection, interferences, retro-fit, and process simulations etc.


Modeled object fit to cloud Fitting algorithms use parts tables based on published specifications

Including geometric data (e.g., dimensions), derived properties (e.g., surface area, mass), and nominal information for each standard "part".


Modeled object fit to point cloud

Standard tables include the AISC (American Institute of Steel Construction) for structural shapes


Model object metadata

Export model objects to ASCII / DXF / COE (Cyclone Object Exchange)Support - AutoCAD, MicroStation via Cyclone COE Data


Design Intent BIM

Making the BIMCloudWorx for AutoCAD

Making the BIMCAD provides initial geometry for Revit BIM developmentFamilies built on existing dataDesign documentsInspection Matching existing conditions

Making the BIMWall section detailMaterialsExisting condition

Isometric view

Making the BIM

Making the BIM

Making the BIM

Fast quantity take-off. 5D costing item level. 4D scheduling task level. Up-to-date as-built-models.


BIM interoperability

Workflow BenefitsExposing BIM to Facilities Management : BIM / CAD links to CAFM / GIS / O+M dataLocate SITELocate BUILDINGLocate BUILDING QUADRANTLocate LEVELLocate ROOMLocate ASSETManage & MaintainRepair, Replace, Remove

BIM / CAD Translator Rosetta Stone of Building Data: Normalize Data Flow between Authoring Tools: Revit, AutoCAD, MicroStation, Excel, Access

Workflow BenefitsManage and Validate Comparer Edits made in CAFM to BIM model: Room, Space, Doors and FF+E Asset DataExport to COBie II

BIM Management Kit of Parts for full Campus: BIM & CAD FF+E Kit of Parts for entire office / facility including O+M docs data

Reduce Project BIM Size : Keep BIM data outside BIM ModelBidirectional Parameter data passed between BIM/CAD and Geo-Database

Steps for Implementation of Full BIM Lifecycle Management Analysis, Review & Documentation of Existing Facility Current Facility Management and Maintenance WorkflowModeling Existing Conditions (various reasons & LOD)Define BIM Overall StrategyBIM Execution Plan for all New ProjectsProject Team, Models and Consultants Defined BIM ExpectationsBIM Standards Defined for all New Projects: Overall Facility "Kit of PartsProvide BIM Templates, Content and WorkflowProvide Standard Conventions for Naming all Aspects of BIM

Establish Links and Workflow Between BIM / CAD with FM / GIS

Steps for Implementation of Full BIM Lifecycle Management Analysis, Review & Documentation of Existing Facility

Current Facility Management and Maintenance Workflow

Overall Status of:Current StaffCurrent Hardware Current SoftwareCurrent DataCurrent Data Workflow


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